7 must-have accessories for Gamers


Gamers everywhere use a number of accessories, most of them are standard, a few unique, and some just for fun. With advancements in technology, we are in an age where we can feel the consequence of our actions through our gaming accessories. Gaming accessories can be a result of a personal choice or public opinion for gamers around the world. Either way, most of the gaming community likes to invest quite a lot in gaming accessories. Are you someone who is interested in upgrading your setup or simply wants to know what all you should have for gaming? Below is a list of 7 must-have accessories for gamers that will boost your experience.

A Monitor A monitor can make quite a lot of difference when gaming. The refresh rate plays an important role in deciding who will buy them and for what purpose. Frames Rate matters Monitors can be a bit expensive but trust us they are worth it since they are so integral for any and all setups. If you would to marvel at the graphics of a beautiful game or simply want a smooth performance. Performance and graphics are quite important since frame/quality drops when playing online competitive games can be disastrous. Choose wisely Frame rate just like graphics is an important part of gaming. Thus, you should select your monitor wisely. Monitors can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They range from below 20 inches to above 28 inches. Expensive monitors have a 240Hz refresh rate as well-advanced features such as G-sync. These features enhance a game’s visual and provide smoother, sleeker, and faster gameplay. With that said various companies like LG, Acer and Acer are among the best and most trusted brands when it comes to monitors. A good pair of earphones/headphones Now that you can see some amazing graphics and visuals, you deserve a good pair of earphones or headphones. We mean some good noise-canceling earphones with inbuilt mics.

It’s an investment Don’t be that guy in a multiplayer lobby whose mic sounds like a jet engine. Don’t be drawn out by noises around you and don’t let them break your immersion. Investing in a decent headset allows you to experience games and communication in a much better way. Razer and SteelSeries provide some of the best and highly rated headsets and are worth checking out. WIFI-ROUTER/REPEATER It’s time to invest in a router or a repeater if your gaming cave doesn’t get a good internet signal. Good Internet connectivity is vital since lag can be the difference between dead or alive in multiplayer games. Increased range Another cheap solution is to look for WIFI-Repeaters. These devices are much more economical since you don’t have to buy another connection. they are quite mobile and can work with different networks. A repeater will basically increase the range of your wireless network enabling you to get better connectivity. External Speakers This is an essential accessory since most gaming systems and consoles do not have their own speakers. Laptops get an in-built speaker but an external speaker can really give you a full range of audio effects and some amazing music. While this is a personal choice since you can just buy a headset instead of the speaker and vice versa. Multiple purposes Speakers have more purpose than just gaming and can be quite useful for just playing music. From home theatre systems to basic speakers, External speakers can come in different shapes and sizes. You can really just buy them based on your budget since most of them provide you with similar quality. VR Headset One of the best technological advancements made in the last decade is the development of Virtual headsets. They let you experience some of the best the gaming industry has to offer, and you should definitely have one. VR can let you experience simulated reality. For example, VR has been used to simulate escape rooms in a virtual environment. For anyone out there reading this, if you know how escape rooms work then being able to access one from the comfort of your home is bliss and a blessing in disguise. A Good Chair Yes, gaming is a tough hobby to keep if you can’t maintain your position for hours, and what happens when you fail to do so? Bad posture, which is quite horrible, to begin with. Get a good ergonomically good chair that supports your back and provides comfort to your body for long gaming sessions

A great pair of controllers Now whether you game on a PC, Laptop or console, an extra pair of controllers is always ideal to have. The rise of Co-op and Multiplayer games allow you to enjoy games with other people. Having an extra controller also allows you to experience games differently on a PC. REMARKS Yes, Gaming is incomplete without a mouse and Keyboard but they are too common for such lists. These seven accessories all enhance your experience and you should definitely consider buying them since they are absolute must-have. Most of the stuff on this list can be bought on a budget meaning gaming is not that expensive. Moreover, these accessories just enhance your experience, thus despite them being a must-have, you can invest in them slowly without breaking your bank account.

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