How Facebook Widget Helps Your Website Growth


Facebook has grown exponentially since its inception. With 1.84 billion daily active users, FB has emerged as the leading social media platform. FB helps people and businesses and connect with a vast audience and increase their popularity.

Markets are always on the hunt for ideas to include Facebook as part of their marketing strategies. Facebook, although added the feature of Facebook Ads to help businesses to grow, many marketers find FB Ads a little expensive. The here Facebook widget comes into the picture.

It is the new and most popular widget that helps marketers use Facebook as part of their marketing campaign, and it is more economical than FB Ads.

This blog will discuss the FB Widget and how it can help your website grow.

Facebook Widget
FB Widget is a tool that helps you to display the Facebook content related to your business on your website, making your website vibrant and interactive.

You can moderate the feed and filter out all the content you don’t want to show to your customers. The widget also allows you to customize the widget and change the font style, font size, background color according to your preference.

Fb Widget for a website is an amazing tool that provides a sneak into your Facebook conversations and trends without leaving the window. You can also increase your followers and boost your social media campaign.

Facebook Widget is a very beneficial tool and provides great help for businesses for their website. Here we are listing down some of the highlighted benefits of how this tool can help in the growth of your business and your website.

Benefits of using Facebook feed Widget for your website

Facebook widgets provide ample benefits for your website. It not only helps your website to increase the traffic but also makes it appealing to the visitors. As social media presence is also an important part for businesses, these tool helps you to establish some social media presence and enchases your brand awareness.
Makes Your Website Interactive
The most beneficial part of using FB feed Widget on your website is that it makes your website more interactive. The FB Widget showcases the Facebook feed in one presentation hence making your website more interactive to the visitors.

Making your Website Engaging
Facebook Widget shows all the feed from your Facebook on your website, including the latest posts, news, announcement, campaigns, etc. It will keep your customer engaged and develop an interest in your product and business.

Customers would not like to spend more time on a less engaging website that showcases only texts and limited graphics. By providing them with your social media feeds, you can attract the customer’s attention.

Beautifies your Website
FB widget adds vibrancy to your html website, making it look more alluring and appealing to the eyes. With various customizing options, you can even change the widget’s look and make it look appropriate to your style and appropriate to your website.

Increases Website Traffic
As the visitor finds the website better than others due to its uniqueness of Facebook fee, he tends to develop interest in the product and on the website making the customer explore more on the website that eventually leads to an increase in the website traffic.

Decrease Bounce Rate
Bounce rate refers to when a customer leaves the website within a few seconds after opening the website. The increasing bounce rate is bad for the website. With the help of the Facebook widget, you can keep the customer engaged with the website and decrease the bounce rate.

Provides Social Proof
A rational customer looks for review and proof before buying any product from any business. The Facebook widget allows users to post about your business and the product giving the potential customers a social proof. The widget showcases all the reviews and posts on the website; hence the customer doesn’t need to explore somewhere else to get to know about the product.

Facebook has changed the way of social media marketing, and marketers can’t afford to ignore its impact on the business. Facebook Widget is a powerful and economical tool that can grow your business and your website and can bring you way ahead of the competition. Many businesses use Facebook to announce any news related to their business to provide any updates about their business. With Facebook feed widgets, you can keep your audience updated about your business without having to leave the window.

These tools are handy and are easy to use and install. They provide great help to businesses and are very popular amongst marketers. Many businesses are already using these tools and are showing some great results.

Now it is your turn to make your business grow and gain some social media and website traffic for your business. Go and try these widgets, as they are easily available in the market and stand out from the crowd.

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