Best hashtags for Instagram. How to identify them?


Hashtags are an ideal complement that must be taken into account in our posts. This means that they are not going to solve our lives by themselves since if the post we make does not have valuable content, the hashtag will be useless. However, used well they can enhance the reach of any publication. Hashtags work very well in entertainment, humor, personal growth accounts or in posts that tend to have many interactions due to their topic. Well, we are going to give you some tips to find the best hashtags for Instagram.

Tips to find the best hashtags for Instagram

Number of recommended hashtags in posts

Instagram allows you to include up to thirty hashtags per post. Normally it is not advisable to use all of them. According to the experts, the recommended amount would range between 6 and 12. Although it may seem that by including many more we will have more visibility, this is not always the case. Excessive use can cause problems in simultaneous positioning. That is, our publications may not appear to prevent them from being repeated when a user scrolls on their device.

Type of hashtags to use

We could classify them into two specific topics, the theme and the scope . Absolutely all the hashtags that are used in the publications have to be closely linked to the theme of our content on Instagram. This means that if we have a soccer account, we should not use a hashtag unrelated to that topic. And if we talk about the scope, we must select the types of hashtags determined as small, medium and semi-large. To carry out a study of the scope of the hashtags that we are looking for, it is recommended to open an excel sheet and include a long list of hashtags to divide them into several columns and check which are the most and least searched

Finding the best hashtags for Instagram

The first thing to do is open the application and in the header, you will see the symbol of the pound sign “#” that will help us find out what is being talked about related to our theme. We will see all the number of publications that we can include in our excel and search for the related hashtags to clarify them in our columns and analyze in which we can position ourselves.

Convert our Instagram account into a business account

One very important thing to keep in mind is that we are not going to position the hashtag as such, but the publication that carries that hashtag. To convert our personal account into a commercial one, it is as easy as going to the configuration / account / change to the professional account option. Once we have our business account, we can go to our publications and see the statistics where the people who have been reached by those hashtags will be shown, as well as the number of users who have saved or liked it.

SEO tricks with the best hashtags for Instagram

If we wonder if SEO can be done on Instagram, the answer is yes. We are going to cite and analyze the algorithms that the social network offers us: Search algorithm, search algorithm-hashtag, search-user algorithm and search algorithm by place.

Search algorithm

We wonder how we can get certain photos or videos. Well, this is based on some determining factors on which the search algorithm depends and that we must know.

  • Content already viewed . The fact of having seen, for example, in a week some videos from Instagram about “how to do something.”
  • Hashtags we have searched for . We will see publications that include the hashtags that we have previously searched for.
  • Accounts we have searched. If we have been following an account on a topic that attracts us, recommended accounts to follow will appear on that same topic.
  • The content we’ve been browsing. If a person we know has uploaded a post tagging another person whom we have clicked on, posts from that tagged person may appear.
  • Accounts with which we have interacted. Those accounts to which we have given alike, a comment, etc.

Search algorithm-hashtag

We have to understand one of the great keys of Instagram: When we upload a publication, the platform shows it to a small percentage of our followers. Depending on how this percentage of followers responds, Instagram will show it to a higher percentage of followers and so on. Therefore, if our content is good and generates a lot of interaction, each time we will have more reach in that publication and in subsequent ones. If our content is not good and we are generating more and more publications with which people do not interact, the reach will decrease as is logical. So, what is the formula for success to position our hashtags?

Average engagement time + average post engagement + average response time

Here we can include the search algorithm by the place because the formula on which its positioning depends is exactly the same as that of hashtags.

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Search-user algorithm

Here, various positioning factors depend on this algorithm.

  • Verified accounts. If we imagine that there are two accounts that can be called with a similar name, the one that has many followers with respect to the other account with a very similar name will always appear before as recommended.
  • Accounts already searched. When we search for an account, we will see that they appear at the top in the ‘search’ of users.
  • Accounts already browsed. It is exactly the same as with the previous algorithm.
  • Accounts connected by direct message. If we have been talking to a person actively, we will see how they will start to appear at the top of the ‘search’ of users.
  • Accounts with previous interaction. It is exactly the same that happens when we interact with the first algorithm of verified accounts and accounts connected by direct message, mentioned here.
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