Best Micro Niche for Blogging 2021


Blogging is quite common these days and people write about anything that they like. It is very important to choose the right niche when you start blogging. Only then, your blog will become successful in what you are doing. 

If the topic is not very interesting or not required by the public, then the traffic to your blog will be very less. 

Many of you might still be thinking of starting a blog in 2021. But you might be confused about choosing a blogging niche. Well, this guide is sure to help you in deciding the perfect niche for your blog.

What are Niches?

In general words, niches are a precise segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. But a blog niche is a specific topic a blogger writes about. 



Every blogger will have different ideas in choosing the topics for a blog. It can be related to travel, food, fashion, toys, technology, gardening, and a lot more.

What are Micro Niches?

Micro Niche is blogging is the sub-topics used in the content. It will be related to the main topic and it is vital to focus on the Best Micro Niche for Blogging to increase the number of readers.


Whatever the main niche is, the sub-topics must be something that complements the niche blog. People always visit blog sites that have instructive content about a particular product or service. 

All are busy with their lives and they do not want to spend reading lengthy content by spending a lot of time. Some of the examples of micro-niches include diet for weight loss, DSLR Lens, budget-friendly hotels, etc.

What are Macro Niches?

If the blogger has decided to write on general topics related to anything and everything, then that is known as Macro Niches. The readers can find blogs about everything in such blogs.

Benefits/Advantages of Micro Niche

As said earlier, Micro Niche is a sub-topic of the main theme. For eg: If a blogger is writing about android phones, then it is a niche topic. 


Whereas if the writing is about a specific android phone like One Plus 8 or Samsung Galaxy A6 plus, then that is a micro-niche. Below you can find some of the benefits of picking a micro niche for the blog.

It takes less time to start a micro niche blog as the topic will be about a specific product or a service. Hence, you can easily write the details by gathering the information quickly. Thus, the content will be short, and can publish it on the blog very fast.

Competition is comparatively less in the micro-niche blog since a majority of the people go for niche blogs.

When compared to a niche blog, chances of ranking high in the search results are more for a micro niche blog. It is because the micro-niche blogs are not congested. The content will be short and precise.

Micro niche blogs will get more conversions as people looking for relevant topics will only visit blog sites that have educational and short content rather than content that is dragged like an essay of two or three pages.

It is very easy to market the micro-niche blog since this blog stands out from the crowd

Every small business needs momentum to start off and continue to grow. With the help of a micro-niche blog, it is easy to gain the traction required


How to Identify Micro Niches?

Once you finish reading the above content, you will know what a niche and micro-niche are. The first thing you should know before starting a micro-niche blog is the area of expertise.

Without knowing the niche in which you are working it is not possible to identify the micro-niches. Now let us discover how you can identify micro niches.


Many people who start a new business always look for niches online. One can easily check for keywords that can enhance a product or service. 



To check for keywords, there are many tools like Google Trends that allow you to see the most trending topics. 

Likewise, you can also research to identify the niches through social media sites. With such platforms, you can easily comprehend what people are talking the most about.

When it comes to identifying the micro-niches, it is better to look for ideas in the real world. Just think about your likes and try to find various topics related to them. 

Get in touch with your friends and family and ask them about what they look for in a blog about a particular product or service.

How to Choose Micro Niches?

To have perfect micro-niches, think about what you really know and what you do the best. Besides, you should also think about what topics you have the knowledge about. 

Understand the potential and identify how you can share your knowledge using products and services. When you have a clear idea of what you are planning to talk about, a better relationship can be created between the reader, future clients, and yourself. 



Also, find the Low Competition Niche for Blog that can help you in many ways.

Having said that, it is not important to choose micro niches based only on your interest and knowledge. 

You can always move a step ahead and see beyond your limits. The next thing is to understand the competitor out there. Know the size of the market you are planning to get into and look for micro-niches within that frame. 

To choose the best micro-niche you should do the following:

Try and find a profitable area

Hunt for the search volume

Evaluate the competition

Work with a sub-niche that has little competition

How to Start Working with Micro Niche?

If you are a novice in this field, the finest way is to choose only one micro-niche for a targeted audience. In addition, it is easy to generate sales when you have a clear understanding of who that person is and what he/she is searching for. 


Try to create strategies to attract customers.

Bonus- Micro Niches to start a Blog

Below you can find some of the Best Micro Ideas that you can choose to start a blog. These are just a few examples that you can look into. But you can always think more and identify more micro niches that interest you. One piece of advice I would like to make is, always to write a blog after a detailed study about the topics. 


If you are already aware of a particular topic, then go ahead and share your thoughts with the public through blogging.


Baby Care

Baby care is always a flawless micro-niche as all the mommies and daddies search for baby care tips and ideas. 



To understand various things related to how well they can look after their babies, parents always check online for various blogs and articles related to it. There will be a never-ending demand for such sub-niches. 


If you have kids, you will have more concepts, experiences, and advice to share with other parents who are in need of some help.


Baby Toys

Toys for babies are a prosperous industry and the need for baby toys increases day by day. Try to write about unique baby toys that are eco-friendly and useful to babies. 



You can also focus on writing about various learning toys that can enhance the baby’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, IQ, social and emotional intelligence, etc. 

Furthermore, you can also create a blog for baby toys according to the uses like teething toys, stacking toys, shapes and color, plush toys, and many more.


Professional Courses Online

There are many people who want to learn some professional courses, but are not able to go for classes due to many reasons. Especially since the pandemic situation arose, many students are also looking for professional courses which they can learn online. 



Focusing on writing such a micro niche can increase the number of clients in that specific group.

Coupon Code

Shopping is always fun and exciting. But, when it comes to coupon codes and best deals, nobody would want to miss that. You can focus on writing about various coupon codes for various products and services to let people know that these are available. 



I bet, you will get so many readers actively engaging in your micro-niche blog.


Hope you have understood about the Best Micro Niche for Blogging 2021 and other niches as well. Since you have a clear idea now, it will not be a difficult task to focus on increasing the number of clients to your business by choosing the various niches. 

If your main aim is to earn money through blogging, then you must choose a Best Unlimited Web hosting company. The main reason to select hosting is to escalate the searchability of the site. 

Once you have completed your first blog, you will start to understand all the techniques and ideas required to write a successful blog. It is never too late to start, so if you are looking forward to commencing a blog, it is the right time. 

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