Add up to your Followers with Mindful Take on Instagram Story


Instagram Story is spreading the word for your business like anything. Whether you want to make your IG stories viral, up the counter of profile visits, or increase followers, everything is possible when you have a grip on the features offered by the application with Instagram Story Templates.

Things are not that easy…

Instagram users are not using the app smartly as they used to do before a year or two. Most people would go for low-key options – requesting relatives & known ones to promote their profile in their circle (just to gain followers by reference). This will seem irritating someday as not everyone is willing to help you genuinely.


Moreover, you’ll get tired of ‘begging’ for followers someday!

Why do you need to think seriously for real followers?

Real Followers = Potential Customers is the equation that works here. Let’s see how…

Flaunting a whopping follower’s counter and least engaged audience will make no sense. You should have the guts to showcase your products and services to like-minded followers and target audiences who are interested in what you sell and serve.

Watching your sales graph inclining is no less than a reward against the efforts you have made for your IG profile to look fancier than ever.

Understanding the trends & blending the same to increase followers is what you should master if you want IG to work for you.

7 Tips to ‘Whopping’ Increase Instagram Followers

You’re willing to do anything when it comes to increasing Instagram followers & before you get overwhelmed to use Instagram post template, here are the seven tips you should read first:

1. Outreach The Personalities In Limelight

You can see this as a shortcut to increase followers from the people or firm who already have a huge follower base. When you are promoted in their stories or their mention of “Follow this account for this” will make an impact. You’ll see your followers counter increasing in no time.

For instance, you can send your products as gifts to celebrities and attach a sticky requesting them to tag you in their story if they like the parcel. This will work like magic!

2. Don’t Forget #Hashtags & Location

Every next Instagram stories ideas will add the tip to use relevant #hashtags and location tag in your IG stories. An average IG story maker uses at least 3 hashtags and people add the location tag enthusiastically. Put some stress on “relevant” tags and use a popular location. This will help you appear in the explore section whenever a search is made for the hashtags or the location matching your story. When someone will visit your profile from your story, you may get a follower therefrom.

For instance, a handbag can be hash-tagged with #handbag #baglove #women #musthave as well as the account selling the same. Another example is posting a selfie in the story and tagging #selfie #goodhairday #besttime #lovingit and tagging the location is a great recipe to invite followers.

3. Throw Some Light On Instagram Stories Templates

Use Instagram story templates wisely. Neither too crowdy nor purposeless. Be picky with the templates you choose and take care that it matches with the color palette of your product, service, or whatever you post. Professional templates will make your followers go ‘wow’ as they will seem uniform and complimentary with the posts in your feed. You can do this easily using PhotoADKing.

4. Instagram Story Ads – Oh Yes!

Needless to mention that you can set ad campaigns just for the sake of increasing Instagram followers. This can be done using Instagram Story Ads and youtube thumbnail wherein users can swipe up to land on your profile and have a check on what you are up to and follow your account if they like. Online Youtube thumbnail maker helps you to create your own stunning custom youtube video thumbnail image easily, no design skills necessary, and easily download the high-quality images. Some IG stories are intended to drive followers while some are for increasing sales, both ways, it’s your win-win condition.

5. Remain In The Eyes Of Users

Keep your story publishing frequency such that the users don’t feel irritated checking your stories and your purpose is also fulfilled successfully. Make a schedule to post stories at frequent intervals during peak active hours of your target audience. You will be surprised to learn that people sometimes unfollow the accounts which are inactive or are less appearing in stories.

6. Showcase Instagram Stories Ideas as Highlights

Make sure that your Instagram Stories Ideas remain forever with your account even after 24 hours. You can do this by adding stories to highlights. Whenever any user visits your profile in the future, they may check highlights to have a glimpse of your work and when you have customized highlight covers, they will be compelled to see what’s inside. That’s a follower coming your way, isn’t it!

7. Hide Extra Details Without Fail

You should decide the central attraction element of your story and prevent the extra elements like hashtags, GIFs, stickers or anything else from bartering attention. Using lumps of hashtags or crowding stories with too much text will not make users stop by but make them feel irritated instead.

What you should do is minimize the details which are intended to grab the least attention or are included for some other purpose. Popping or enlarged hashtags, text, GIFs, etc will make Instagram story templates look uglier.

Instagram Story has a lot more for us to try out & gaining followers through it is a priceless achievement anybody would cherish. You would love to do it with PhotoADKing Instagram Story Maker & see followers coming your way.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments and do let us know if you have any addition to this read.

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