8 Best Cities to Visit in Spain


Spain’s vibrant cities, magnificent landscapes, and cultural attractions are unparalleled, making it an undeniable stop on many travelers’ European vacation itineraries. Each of Spain’s regions and autonomous communities has its own distinct culture and personality, which is reflected in the skylines and back alleys of the country’s major towns.

There are many beautiful places in Spain to be visited. The list is unending; however, you can take a few at a time and begin by browsing this list of Spain’s most attractive cities to visit in 2021 and beyond. This guide will take you on a trip of a lifetime.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is the country’s second-largest city, but it is also the most popular tourist destination in Spain. It’s a laid-back city with beautiful coastlines and a diverse choice of things to see and do. Barcelona, in Spain’s Catalunya province, is the ideal blend of culture and history in a modern cosmopolitan metropolis.

Take a hike up Mount Tibidabo for spectacular views of the city and the sea beyond. Cycling and hiking are additional popular activities on the mountain. The Tibidabo Amusement Park, which was established in 1905, is a must-see for rollercoaster aficionados.

2. Madrid

Madrid is the largest city, with the largest population, the capital, and the international business center of Spain. If you are a football lover then you definitely know about this place and why this place is too much famous.

There are many places you can go to in Spain so choose one of Spirit Airlines Vacations packages for your journey. Take, for example, the lovely El Retiro park in the city’s center, where the lake and rowboats provide a welcome break from all the art appreciation at the city’s Golden Triangle of Art, which includes the Prado, Reina Sofia, and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums.

3. Seville

Seville, in the lovely southern region of Andalusia, is one of Spain’s largest cities, immersed in Moorish architecture, UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful urban parks, and amazing dining and eating. At dusk, get a glass of red wine and some Solomillo Al Whisky at one of Seville’s beautiful and historic tapas cafes.

Finish your evening with a classic flamenco show and then head to one of Seville’s rooftop bars to dance the night away. The rooftop of Hotel Doa Maria is an ideal spot for a nighttime glass of sangria in the shadow of Seville Cathedral.

4. Granada

Granada is different from all other places in Spain because of the fact that it has an Arabic influence. Granada is steeped in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian history and culture, which can be seen around every corner.

 Albaicin is the old Arabic quarter, with its winding cobblestone alleyways and whitewashed buildings with flower pots. The ‘Gypsy Quarter,’ cave houses, and real flamenco shows can all be found at Sacromonte. Real, the former Jewish Quarter offers excellent street art.

5. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the ideal destination for anyone seeking sun, sea, and beach. The beaches are the main draw, and they are stunning, but the city also has some interesting landmarks to see, including the Royal Palace of Almudena and the cathedral.

Palma is the capital of Mallorca, which is located in the Balearic Sea. You can easily explore the rest of the island from Palma, as well as the nearby island of Menorca, which is extremely stunning.

6. Cordoba

Cordoba is known for its blend of Roman and Islamic architecture, which dates back to the early 1st century BC. The Mezquita Mosque is one of the city’s most popular attractions, with millions of visitors each year.

Córdoba flourished tremendously and became Europe’s most cultured city. The Umayyad family built palaces and mosques across the city, which can still be seen today. When you see all these things you can easily feel the history and the living style of the Umayyad family.

 7. Toledo

Highly recognized for its old city architecture and mannerism, Toledo is located in central Spain on a hill above the plains of Castilla-la Mancha. In your journey you want to do hiking then this is the best option for you so go with American Flights Booking online and enjoy.

Toledo, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, is known as the “City of the Three Cultures” because it displays a blend of Jewish, Muslim, and Catholic cultures that have passed through Spain.

8. Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the nicest cities in Spain, especially for students. Salamanca is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Madrid and its beautiful Spanish countryside. Especially those who enjoy cheap drinks and a good time at night.

It is also one of Spain’s safest cities, which contributes to the city’s popularity among young people. Tourists like the art experiences available in Salamanca, such as visiting Casa Lis, the Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Museum, or the House of Shells. Salamanca, after all, was once the epicenter of Spain’s best minds.

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