7 features that make a best ride-hailing solution


In today’s era, the market for on-demand service applications is in full expansion. People want everything to happen in the twinkling of an eye, and the advent of technology has made that possible. With the emergence of the Internet and social media, competition among all industries has intensified. No exception for the on-demand ride-hailing solution.

Commuters are abandoning the conventional taxi service and moving towards the taxi-hailing app. As a result, the increasing demand for on-demand booking apps is transforming the ride-hailing industry. Hence, the ride-hailing industry is changing side-by-side and gaining its market revenue.


If you are a budding ride-hailing business startup and want to be successful then keep reading! In this post, we are going to share the top 7 features that make a great ride-hailing solution.

1. Car-pooling:


Car-pooling is a basic feature that you can take into account during the taxi-hailing app development. These carpooling services have become increasingly popular in the mobility marketplace. With this functionality, commuters can opt for carpooling with other riders who travel to the same location and share the fare with them. Thus, riders can save a huge amount of money. 

Hence, your app will automatically obtain referrals and word-of-mouth traffic. And, you can boost your success rate with the taxi booking app in the ride-hailing market.

2. Fare Accuracy: 


Both the driver and rider should know beforehand the estimated rate. The calculation of the actual travel rate is usually made on the server-side. Parameters and factors may include a distance between pick-up and drop-off locations, fuel cost, possible discounts, class of car, traffic and weather, peak hours, etc. Providing a clear idea of pricing and fare can help your ride-hailing solution accumulate extra points.

3. Hassle-free Ride Scheduling/Rescheduling/Cancellation:

Let users book a taxi for the next day, or an hour later, so they can avoid wasting time. Scheduling a ride in advance will maintain the online users as they will always schedule a car wherever they want to travel. This turns out to be an extra convenience as sometimes the last-minute cab may cause frustrations. 


Rescheduling and cancellation are features that go together. Enable your users to cancel and reschedule their journey at the last minute because you never know what changes in plans have occurred in their lives. Offer them an in-app rescheduling option two or three times before billing for cancellation. Be sure to bill a minimum fee for cancellation. Also, You must add a timeframe within which the cancellation must be free. This will expand your user base and engage new users.

4. Premium Membership: 


The inclusion of this exclusive feature can make your taxi booking app widely popular among the general audience. This exclusive feature will help you attract more riders. With this feature, customers can select or purchase a premium membership plan according to their needs and take advantage of their scheduled day-to-day commutes. You can create premium membership plans separately for your clients and arrange miles so they can enjoy free rides. Ultimately, your app will become the best ride-hailing solution among your competitors.

5. In-app navigation for customized directions:


For best ride-hailing app development, geolocation map integration is essential for better navigation. It is the most efficient function for both the riders and the drivers. With this feature, riders can easily compute the traffic, the exact waiting time, and the estimated driver arrival time.


This feature will assist drivers to reach riders’ locations on time. This will also help them navigate the shortest possible route. Consequently, you would never have to worry about drivers who are new to the place for a fully responsive app experience.

6. Passcode:


Often, riders forget to check the number plate of the car and also forget to correspond to the picture of the driver when it has arrived. To ensure security, a user receives a passcode code via SMS on his or her phone via an on-demand ride-hailing solution. All they have to do is tell the code to the driver, the driver will input the code into the driver’s app, and only then will he be able to start the ride.


7. Emergency Contact Button: 


To ensure security and hassle-free rides, the SaaS for ride-hailing businesses should provide a security feature in the app where riders, as well as drivers, can add the contact details of any person. Whether it is a  driver or the rider, both should report the emergency in a real-time situation, to ensure immediate reactive actions.


You can offer an emergency button in the app that sends the route details along with the current location to a predefined emergency contact.  After all, The most important factor that contributes to the reasons for developing the greatest ride-hailing service is security.

Common Features Of Ride-hailing Software (Riders & Drivers App): 

  • Effortless Signup Process

  • Selection Of The Vehicle Type

  • Booking & Payment History 

  • Multiple Payment Integration 

  • Notification Upon Taxi Arrival

  • Rating & Feedback 

  • Accessible Even In Lost Connection 

  • Accept/decline Request 

  • Availability Toggle 

Summing Up:

Building a ride-sharing app should never be taken lightly, as the future of ride-hailing platforms can generate huge profits. It is the best opportunity to grab and concur it. If you have an idea to launch a ride-hailing solution then it is the correct time. The prime idea is to take inspiration from the above features and blend them with a pinch of innovation & vision to design your own on-demand ride-hailing solution.

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