Best Gaming Laptops For Professional Gamers


If you’re searching for the top gaming laptop or the most powerful desktop, or even the top keyboard, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. How can you tell whether those RAM sticks are priced too high or if the graphics card in it is the one that can climb the leaderboards in the most recent online shooters?

#1 Dell Inspiron i7559

While it might not appear the most gorgeous or feature all of those “extreme” accents that many gaming peripherals don’t have nowadays however, this Dell Inspiron i7559 is hiding many of the benefits inside a small (and extremely light) packaging.

The secret to being able to put in the graphics power you need without increasing the price to the same level as competitors is in the processor that is clocked at an i5-6500HQ with just 8GB DDR3L RAM. If you’re for a price and are looking to save money these compromises are the ones that offer the best bargains. The majority of AAA games that require lots of resources from your system aren’t as dependent on the power of RAM and CPU as they were in the past and are now shifting a lot of the task to the GPU. With a GTX 960M that is massive with 4GB of DDR5 VRAM this means that the Dell can easily with almost any game you could imagine without blinking an eye. It will be able to handle minor slowdowns when performing intensive multi-tasking tasks like video editing and intense internet browsing.

With this all with this in mind, it’s hard to resist Dell’s bargain price of $799. Yes, you’ll need to contend with a slower processor and a limited amount of memory however, for the price there’s no more affordable option on the shelves right now.

#2 Pick MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 4K

The first shock at the price of MSI Ghost Pro 4K may be a bit overwhelming, the sticker price on MSI Ghost Pro 4K may cause it to be a bit more difficult to believe that this is a laptop that’s worth it for its money; trust us when we say it’s worth the money as few other laptops in this list.

With a huge 6GB of VRAM in its GTX 970M motherboard with it has 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a stunning 15.6 inch UHD 4K display The MSI Ghost is a complete beast that can compete with any gaming desktop , without even moving one centimeter.

In addition, you get a gorgeous modern, stylish design for just $1767, and you’ll get is a laptop somewhat on the costly than the average, but will pay it dividends when you’re out on the go at home or in between.

#3 Pick Lenovo Y700

It’s a bit odd that the Lenovo Y700 has got an odd design, but its specifications and price are exactly what you’d like from a gaming laptop that’s doing all it can to provide the most value possible for the money you’ve spent.

With a sturdy set of two-watt JBL speakers, and the addition of a subwoofer with 3W the Y700 is ideal for gaming, or possibly more important, depending on the person you ask, watching media while on the move. With its elevated screen and super-cool fan it is a laptop that can be able to sit on any surface without melting its components. It does this without sacrificing the sound quality that other laptops in this category have to sacrifice for greater ergonomics.

Include the 4GB GTX 960M equipped with the Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, and it’s evident that although Lenovo might not be the best in the realm of gaming laptops but they’re certainly not a any less than the competition, and neither are they a slouch.

#4 Pick Gigabyte P35x V5

Certain gamers prefer a lower price, while other gamers prefer to consider price in conjunction with other features such as media viewing capabilities as well as a beautiful screen. There are also those who simply need pure and unadulterated power.

This is the Gigabyte X35x V5, which, to be blunt does not deserve to be at the price it is. The P35x manages to pack with the same specifications we’ve been accustomed to seeing at this price (8GB of RAM, Intel i7-6700HQ, and so on) All while packing with an additional Nvidia GTX 980M 8GB on the top. This makes it a cut above the other models here that aren’t even as close to the raw performance that this version with 8GB can boast of.

If you’re willing to give up some other luxury items like a beautiful screen to extract the most graphic power from your device Look no further than the Gigabyte P35x.

#5 Pick Acer Predator 17 G9-791-78CE

Since I got to grips with the Acer Predator 17, it’s been a struggle to let it go. There’s not a single category in which Predator 17 excels. Predator 17 completely blows the other laptops for gaming here out of the park However, it’s the overall experience of the entire is what brings the entire thing together.

Its build is amazing The trackpad and keyboard are enjoyable to use for hours and the display is great to watch movies or playing a marathon game. Then, add 32GB of RAM and the 512GB PCIe SSD that act as an added bonus, and you’ll have an extremely stable all-around gaming laptop that is able to endure any test that you throw it.

It’s a great option for people who’ve never had one before, or is this your 10th in a decade, or both. Either way , with all the top-of-the-line features, without the weight and weight, you’re left with an ultra-gaming laptop that can tick every box you can imagine.

Key Factors and Features to a Good Gaming Laptop For the Money


  • When you’re trying to find the most price for your dollars in any type of product The most important thing to consider is compromise.
  • The majority of the laptops in this list (save for one exception) has Intel’s mobile powerhouse, the Core i7-6700HQ
  • The processor isn’t as crucial in gaming as the graphics card, however you shouldn’t go to below “i5” line of CPUs unless it’s impossible to avoid it in the price range you’re looking for


  • RAM is another aspect that can be adapted to the needs of gaming PCs because it’s not as essential as the graphics card.
  • The rule of thumb is that you should never go lower than 8GB because this is the minimum size that every video game (whether you’re playing Hearthstone or GTA V) will need to render its graphics, as well as its graphics while at the same time.

Graphics Card

  • We are now at the most important aspect of every gaming laptop worth its worth GPU. GPU
  • Nvidia has launched cards for every budget that you can imagine in this market, but the three main chips to keep an eye on are the GTX960M, the GTX970M, and GTX980M.
  • Each one has its own functions and cost-to-benefit-ratios, but generally, you’ll want a card that is able to carry its own AAA title (the 970M 3GB is a good choice in this regard) however, it shouldn’t be too expensive that you’re priced out of a card with higher specs .


  • Don’t buy a gaming laptop that doesn’t have at least 128GB SSD, if possible. get around it.
  • As we’ve previously mentioned, the speed gap between an SSD and an HDD to play games is huge which means you’ll be spending an entire lot of time waiting for loading screens if you go for the HDD only option.


  • Some say they can’t endure anything less than 4K resolution on laptops, whereas others live in the world where 1920 x 1080 pixels are the norm.
  • Resolution and screen size almost always come down to personal taste What is the best for you will depend on your budget is and what features you’d like to see to get on your new device.

Build Quality

  • Laptops that are budget-friendly have a habitual practice of sacrificing build quality and quality over more powerful specs. In fact, some laptops that are on this list may be guilty of this sin.
  • As it’s an established manufacturer such as Acer, Gigabyte, or MSI You are assured that the manufacturer will ensure the durability and longevity of its keyboards and cases for up to three years following your initial purchase.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buy Features You Don’t use: As we mentioned above finding the best laptop at the right price is all about maximising the number of features available against price and deciding from that list. If you’re looking for a 4K screen but aren’t afraid of giving up some graphics power for it there’s a laptop that can do this. If you’re looking to have large, powerful speakers but don’t care regarding the dimensions of your SSD you can get a laptop for this too.

“Budget” Doesn’t Mean “Cheap”: All the gaming laptops in this list are costly according to normal standards, one exception: those like the Dell Inspirion i7559. A gaming laptop isn’t upgraded, so it is essential to save whenever you can to get the best laptop you can, so that it will last for more than couple of product cycles and game releases, without becoming outdated. The more money you invest in advance on the next laptop the longer it’s likely remain within the vast scope of things.

Which Gaming Laptop for the Money is Right For You?

From our lists that we’ve compiled on this topic This list offers the largest variety of possibilities between the top gaming laptops that are available today. “Value” is in the perception of the buyer that’s why we’ve included a wide range of options to suit any price and budget.

Pound for pound, Dollar for dollar, you can’t surpass the value you receive from the Dell Inspiron i7559, but it’s not able to do everything you could require from the laptop by itself. This is where other options like the huge Lenovo Y700 and Gigabyte’s graphic flagship the P35x are able to take the place of the. Its Predator 17 is a solid all-around laptop, and it’s MSI GS60 Ghost Pro features stunning 4K resolution that is perfect for movie watching gaming or gaming simultaneously, with the additional space you’ll need to explore.

The most powerful gaming laptop doesn’t necessarily mean the one that’s the most cost-effective It’s the one that offers the features you require in one unit and without extra features that hinder you from the most important aspect of owning one of these devices at all playing to your heart’s satisfaction for long hours.

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