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Do you Need a Pregnancy Pillow? What to Know Before You Buy

Get proper sleep at night is always a challenge especially for first timer. There are plenty of discomfort during sleeping such as having leg cramps, pee, heartburn, and changes in your body. In the early stages of pregnancy, you can sleep easily at any position but when your belly starts growing you will have some complications and you will feel some of the positions are not safe especially sleep on your stomach or your back. In that condition, you can have only side-sleeping option.

At one stage of pregnancy, you will start to realize, your sleeping getting more difficult then may you have to think about buying a pregnancy pillow or not. It’s a natural thing to search about safe pregnancy tips when you will start to have discomfort. You may have seen some of the ads on internet related to pregnant women that she’s having very nice sleep with help of pregnancy pillow. After watching something like comfort may you will start to ask question to yourself, should you need a maternity pillow?

To answer this question, there is nothing to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because it’s totally depending on your need and preference. According to a local search, some of the women prefers to use pregnancy pillow and some of them not. Let me tell you something special about maternity pillow (A Maternity pillow also called a pregnancy pillow). Pregnancy pillows have special designs and shapes to make your body comfortable. Usually, you will have to see U-shaped, C-shaped, and J-shaped maternity pillows. Every shape of pregnancy pillow has some specialty according to sleep position and you have to buy according to your needs. Mostly pillows are often long to wrap the legs around them and some of them often shortened to just sport your belly.

In short, the design or shape of each maternity pillow is supposed to support your belly, back, and legs. Having back pain, legs swelling, chest burn, and itchy skin are common complications during pregnancy period. After constantly growing uterine and your belly you will have some swelling or pain in your legs. To prevent these difficulties, you will have to use a pregnancy. If you have a question in your mind how to choose the best pregnancy pillow according to reviews, rating, and qualities. Pregnancy Pillow Mart is one of the top blogs which can help you to have right decision for your comfort infect you can find there also, pregnancy tips, things to avoid during pregnancy, and how you can maintain your pregnancy pillow for next use.

Conclusion About Maternity Pillows

At the end of this discussion, Yes! We will suggest you to have a pregnancy pillow to make comfortable all your pregnancy time frame. You may have to think for two not only for yourself, if you will feel comfortable during pregnancy period, you will have a healthy delivery and if you will have a healthy delivery then your newborn baby will have good health.

Price Range of Pregnancy Pillows

This is a big truth, using normal pillows cannot help you to have good sleep. So, you have to consider the special made pillows with good quality. The price range are not more expensive to think, actually, it depends on quality, type, material use, and which brans you are looking for, but normally between $50 to $400 you can find a good one.

How to fix the five most common Outlook errors

Maybe you have encountered an error message while working on Microsoft Outlook? And occasionally, errors may also lead to file corruption if they don’t get resolved in time. In this article, we’re likely to talk about the best five frequent Outlook error messages. Additionally, we will discover how to fix those mistakes effortlessly.

Microsoft Outlook is a favorite email client program used globally for sending and receiving email messages. Apart from being an email application, it’s versatile features like create appointments, meetings, tasks, notes, and a whole lot more. But problems in Microsoft Outlook are still sure to happen due to the collapse of the program and software malfunction. 

Shared Outlook Error Messages

Whenever there is any problem in Microsoft Outlook, you are very likely to confront different error messages. Below are the top 5 most Frequent Outlook error messages:

You will find just five Microsoft Outlook mistakes that often plague Exchange Server Providers. Because most administrators encounter at least one of those error messages, it is a fantastic concept to maintain these repairs handy.

1. Cannot send this thing

This error message usually deals with the incoming email message that was formatted. When a user experiences this message, then you’re going to want to confirm the To speech. I have frequently received notice of this mistake because I wrongly ordered a destination email address. This error may also happen whenever there’s an issue with HTML-based email addresses.

2. This message fluctuates based on the version of Outlook you are using;

You might also view The host was not able to be located or Error 0x800CCC0F.First, ensure the computer that is exhibiting the error still comes with an active network link. As soon as you confirm network connectivity, then the next thing to do is to be sure the user has been appropriately logged. By way of instance, if Outlook is currently linking to your POP3 server and the user changed his password updating Outlook, he’ll probably get this information the second time he attempts Outlook.

This error message tips in a permissions or relationship issue, but an individual may obtain this mistake if his Outlook profile was damaged. In POP3 surroundings, this may indicate that there is a corrupt message from the user’s mailbox. Sometimes, an obstructed firewall interface or too aggressive antivirus software may make this error; however, that is uncommon.

3. Outlook never employed

Users may obtain this error message if they attempt to start Microsoft Outlook. It signifies that Outlook can’t open since it’s been damaged. How you fix Outlook depends on what versions of Outlook and Windows you are using. Pick the Microsoft Office list and click Change as soon as the Office 2010 dash screen displays, pick the Fix choice, and follow the prompts.

4. This issue happens if Outlook has not been configured to store customers’ passwords.

When you connect Outlook into a POP3 account, you must enter the consumer’s name, email address, incoming email address, username, and password. If you do not choose to store a user’s password, Outlook will request you whenever the user sends an email address. To repair this, start the Control Panel and apply this Mail choice to edit the Outlook profile.

5. Issues Indices Outlook 2007

If you have to eliminate Outlook 2010 and reinstall Outlook 2007, you may get an error message saying that Outlook cannot be installed due to an untrue profile. You are going to need to eliminate the problematic face to repair this. That Outlook 2010 uninstallation procedure you use is based upon the edition of Windows that is running in your surroundings. In Windows 7, then start the Control Panel and then visit User Accounts -> Mail. Select the profile you need to remove and click on the Eliminate button.

Hacks To Pack Your Bathroom Essentials With Packers And Movers

At some point in life, almost everyone has to shift their home from one place to another. Shifting house is very hectic and not everyone can do it efficiently. It also consumes a lot of your time and effort. Because of the changing lifestyle of people, no one has time for work like packing and moving because they are busy with their job and family.

Do not get tensed if you also do not have time to shift your house because you have the amazing option of taking the services of affordable packers and movers in Chennai.

It is very important to know about the tricks of doing shifting work to get everything done perfectly. Packing a bathroom is way more difficult than packing bedrooms, kitchens, and storerooms.

It may seem easy at first but later you will realize the difficulties while doing the work. Even a small-sized item has to be handled very carefully while doing this work. But don’t worry we have got you covered, here is a guide for you to pack your bathroom essentials with packers and movers. Following these hacks will help you a lot.

Remove unnecessary things:

Start packing your bathroom essentials by removing unwanted stuff. Put things that you want to take with yourself and the things you want to leave behind separately to avoid any confusion. Do not forget to discard things like empty shampoo bottles, packets, etc present inside the drawers as they will be an extra burden to you.

Pack medicines carefully:

Check all the medicine bottles, tubes and tablets present inside the drawers carefully and sort them according to their usage. Check their expiry date and discard the expired one by handing them to the local pharmacist. Use zipped bags to pack medicines.

Take extra care of toiletries:

In many houses, there are very expensive toiletries and therefore packers and movers take extra care of them so that you do not have to face any loss. You can ask the packing and moving company to use the best packing material possible for packing your toiletries.

Pack liquid bathroom essentials separately:

Products like shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, body wash, etc that is liquid in texture should be kept properly in separate plastic bags to avoid any leakage and spillage.

Pack fragile items with extra care:

Fragile items get damaged easily during the transportation process therefore you need to pack them very nicely. You can use bubble wrap or towels to save them from the shocks during the shift.

Use bubble wrap:

Try to pack all the empty spaces between important things using bubble wrap because it is a good shock absorber. You can find bubble wrap at any nearby store at a low price.

Mark the boxes:

Do not forget to mark the boxes to remember what things you have put in which box. This helps a lot while doing unpacking. Put all the things that you use frequently separately in a box and mark them so that you can find them easily whenever you need them.

Do not forget to use these hacks because they can make your work much easier.

Why Assignment is Important to Students

Assignments are part of a student’s academic life. Many students believe that assignments are part of what learning entails and often consider assignments a waste of time. It is no surprise that students get annoyed when instructors issue assignments. Unpopular to common belief, assignments on assignment websites serve more purpose than being part of a student’s academic life.

As students progress in their learning, assignments become more complex. So, what is the purpose of issuing assignments to learners? Here are some of the reasons why:

Evaluation of Learning

The primary reason for an assignment is to assess whether students have understood particular subjects taught in class. If a student has not grasped the topic well, it will be reflected on assignment performance. Besides that, an instructor can assess other skills that the student acquired during learning.

Practical Skills

Assignments cause students to acquire writing tips and techniques which prove useful in other academic tasks. Continuous practice is necessary for mastery of these writing skills. Writing assignments is a way of exercising these skills. When writing assignments, students come across challenges which they have to solve on their own. That practice helps students learn how to handle unpredicted scenarios.

Time Management

Assignments have instructions that must be followed in executing the assignments. One of the key instructions is the deadline for assignment submission. Time factor helps dictate the task that a student should undertake. It is advisable that a student starts with the most urgent or significant task and finish with the less urgent task. Time management is an important skill that students should use in their careers and future endeavors.

Learning Advancement

Assignments require students’ dedication which contributes to their development. Studies have shown that human beings grow as they continually utilize their brain. Student will, therefore, acquire more knowledge if they take time and put effort to do assignments on their own.

Builds Focus

The final score of any subject is always a summary of a student’s performance on assignments and final exams. Assignments are part of the entire course, and a student would not excel in their course without assignments. With that in mind, students should pay more attention to their performance on the assignment and, by extension, the whole course.

Develops Research Skills

Assignments require students to research different learning materials. Some of the materials that students would need to research for the assignment are not issued by the instructor. The student will have to look for these materials. Students acquire research skills as they advance their critical thinking. The acquired research skills will be helpful in their careers and future academic tasks.

Improves Learning Scope

Every student is responsible for their assignment. Some assignments require a student to present their assignment in front of fellow students and the instructor. In such a case, there is appreciation from classmates and criticism from instructor. The input from fellow classmates and the instructor helps the student improve in the subsequent tasks.

Proactive Exam Preparation

When a student is undertaking an assignment, it implies that they are preparing for an exam. Students become aware of the kind of questions they are likely to handle during the exam period. The feedback from the instructors help students assess whether or not they are prepared to handle the examination.

In conclusion, assignments help students understand the different topics in subjects during learning. Instructors should give students relevant knowledge to handle their assignments effectively. Giving students too much information for their assignments hinders the learning process and encourage the purpose of homework writing services. Assignments should help students acquire knowledge  and improve their grades.

What is the Best Way to Optimize the Email Campaign?

Email users every year are growing at a very surprising rate. Some studies have shown that around 4.32 billion users will have an email account at the end of 2022. It means email is going to be one of the most favored easy for communication formally. Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the great ways of connecting with possible buyers.

According to a study done by Radicati – there are more than 290 billion emails that are sent every day. But the question is that amidst the big pool of emails, how will you make sure that your business generates sales among all these emails and get more clicks.

In order to convert leads into paying customers through email marketing, you first have to find people by email address then persuade them enough to sign up for your email newsletter and once they do such, your job is to nurture them and captivate their attention. In this way, they will always choose your products or services as their solution.

Let’s talk about some ways that you should always be adding to your email marketing strategy.

#1. The subject line should be enticing 

Everybody checks the subject line before clicking on the email and starts reading it. The subject line must be compelling enough to hold the reader’s interest and persuade them to open the email and read it whole. The subject line should be written in a way that it must be highlighting their pain points and telling them to click to find the solution.

Personalize email subject lines as per the company name of your leads shows that you care about their issues and are more than happy to solve them. Add something catchy that enables them to open the mail. Like – Adding “Only For Today” or “Extra 20% off for you” are one of the excellent things to add in the subject line.

#2. Send the mail at the perfect time 

When we talk about more click-through-rates through email campaigns, perfect timing is essential to remember. Obviously, nobody will read your emails at midnight. You will have to check the time zone of the country where your prospect lives and send the emails according to their time zone. You can check some tools that will help you to determine the right timing for them.

Here one thing that affects all this is the type of business you own. Like – if you are an eCommerce business the right time to send a mail is at 10:00 AM on Wednesday and if your business deals in B2B world then the right time will be on Tuesday between 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

#3. Mobile-friendly emails 

Just think, you have drafted a beautiful email that will surely give you a success rate but you forgot to optimize it according to the users who will open it on their mobile phones. Your subscribers will not be able to bond with you properly and that will easily affect your email campaigns. Here mentioned are some ways to design an email in a  mobile-friendly way:

  1. Write one-column emails
  2. Enable text-centered
  3. Put call-to-action at the right place
  4. Write in a big font size
  5. Put smaller images

#4. Content is the key 

After you have persuaded the prospects enough to click on your email, then the next thing that matters is your content.

The continent has to be compact, clear, and appropriate. Disclose what you have to bring to the table and why your target audience ought to be intrigued. Separate long content with short passages, list items, and engaging designs. 75% of content marketers experience higher ROI when visuals show up in their content.

#5. Segment your target audience

Not everybody on your contact database searches for products or services to buy them immediately. Some are in their consideration stage, some are still thinking and some have changed their minds. Your job is to segment the audience on the basis of their buying journey, demographics, email engagement, and past purchases.

As per an annual Email Optimizer Report made by Lyris – markets that leverage email segmentation gets 24% more sales. Your prospects will like to get the content on their likes and dislikes as it helps them to feel important. It will also improve engagement.


We Have Air Conditioning Repair Service You Can Depend On!

We all wanted to make our family members more comfortable, even when the temperatures record highs. This can be achieved only when you have an effective and energy-efficient air conditioning system installed at your home. But due to use and time, your AC units can affect your experiences and comfort by numerous issues. If you are also getting issues with your cooling systems dial our helpline number whenever you need Air Conditioning Repair Service. We have HVAC experts who are skilled enough to make you feel comfortable again with their impressive, top-notch installation, maintenance, repairing, and tune-up services. Don’t get tensed we always got you covered until you get satisfactory services for your needs. 

Air Conditioning Repair Service From Experts Only

Our experts are the first choice for most of the customers when they search for a reliable and budget-oriented Home AC Repair Near Me over the internet. We have experience and the latest resources which allow us to offer you a wide list of installation, maintenance, and repair most of the premium and major models and brands of air conditioning systems. Therefore, we suggest you to stop your search for the Air Conditioning Repair Near Me services anymore. Schedule your service appointments over a single call and make your family and yourself comfortable within no time. We also inspect and make sure that you don’t have any issues with your thermostats, electrical systems, evaporators, condensers, and other components of your conditioning systems.

What To Expect From Our Home AC Repair Near Me Services?

When you connect with us, you only get the most satisfactory experience with our services as we believe in providing customer satisfaction. We have listed some common but top-notch services for your reference:

Quality Replacement And Installations:

Getting confused about where to find reliable Air Conditioning Repair Near Me services for installation and replacement of your malfunctioned air conditioning systems? If yes, speak to our experts as we have years of experience in replacing air conditioning systems. Whether you need to install a new unit or need replacement installations we ensure that your systems are installed properly so that you get the maximum cooling comfort with fewer energy bills. 

Comprehensive Repairing

No matter how effective your air conditioning is, the need for searching Home AC Repair Near Me can arise anytime as we don’t have control over emergencies. If you are one of those users whose air conditioning systems are not performing in a proper way contact us and we make sure that we address the actual issues quickly, we have the latest and advanced tools and resources by which we can easily address and diagnose most complex issues and provide you the desired services and comfort you are looking for. 

Timely Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

If you wanted to save the desired amount associated with unwanted repairs and costly energy bills, you need to maintain your air conditioning systems in a proper way, this can be possible only when you connect with the professionals who know how to maintain the AC unit and its supported systems in working state. This cannot be fulfilled only by searching for the Home AC Repair Near Me over the internet, To get genuine solutions, call on our helpline number as our experts are known for the best maintenance and tune-up services. We not only maintain your units but also assist you with some effective precautions to follow, just follow them and get the desired performance from your systems all year long.

Ready To Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Near Me Services? Call Us Now!

When you call us for the Air Conditioning Repair Service, you will be amazed by the dedication and quality services we provide. Our technicians have gone through various training and certification programs, so don’t get anxious about your cooling issues as you are in the experienced and capable hands. We make sure that you search for the Home AC Repair Near Me services and connect with us you get connected with the highly trained and dedicated team, who strive to offer you the guaranteed satisfaction with their services. So, schedule your services with us and get instant quotes for much-needed comfort and assistance. 

Things to know before choosing the wedding cake

Bride and groom, then which you can participate in the approach of picking out both the wedding cake. Consider of the style you for filling the cake, the shape and style to examine. The ordinary marriage ceremony cake is white cake layer of butter cream frosting and a round or rectangular. You must now not be a usual kind. You can create your own wedding cake to your style to regulate. Your wedding cake is oval, hexagonal, or you can pick the present day development has been designed to shape or heart-shaped octagon.

Kind and kind of your alternative, keep in mind the taste of the pie filling beneath. At the present time, marriage ceremony muffins can be available in many flavors – from plain vanilla to chocolate coconut, almond, carrot, or lemon, orange, mango, strawberry and fruit flavors equivalent to pineapple and more. Dual-flavored cake is additionally preferred lately, is questionable. Couples may also order the mango orange layer cake with two layers of every flavor. Apart from the style of the cake, you will have to don’t forget filling flavor. The one of a kind flavors, cream cheese, caramel, Irish Cream Bailey’s, coconut, raspberry, peach, hazelnut, chocolate mint, vanilla custard, or involves. The filling between the layers, add a special taste to your marriage ceremony cake. Choose the filling tastes and complement each other. On this means, vanilla cake with strawberry filling your eyes aren’t appealing, but also taste delicious.

An additional factor to bear in mind when ordering your marriage anniversary cake is the icing on the cake crown. At room temperature to hold the brand decision. This is your wedding cake while waiting to receive the provider is assured to hold consistency and taste. Requires a just right icing freeze well within the subculture of freezing the top layer of the cake for the primary birthday.

Egg freezing, that you could hinder the cream and cream cheese pie filling. Cake icing to opt for from a number of other trendy these, butter cream, fondant, royal icing, and is. Butter cream icing is so delicious and fashionable than the opposite two types of the monarch. It is also viable to color the stain of your alternative. Fondant icing to a cake to your wedding to present in an attractive satin-like finish may also be stained to compare nearly any color. Cake fondant icing is on the whole freezes for a long time. Yet another type of icing is royal icing. It dries difficult and delicate surface is pure white glaze. It’s mainly viewed as decorative icing plants, extravagant sculpture, make a border and lettering are utilized in ornamental plumbing. Additionally, you should use or can be used as a normal white color tinted. This form of ice will freeze good.

Hence, in planning and vast study, the ultimate cake for you. It may be a part of the recollections of your detailed event, that you can activate the romantic magical moment to capture for you in your wedding day. If you can’t find a bakery offering you a good wedding cake Online, you can always choose GiftzBag’s Online Cake Delivery in Jaipur to make those moments more special. 

How Can You Create A Wikipedia Page For Yourself In 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself? Well, since everyone can make one, you can too, right? If that is what you are thinking, then you cannot be further away from facts. It is true that everyone who has access to a computer and the internet can make or edit wikis. However, writing a page by yourself for yourself may actually be quite tricky. 

Why Do You Want to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

Are you running a very big company? Are you a scientist, who has made a major breakthrough in the field of science or technology? Have you been in one of the biggest box office hit movies? Are you running for president of a country? Well, normally it is people like them who would want to be present on Wikipedia. However, you do need to make sure about many things before you create a page successfully. 

So, how can you create a Wikipedia page for yourself, which will be accepted by the virtual encyclopedia? Yes, every page is scrutinized strictly before it can be made a part of the platform. And to prevent your Wikipedia Consultant from getting disapproved, you can easily follow this proven 5 step method. However, you will need to keep a targeted approach because you are specifically creating a page about yourself. So, it is basically a little more difficult than creating wikis about essentially anything or anyone else. Anyhow, the steps for page creation are as follows:

Step # 1 – Account Creation 

It all simply starts with you creating an account on Wikipedia. Now, you need to remember that this is not something, that you need to do in order to make a page. It is not mandatory. However, it does help you out a lot, as a page creator or editor. You can use all sorts of things that can help you in the page creation process; advanced tools to help you edit and much more. 

Now, the account creation process itself does not require a lot of experience or knowledge. What you need to do is simply visit Wikipedia and after picking out the language and simply click on the “Create Account” button visible on the top right corner of your screen. Tapping this button will lead you to a form, which you have to fill out in order to register yourself with the encyclopedia. Once you have filled it out, voila, you now have an account on Wikipedia.

Step # 2 – Create a Page/Choose a Title

This is where things will get a little tricky. Now, since you are choosing to write a page about yourself, you will keep the title with your name. However, you need to understand that you cannot create a title of the article or page about something that does not meet the notability criteria of the platform. Now, for this step to get cleared you need to first work on making yourself or your page title notable enough to be deemed worthy enough to be present on Wikipedia. 

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the page you are creating or the title you are choosing, is not already present on Wikipedia. You will need to pick out a topic that does not exist on the platform. Now, in case you are wondering how you can create a page on this virtual platform then the easiest way to do it is by using the Red-link method. Now, what you simply have to do is to make a search about the topic you have chosen in the wikipedia search bar. If the page doesn’t exist then you will be provided with a red-link, which you can use to create the page with your desired title.

Step # 3 – Research/Collecting Information 

Research can easily be known as the backbone for creating a Wikipedia page. However, you must understand that there are certain guidelines that you need to follow, when it comes to research. According to Wikipedia, you cannot use any original research, you need to provide information that comes from reliable sources. The information that you are providing on your page should be verifiable form reliable and authentic sources, if your readers choose to do so. 

Step # 4 – Writing According to Guidelines & Policies 

This 4th step is where you will actually have to compose the content of your page. Now, you need to be careful about following the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. These guidelines and policies are in place so that everything on Wikipedia can run smoothly. From resolving issues ad disputes between different members to how to write and edit on wiki pages, everything is covered in detail. 

When creating a Wikipedia page about yourself, you need to be extra careful about following the guidelines. There is a conflict of interest policy of Wikipedia. Normally, according to the guidelines and policies of the platform, all the content composition must be done in a natural manner. The writer must keep their tone unbiased and neutral. However, when it comes to creating a page about yourself, there is a high chance of people not writing in a neutral tone. This is precisely the reason for most people choosing another professional to create a page about themselves. 

Step # 5 – Check Your Page & Submit

Every Wikipedia page is reviewed before it can become a part of the platform officially. Now, this screening process is quite thorough and strict. And if your page has been rejected once, then it will become more difficult for you to get your page accepted again because the screening become even more thorough than before. Therefore, you must try to get your wikis approved in the first try. However, in order to do that, you will need to ensure that you have followed al the policies and guidelines of the platform in your page. So, check your page thoroughly before submitting it for the final review. 

How Academic Writing Differs From Any Writing?

If you are a freelance blogger or a professional content writer engaged in some reputed organization, you are likely to come across the term ‘academic writing’ at certain points. Academic writing isn’t a tough nut to crack as it comes with certain constraints, be it structure, style, or tone. This is the very reason why academic writing service firms still have the foothold even in this age of innovative content marketing strategies. Unlike web content creators, academic writers have to adhere to a strict writing style and a formal writing structure. Impeccable grammar and conventional vocabulary are the other two significant traits of this writing style.

Parameters that make academic writing different from the lot

The rules and practices of academic writing are very different from web content writing. However, these differences are best highlighted if the below-mentioned parameters are taken into account:

· Vocabulary: As academic writing is thoroughly subjective, you need to be specific about vocabulary. Placing some fancy and complex words goes well with web content, but it’s a big ‘NO’ in academic writing. However, exploring the vocabulary of that particular subject is a good idea. This is particularly helpful for gaining necessary insights regarding the subject matter. But, overuse of these will be difficult for students, especially those who don’t have a concrete idea of the academic assignment. Under such circumstances, the best option is to seek assistance from firms that provide research writing services.

· Structure: In academic writing, longer paragraphs are a good option when you are explaining something complex. In dissertations and research proposals of humanities group, lengthier paragraphs come in productive. However, in subjects of science stream, shorter paragraphs are the best-fit.

· Style: The blog writing style is different from academic assignments. The main purpose of web content writing is to keep a reader hooked to the article/blog. For this reason, web content is written mostly in the first or second person. But, in academic projects, the sole objective is to present the complex concept in simpler terms with a formal tone. In case of any difficulties or doubts regarding academic projects, just give a call to professional academic writing service agencies. More often, these firms offer round-the-clock assistance and thereby, clearing the queries of students.

· Audience: Researchers, professors, students, and experts are the major target audience in academic writing style. Needless to say, an academic project won’t appeal to a layman. On the contrary, web content is crafted just to make the readers aware they didn’t know or for promotional purposes.

· Referencing and citations: Most of us will say that academic writing is complex due to several referencing styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, and citation techniques. Also, it becomes hard to determine which one to implement unless it’s mentioned. Web content/blog writing has no such stringent measures.

Despite the above parameters, one thing is common between the two, i.e., use of correct grammar and vocabulary. Also, proofreading is essential for both writing types. Academic writing doesn’t have any story to tell, unlike a blog. The use of statistics, tables, and charts are the other important ingredients in academic writing as it makes the assignment seem authentic in a true sense.

Does having your prostate removed shorten your life? Is it better to have the prostate removed or radiation?

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point of their life. The most common cancer in men is prostate cancer followed by lung cancer. It occurs in 14% of men and some of them have died from the disease. It is surely a chronic disease but nothing like it cannot be managed. The best prostate cancer doctor in India suggests – radical prostatectomy as the surgical removal of the prostate gland and associated tissues.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that removal of the prostate DOES NOT shorten your life. It rather improves the life expectancy in men suffering from prostate cancer


According to published reports, it is observed that men with radical prostatectomy have gained an average of 2.9 years of life expectancy. Although regular follow up after the removal of the prostate in men is necessary. 


To confirm the statistics, let’s take into account the research that was conducted among 695 men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer under the age of 75 had a 10-year life expectancy and no other cancers that could limit their lifespan. PSA levels in all of the men were less than 50 ng/ml.


Is it safer to have the prostate removed or to have the prostate radiation therapy?


Prostate cancer has historically been treated with radiation therapy. After five years of radiation therapy, one-fourth of the men had a recurrence of cancer. Radiation therapy has certain complications. Men’s bowel problems are the most common. Likewise, surgery- radical prostatectomy also causes certain side effects such as erection issues and leakage of urine. Although surgery has greatly increased a man’s chance of survival when radiation therapy fails.  

It is observed that 88.6% of men were still alive for 10 years while 72.7% of men were alive for 20 years. The prostate gland and surrounding tissues are removed during a radical prostatectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading. This procedure is a complex medical procedure as the tissues are scarred during radiation therapy, thus making it challenging for the surgeons to locate and remove the tissues that need to be cut. 

An oncologist specialist may remove the prostate and surrounding tissues through open surgery or a robotic minimally invasive technique for localized prostate cancer surgery.

Although studies suggest that this surgery can bring a ray of hope and peace of mind among cancer patients. 

Having said this, it is completely your call what treatment option best suits you. Your doctor will also recommend the best treatment based on your health condition and preference. Understanding the two treatments will help you to discuss your options with your oncologist. 

As both radiation and surgery will have some complications. If you want to get rid of cancer by removing your prostate gland, you’ll have to go through surgery. The thought of getting rid of cancer makes a person feel better.

Still confused about what will be the right choice for you? Let us help you here. We have listed some parameters to outweigh which option is rather better for you. 


  • Understand each treatment option:


Prostate cancer treatment in India understands choosing between radiation treatment and surgery to remove the prostate can be daunting. These two treatment choices are only for patients suffering from localised prostate cancer. Both treatment options work well as the chance of spreading the cancer is low. Both treatment options have certain side effects such as bowel, erection or bladder problems. For some individuals getting rid of the cancer provides much relief. 


If you want to cure your cancer without having to undergo surgery, you should consider radiation therapy. Radiation may help avoid erection issues and certain men choose to keep their sexual function as long as possible.


Each treatment has its own pros and cons. The treatment option can differ person to person, depending on health condition and personal preference on how you feel about the treatment. You may discuss it personally with the best prostate cancer doctor in India and also take live experiences from patients who have undergone both kinds of treatment. 


  • Now that you’re aware about both the treatment options, compare the results such as what is involved in both treatments, what are the benefits of each and list the side effects associated with it. 


  • Lastly, the decision will depend on your personal choice so make a wise decision. 


Surgery can help increase life expectancy in men with prostate cancer if radiation therapy fails. The treatment option you choose is completely your personal choice. Both treatment options can help lower the chance of cancer. The Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya is considered the only best hospital for robotic radical prostatectomy. The cost is unknown. The cost of radiation therapy for prostate cancer in India is estimated to $8500 which is lower than any nation in the world.