A Very Safe Guide To The Summer Curly Hairstyle.


A safe guide to summer hairstyles for curly hair 

The humidity is bad enough, but now there’s sweating and bugs, and it’s just ridiculous. Summertime is a metaphorical obstacle course for curly-haired ladies because let’s face it; summer curly hair isn’t necessarily something you like. Increased frizz, perspiration accumulation, and anticipating the challenges your hair will face when you exit the pool are enough to make you want to rip it all out!


However, before you book an appointment at a salon, know that there is hope. Here are a few safety tips from the experts on how to take care of and style your curly hair. It is the ultimate hair care guide for curlies. 


The Ultimate Guide: Curly Hair Edition

Follow these hair care guides for your curly hair, sport gorgeous curly hairstyles with hair extensions, and make heads turn everywhere you go!

These tips will make your curls look healthy and stay hydrated at all times. 


Ditch The Daily Shampoo 

Ditch the daily shampoo and retain moisture 

Unlike other hair types, curly hair lacks moisture making this hair type extremely fragile. Since most shampoos are loaded with sulfate and other chemicals, these agents dry out the strands. Sulfate is an effective agent that cleans the hair thoroughly but is harsh for women with curly hair. You will see the effect on curly hair extensions too. 

So, washing your hair frequently with shampoo weakens your curly strands and causes breakage. Go a few days without shampoo and use moisturizing conditioners to restore moisture. 

Experts advise using sulfate-free shampoos instead of regular ones, use shampoos that are mild and do not lather. Wash your hair in cold water because it will help seal the moisture, unlike hot water that drys out the hair. 

Always pre-poo on days when you wash your curly hair. Pre-poos can be as simple as an oil treatment. 

Pre-poo reduces frizz, makes your hair and scalp healthy, and helps detangle with less breakage. 


Condition More 

Condition more this summer 

Conditioning is a must after washing your curly hair with shampoo. Treat your damp hair to a nourishing conditioner, apply it on the strands instead of the scalp. Distribute the product with your fingers and let your hair rejoice for 10 minutes. 

Rinse it out with cold water and get rid of excess water with a cotton t-shirt. Regular towels cause breakage and frizz from the friction because of the loops in the cloth. Use a soft t-shirt and wrap your hair for about 15 minutes. This tip will soak the excess moisture and dry your hair at the same time. 

As mentioned before, curly and kinky hair lack moisture, so to combat this issue, regular conditioning is essential. Use a nourishing leave-in conditioner to put moisture in your strands. 


Detangle With Extra Care 

Detangle with care 

Summer leads to perspiration, and that causes your hair to become more matted. Since curly hair is delicate, it is important to detangle it with extra care. 

It is better to use your fingers to detangle your curls. First, you can detangle the post-shower, but it is advised to detangle after using the conditioner. Once the big chunks are detangled, use a hairbrush and go over it once in case you have missed a few tangles. 

Outsmart Summer Humidity 

Out-smart humidity and prevent frizz 

Use a lightweight styling gel to prevent frizz from forming, and it also acts as a shield for your curls. 

Avoid water-based styling products because your hair will swell in summer. Use lightweight styling gel that enhances the curls. 

You can also use these kinds of products on your kinky curly hair human hair extensions.

Use hair styling products that add heaps of moisture to your curly, parched hair. 


Minimize Heat Styling Your Curls 

Minimize heat styling and get extensions 

Giving up on heat styling tools entirely is just not a particle, but you can minimize the usage of heat styling tools like flat iron, curling iron, and hair dryers. It is better to use hair extensions to achieve the look you want instead of drying your hair even more. Choose from different textures such as curly hair extensions and kinky curly hair extensions. Get them sewn in for a semi-permanent look. 

With curly hair, you can also go the heatless route to achieve the look you want. Use heatless rollers to achieve beautiful and dramatic waves and curls. 


Pamper Your Hair With Silk And Satin

Sleep on silk and satin to prevent frizz

Switch to silk and satin pillow covers and pamper your curly hair in the best way possible. Silk and satin are excellent for curly hair because there is little to no friction. These materials protect your hair from breakage prevents tangle & frizz. 

Silk and satin pillow covers also help retain moisture while you are sleeping and preserve hairstyles. Plus, they are super soft; who wouldn’t want that? 


Summer Hairstyles For Curly Hair 

Summer hairstyles for curlies

Once you religiously follow the hair care guide mentioned above, you will be able to achieve any hairstyle you want during summer with your naturally curly hair and with different types of hair extensions. 

Check out these stunning hairstyles for summer that will make you the center of attention. 


Double Dutch Braids For Days 

Double Dutch braids for days

Dutch braids are gorgeous and make women feel confident. This summer, fight frizz & humidity while sporting a beautiful hairstyle, i.e., the double Dutch braids. 

Use the feed-in technique to achieve length. Shop for curly hair extensions that resemble your hair texture to achieve a seamlessly blended hairstyle. Go the extra mile and create clean partings, as shown in the image above. 


Loose Ombre Curls  

Loose ombre curls 

Summer is the perfect time to try colors and styles. Get yourself a few ombre-colored bundles of loose curly hair extensions and get them sewn in. Curly hair extension sew-ins are an ideal way to protect your hair while flaunting gorgeous styles. You can even heat style these hair extensions!

Wear a beautiful denim button-down shirt, layer a few necklaces, and finish the look with red lipsticks. 


Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Hairstyle

Curly half-up, half-down hairstyle 

A half-up, half-down curly hairstyle exudes fun and elegance at the same time. It is an ideal hairstyle for summer, and if you follow the ultimate guide mentioned above, your curls will stay intact. You will also experience fewer frizzes. Bonus point, this hairstyle offers a ton of body and movement. 

Wear curly hair extensions to achieve this half-up, half-down hairstyle. Pair this look with a v-neck t-shirt or a silk/satin top on warm summer days. 


Kinky Curly High Ponytail 

Kinky curly hairstyle 

Achieve this beautiful kinky curly high ponytail hairstyle regardless of the length of your curly hair with a heavily textured ponytail hair extension.

Tie your naturally curly hair into a sleek ponytail and install a kinky curly hair extension. You can trim the ponytail extension to achieve a fuller and layered look. Keep a section of hair on the sides to achieve a face-framing look; you can also finger curl the hair. 

Make this kinky curly high ponytail hairstyle the center of attention, and wear an outfit that compliments this hairstyle. 


Curly Bangs With An Updo

Curly bangs with an updo

This retro look is a great hairstyle for summer for women with curly hair. Tie your hair in a loose high bun and apply curl enhancer to your bangs; this will make your curls look and stay hydrated. This hairstyle looks great on women of all ages, just pair this style with a pair of earrings and become the center of attention. 

As mentioned earlier, humidity is not a friend of women with curly hair, and there are many obstacles curlies face during summer. But if you follow the advice mentioned above, your curly hair will stay hydrated with little to no frizz. Go heatless with your naturally curly hair or wear human hair headband wigs and extensions; if you want to heat style your locks, don’t forget to moisturize your hair with frequent conditioning.

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