How Academic Writing Differs From Any Writing?


If you are a freelance blogger or a professional content writer engaged in some reputed organization, you are likely to come across the term ‘academic writing’ at certain points. Academic writing isn’t a tough nut to crack as it comes with certain constraints, be it structure, style, or tone. This is the very reason why academic writing service firms still have the foothold even in this age of innovative content marketing strategies. Unlike web content creators, academic writers have to adhere to a strict writing style and a formal writing structure. Impeccable grammar and conventional vocabulary are the other two significant traits of this writing style.

Parameters that make academic writing different from the lot

The rules and practices of academic writing are very different from web content writing. However, these differences are best highlighted if the below-mentioned parameters are taken into account:

· Vocabulary: As academic writing is thoroughly subjective, you need to be specific about vocabulary. Placing some fancy and complex words goes well with web content, but it’s a big ‘NO’ in academic writing. However, exploring the vocabulary of that particular subject is a good idea. This is particularly helpful for gaining necessary insights regarding the subject matter. But, overuse of these will be difficult for students, especially those who don’t have a concrete idea of the academic assignment. Under such circumstances, the best option is to seek assistance from firms that provide research writing services.

· Structure: In academic writing, longer paragraphs are a good option when you are explaining something complex. In dissertations and research proposals of humanities group, lengthier paragraphs come in productive. However, in subjects of science stream, shorter paragraphs are the best-fit.

· Style: The blog writing style is different from academic assignments. The main purpose of web content writing is to keep a reader hooked to the article/blog. For this reason, web content is written mostly in the first or second person. But, in academic projects, the sole objective is to present the complex concept in simpler terms with a formal tone. In case of any difficulties or doubts regarding academic projects, just give a call to professional academic writing service agencies. More often, these firms offer round-the-clock assistance and thereby, clearing the queries of students.

· Audience: Researchers, professors, students, and experts are the major target audience in academic writing style. Needless to say, an academic project won’t appeal to a layman. On the contrary, web content is crafted just to make the readers aware they didn’t know or for promotional purposes.

· Referencing and citations: Most of us will say that academic writing is complex due to several referencing styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, and citation techniques. Also, it becomes hard to determine which one to implement unless it’s mentioned. Web content/blog writing has no such stringent measures.

Despite the above parameters, one thing is common between the two, i.e., use of correct grammar and vocabulary. Also, proofreading is essential for both writing types. Academic writing doesn’t have any story to tell, unlike a blog. The use of statistics, tables, and charts are the other important ingredients in academic writing as it makes the assignment seem authentic in a true sense.

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