How CRM-Enabled POS Systems Can Help to Boost Your Business


One of the most challenging things in today’s world is managing sales, especially receiving payment from customers when using multiple payment methods or purchasing online. Moreover, paying with cash has been long gone, and the fear of contamination has forced people to go cashless, and it is here to stay.

So, the solution that you need now is to have multiple payment options in place that can save you from the on-spot hustle and embarrassment. And, instead of opting for a payment method, it is recommended to implementing CRM that offers complete POS support.

Hold on! you won’t have to search for the application because I have done that for you. Here is a brief review of Odoo’s POS application. If at any point you think that it is what you need, then you can consult any Odoo partners USA and Odoo CRM Consultant or contact Odoo Customer support directly. Besides, you won’t have to visit any office because thousands of Odoo Consultants working globally, so you’d be able to get a fair price for either implementation or customization.

Here you will find a complete introduction of what POS is, what features it offers, and a short brief on how you can set up your store from scratch.

What is POS?

POS is a Point-of-Sale application that was designed by Odoo. It is a complete solution that aims to organize and manage the sale, accounting, and stock from the inside. However, it goes beyond the retail shop and can be used by restaurant and bars. The best thing is, by using it, you can design, customize the floor and organize the table to manage order and send it directly to the kitchen to process.

Moreover, you can connect multiple devices to your system with the help of IoT and go cashless. And, you can also scan your customers’ vouchers, distinguish between loyalty cards, and offer discounts.

Features of POS

If you wonder what a POS application implementation can offer to your business, then here are some features that will surely help you make an informed decision.

  1. Service multiple customers at a time. If you have more than one counter like in a grocery store, then you can entertain your customers simultaneously. Moreover, with central inventory integration, you won’t have to worry about quantity synchronization.
  2. Multiple Payment processors and management is the second best feature. It allows one to charge customers via online wallets, credit & debit cards, bank transfers, etc. Along with this, you can also operate in cash. In a nutshell, it supports online and off-Line
  3. In addition to the receipt, you can also create an invoice for your customers. If the data is not available, then you can create one and print it.
  4. Like we said before, no matter how many customers you deal with simultaneously, it will always show you real-time inventory statistics and quantity reports.
  5. If you are offering specific discounts or promoting an event for your application users, you can offer a discount by scanning barcodes and coupons.
  6. Just like creating a user profile, the Odoo POS at Techloyce offers an easy-to-use interface that can help you create an online store along with a detailed catalog and synchronize it with your inventory and store located all over the city.

How It POS Work?

The POS offers an easy-to-use interface that helps you navigate and set up a store without any problem. You can create and enable multiple payment options from ‘configuration.’ In addition to this, you can set up parent product categories along with subcategories of products. Here you can insert product photos, and names and mention the quantity in hand.

For on-spot payment, you can go into the ‘Configuration’ design floor plan, set up your POS payment option, and many more. In addition to this, you can customize your header and footer by inserting logos, thank you a message, and other significant information, including store location and cashier’s name.

Lastly, the dashboard allows you to create a ‘new session’ and put a particular bill. Along with this, you can opt for cash, bank transfer, and other payment options.

Parting Words

Unlike in the past, managing multiple stores simultaneously doesn’t need to be a hustle. Moreover, if you are worried about sharing numbers with your accountant, you can create a profile and access the accountant. This way, things will be smooth.

In addition to account management, you also need a wide range of payment options in place that support cashless transactions, along with online order taking and processes. For all of this, you can use a single application known as POS. Not only that, you can schedule inventory replenishment, manage orders and deliver goods from the comfort of your office.

Lastly, the data pooled from different store locations helps in drafting comprehensive reports. But the key to a successful implementation of POS lies in consulting certified Odoo CRM Consultants.

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