6 Times When Ranveer Singh Brighten Up Your Day with His Funky Outfits


Bollywood’s Bajirao, the multi-talented Ranveer Singh, doesn’t leave even a single stone unturned when it comes to fashion. It seems that Ranveer doesn’t leave even a single chance to turn the heads with his quirky style statement as his unique dressing sense never fails to impress. It can be Ranveer’s own swag to stay ahead in B-town with his iconic personality. But one thing is certain that Ranveer Singh’s style waves in the Bollywood industry are all set to build a new trend at the online clothing stores.

After all, the Padmavati star Ranveer Singh dares to wear anything that helps him stand out as the most fashionable man in Bollywood. His funky outfits continue to inspire millions of guys out there who dream of looking like Ranveer. These compelling funky styles invented by Ranveer insist us to share some quirky dressing ideas with you that will surely brighten up your day. So let’s get started.

Ranveer Singh as a Golden Boy
Ranveer Singh knows how to treat his fans as a golden boy, as this golden outfit proves it all. However, it didn’t happen once; often, Ranveer can be spotted in a blazing golden jacket or pants. His retro-style golden suit is still in the limelight.

His All Black Villain Look
You can call it Ranveer Singh’s excellence in choosing a fashion that itself turns into a statement piece with some brilliant coordination. During an award show, instead of going with a formal outfit, Ranveer found it way better to go with a black villain look, and we can’t deny that helped Ranveer Singh in dominating the celebs’ fashion.

Mr Singh with some Multi-colored Hues
Ranveer Singh’s fashion seems to be a synonym for uniqueness. After all, the way Ranveer confidently tries multi-colored dressing concepts with ease sets a new trend wave in the industry. Still, we should appreciate Ranveer for his sense of humor that helps him to style like a boss.

The Floral Print Invented for Men
The floral print seems to be pointless in men’s fashion, but Ranveer Singh seems to put off that conventional myth. We can see Ranveer in some of the unique floral looks added with some quirky touch. However, online clothing stores have started launching such floral prints for men.

Quirky Retro Dressing
Retro fashion seems to make headlines in the Bollywood industry. However, Ranveer is all set to give it a new twist through his iconic taste for fashion and style. The handsome man has already grabbed millions of likes over his social media post in a unique retro fashion.

Puffy Pants Fashion By Ranveer Singh
Why not try a puffy pant style if it is itself inspired by Ranveer Singh? These days, Ranveer is truly turning all the traditional styling principles, and his puff pant look proves it. To some extent, Ranveer seems to be taking the fashion industry to a new height.

Final Thoughts
All these dresses prove that Ranveer Singh can dare to cross the limits when it comes to fashion. Many times, Ranveer Singh’s unique sense in styling speaks for itself. There’s no wonder the man is free of boundaries on all the principles that were yet supposed to be guiding us on fashion trends. Even how pyjamas for men can upgrade style, we should learn from Ranveer Singh. If you are also planning to amplify your style inspired by Ranveer Singh’s fashion, begin from the Pyjamas fashion he religiously follows. For more quirky fashion inspiration, visit IMBD, where choices and varieties are there just the way you wanted it!

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