A Guide To De-pilling Your Precious Cashmere Shawls


Suppose you bought perfect cashmere shawls for yourself, and after two to three wears, notice those irritating fuzzy balls of wools appearing on it. As irritating as it might seem, but piling is one of the natural occurrences.

Irrespective of how inexpensive the product might be, it is in the disposition of any woolly product to produce the pills.

Though the balls of irritation can be a bearer of aspects that ruin the aesthetic and the feel of the product, one must remember that it is controllable.

This article will discuss how to de-pill your shawls and some important information related to them.

What Affects The Quality Of The Cashmere Shawls To Result In Pilling?

Pilling can occur for various reasons, but the common ones, and probably the most controllable ones, are the climatic reasons and the generation of friction.

Here are some of the aspects that affect, or should we say, fastens the pilling procedure on your woolly companion.

● The pilling of the cashmere or pashmina product can easily occur due to the creation of friction. The rubbing of materials with the sweater or the scarf can cause the product to rise to pilings.

Places like sleeves, armpits and the end of the neck bears most pills because it is in constant resistance with other areas. Repeatedly rubbing the pullovers or the shawls may hamper the visceral quality of the product.

● Another factor that impacts the sweater or the cashmere shawls is the humidity and the heat.

This significant factor fastens the procedure of killing as with the application of heats and moisture; the pills accumulate faster.

Take the portion of the armpit of the pullover, for example. See that discolouration has happened, and pilling has increased too.

Ways To Remove The Pilling From Cashmere Shawls:

The aspect of making your product pill-free lies in how better you treat your garments.

Most have claimed that the key to having anti-pilling cloth can be achieved by ‘resting’ it or by being extra careful while washing.

Nonetheless, if you notice any fuzzy balls of wool stuck on your product, here are some methods to get rid of them.

● Pulling the pills should not be done as it might hamper the structural composition of the product.

We recommend you use scissors to cut it carefully. Instead of ruining the fabric, carefully remove the pills from the surface of the sweater or shawls.

● The concept of using a cashmere comb has become very common nowadays. This inexpensive yet smart product will de-pill the cloth in a minute. However, ensure that you use it gently.

● You can choose to utilize a lint remover and duct tape. The effectiveness of this hack depends solely on how carefully you use the lint remover.

Roll the remover over the products. Now take the duct tape to collect the balls of wool easily. Be steady, and do not rush it.


To ensure that your cashmere shawls’ beauty is kept intact and has retained its ‘newness’, we suggest that you care for it. Use simple hacks and tips to ensure its quality.

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