A Complete Guide to Wedding Attire for Men


We Indians are always excited about weddings. Be it of our friends, relatives, or any random person, we want to look our best.

With so many options to choose from, picking up the right dress is quite a task. We have curated a list of trendy sherwani which will pump up your style quotient this wedding season. Take a look.

The fact is, more and more weddings are throwing dress codes and rules out the window, letting men wear pretty much whatever they want to the ceremony and the reception that follows.

Use this guide to understand the latest men’s suit designs for a wedding to help you navigate the world of proper attire. Read carefully and you should know what’s appropriate for every wedding you get invited to – at least for the next few years.

Portentous Indian Weddings and the Dilemma to Choose the Right Outfit

With the wedding season just around the corner, your shelf is probably going to start getting flooded with invitations for wedding functions and receptions.

The most Indian thing about our wedding is how we cannot have enough of the party, and thus a single wedding function ends up having mini functions, all filled with the must-have festive energy, age-old traditions, and lots of dancing!

So, looking at the pile of wedding invitations, we do not want you to face any dilemma, so here we have a complete guide for you on what to consider while picking out wedding sherwani online for each function and the many outfits and accessories you can go for, to look your most chic self for the party.

Wedding Dresses For Men Collections

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Beautiful Beginnings

Weddings are not a one-day affair; there are a lot of pre-wedding events like Haldi, mehndi, sangeet, and bridal showers.

All these events are special and you as the bride should look your best. Get all your wedding outfits from Suvidha Fashion. Whether you want sherwani for men’s wedding for the reception party, silk sarees for the wedding day, long kurta for the sangeet, or designer kurtas for mehndi, our wedding store has everything.

All you have to do is sit patiently with your laptop and browse through the wedding outfits, and pick the best ones.

Dream Wedding

Wedding planning is not just about the clothes. You need to plan for various events and occasions. From getting the wedding sherwani for the groom with a price to set the venue, there’s a lot that goes into wedding planning.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled all that you need. Get matched accessories for ethnic wear sherwanis/dhotis or suits/ formal dresses in look your best on your dream-come-true wedding day.

Men’s Guest Attire Advice

Guests who attend an Indian wedding ceremony should be dressed formally like in most Western weddings. A few options include, but aren’t limited to:

Kurta Pyjamas – The more basic look of this clothing selection makes it appropriate for both the groom/bridal party and guests. Look for a less ornate option as a guest.

Sherwani – Again, as long as you don’t pick out a sherwani for the wedding to rival the groom’s, this is a good option for the male guest to wear to a wedding.

Western Suits – A classic suit worn to weddings is never inappropriate. They are also a good option to wear for the wedding reception.

You’ll likely want to avoid wearing black and white if the Indian wedding ceremony is more traditional. If you’re unsure about what to wear, ask a member of the bridal party or family. They can steer you in the right direction.

Wedding Attire For Men: The Basics

Before we talk about what to wear in more detail, we’ll start by discussing some of the basic principles of wedding attire for men.

Here, you’ll learn how to get an idea of what sort of clothing is appropriate for the venue, and what to do if you’re in doubt about the dress code.

1.      Quintessential Wedding Sherwani

These days sherwani come in all shapes and sizes and are made from the basic cotton material to authentic gold embroidery and even studded with diamonds.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress for men in India, then look no further and buy sherwani online from Suvidha Fashion. The price of sherwani in India ranges anything from a few thousand to a couple of lakh rupees.

You can accessorize the sherwani with a stole of a shawl depending on the time of your wedding or the weather.

2.      The Royal Jodhpuri

Men’s Jodhpuri suit, as the name suggests, originated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It has an equally glorious history as the sherwani.

Its classic indo-western look makes it a very appealing design not only in India but also across the world. The choice of Rajasthani royalty, the Jodhpuri dress combines a coat and trousers, sometimes along with an inner vest.

It looks like the suits worn in western countries but a distinguishing factor is its collar known as Bandhgala.

3.      Sherwani With Churidars

A sherwani for men is a long coat-like jacket fastened with buttons. It comes to just below the knees, hitting somewhere high on the calf.

It’s often cream, light ivory, or gold-colored for weddings, although it can be any color, like red or orange, to match the bride’s attire.

It is often elegantly embroidered. A scarf is sometimes added to the jacket over one or both shoulders. The sherwani can be worn with tighter-fitting pants or trousers called churidars.

Churidars are trousers that are loose around the hips and thighs but are tight and gathered around the ankle.

4.      The Classic Sherwani With Dhoti

This is a combination of the classic sherwani with the humble dhoti. It adds a lot of character to your wedding outfit. To make things more dramatic, you may include a sword on the outfit too.

Another advantage of wearing sherwani for the groom at a wedding is that it provides nice ventilation to the essential parts of the body and this is very important during Indian weddings where the ceremonies can last up to hours in the scorching heat.

5.      Jodhpuri Suit

A Jodhpuri suit is majestic looking and is sometimes referred to as a “prince suit.” It has a three-piece look, including coat, trousers, and vest or shirt.

The Nehru collar is often on the jacket and/or shirt worn with the suit. This suit would be a perfect choice for the groom in a bridal party. He could choose one with hand-stitched embroidery in silver, or gold, or another color in an elegant design.

6.      Indo-Western Suits

These are the Indian versions of a western-style suit. Somewhat closely resembling a Jodhpuri suit for weddings, Indo-western suits look rich and give you a more casual look if you want to avoid the traditional Indian wear look.

Indo-Western engagement dress for the groom is the classic look that you can go for at your wedding, engagement, or reception. Nothing speaks class more than a great suit that compliments your personality.

7.      Dark Formal Suits

When most guys think of wearing a dark suit to a wedding, they envision more formal events, but not ones that have a black tie. For the most part, that’s exactly when you should be wearing a designer suit for men, charcoal or midnight blue.

Your invitation might say cocktail attire or it might say something a bit more cryptic like formal attire requested. That pretty much means that you need a traditional dark suit.

8.      Light Formal Suits

Light suits are ideal for summer weddings when you know you’re going to be outside and for weddings that aren’t supposed to be particularly formal.

For the most part, guys think of light suits as those that are high blue, cream, khaki, or taupe. If you’re going to wear a lighter-colored suit, you need to know that the event isn’t supposed to be exceptionally formal.

A good gent’s suit design is where the wedding will be held. For example, if the wedding is outside or at a residence, you can surely wear a light suit.

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