Free Educational Technology Tools For Teachers and Students


Hundreds of digital free educational tools have been developed to give students and teachers more autonomy. These tools enhance academic process administration, foster collaboration, and improve communication between teachers and students.

True, many parents, children, and instructors are looking forward to using more edtech tools for remote learning after a year of totally virtual school. Because we live in a time where electronic teaching tools exist;  the difficulty is to sieve through them all to find the gems. In addition, many tuitions, including: GCSE science tuition in High Wycombe, Bradford, Slough and others, use online teaching tools to ensure the quality of their tutoring. Science subjects need to be taught with visuals so students can understand the concept. Therefore, various platforms implement hi-tech learning for better online education. 

Best free educational Tools 

So, what are the best online teaching tools in 2022 for teachers and students?. Let’s look at some of the vital technology tools for teaching and learning.


EdApp’s authoring tool is a fantastic approach to equip students with critical knowledge and skills. Course themes in EdApp’s content library range vastly. These courses include global concerns, leadership, and business, to hospitality and physical activity. EdApp’s Brain Boost spaced repetition feature is equal to none for student assessment. EdApp’s mobile-based LMS is entirely free. This technology for teachers and students is highly efficient for online tutoring.



Prodigy is the most entertaining maths software for children. It can even get reluctant mathematicians interested in learning and studying. This free tool allows teachers to extend in-class exercises, recommend extra practice at home, and track students’ progress.


Socrative is a programme that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games for their students. Students can use the app through mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. A group of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about education made this platform. Teachers can assess the outcomes of the exercises. Similarly, based on this information, create personalised sessions for students.


ScreenCastify is a free technology tool for teachers and learners trying a “flipped” classroom format. Teachers can create and share films with their students. Furthermore, thanks to its Google connectors, which make it simple to link to basics like Google Classroom or Slides. Moreover, teachers may utilise this application to provide individualised feedback to students. As a result of this, many teachers find it time-saving .


Storybird is one of the best free educational tools. It seeks to improve kids’ writing and reading skills by telling stories. Teachers can use this application to produce interactive and beautiful books online using a simple and intuitive interface. The tales that are made can be incorporated on blogs, emailed, or printed, among other things. Teachers can also use this free educational tool to collaborate on projects with students. They can also provide ongoing feedback, and manage lessons and grades.


Another technology tool that focuses on helping kids and adults learn phonics is SpellQuiz. English spelling lessons and engaging quizzes and word games are available on the platform for students in grades one through eight.


Kahoot is a hi-tech platform that turns traditional hand-raising into a fun game for the entire class. It has a place in tens of thousands of classrooms for many reasons. The site recently extended to incorporate pre-made content and tools. These tools are for group work, evaluation, and more. These tools of Kahoot makes it ideal for remote learning or livening up an in-person activity.


Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition has a lot to provide to teachers and students. It contains programs from learning to code to building maths and other vital skills. Kids may bring valuable past knowledge to the table. It is incredible to see their engagement rise because they are learning while playing their favorite game.

Some of you may be wondering, “Wait a minute, Minecraft is entertaining, but is it educational?”.  And the answer is an absolute yes. Take a look at all of Minecraft’s educational advantages.


FlipGrid is a fantastic interactive classroom technology tool to get more face time into the classroom. It is a safe environment for students and teachers. It can be used to record video responses, discussions, presentations, performances, and other types of video content.


De-stressing, focus, and mindfulness are incredibly beneficial to children, yet they are rarely taught in school. A perfect tool, Headspace, free technology for students and teachers, is designed. Teachers can use Headspace for free. It includes a variety of exercises and materials to help them incorporate mindfulness and mental health awareness into their classes.


It is no wonder that Tynker is a popular computer science learning site. It has over 3,700 coding tutorials. Tynker is ideal for teachers who wish to incorporate entertaining events like enrichment programmes into their curriculum. This platform helps students learn coding skills. Fortunately, it also aids them in implementing those skills into their lives.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful learning free social platform. Students can ask queries and receive responses from their lecturers and classmates. Teachers can also upload engaging queries  and lesson contents for students to revise concepts at home. It can also be used hand in hand with other Google products. These google products include Google Forms, which can be a valuable tool for gathering student feedback.


Importance of learning platforms and free educational tools

Every student wants to be a part of technology usage in the classroom in the twenty-first century. Learning devices are already pointing us in the direction of a future that everyone is looking forward to. In short, it is challenging to overlook the current manifestations of online teaching and learning platforms. These are contributing to human intellect in more significant numbers than ever before. Online platforms prepare students for their exam preparations, i.e. GCSE exam preparation. These platforms are essential for various reasons; flexibility, cost-effectivity, and proficiency.

In the times of the pandemic, a lot of parents and students consulted online tuitions for 11 plus and 12 plus exams. It helped them go through the hard times of lockdown and continue their studies. English, Maths and science tutors around the globe use free educational tools to facilitate all kinds of students. The tools not just help students in learning concepts but also assist them in building vital tech-based skills.

This blog successfully described a list of free educational tools and mentioned their uses.

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