How To Braid Using 613 Braiding Hair For Natural Hair Styles


In the ever-changing world of beauty, new trends develop every day. It’s challenging to keep up with the various hairstyle trends that have come and gone over time. But one thing is sure: braids have long been a popular hairstyle. The braid hairstyle has a lengthy history and will continue to do so in the future.

This symbolic style has represented social rank, race, faith, and more, from traditional cornrows and plain three-strand braids to Dutch braids. Want to know how to use 613 hair with your natural hair?

How To Use 613 Braiding Hair On Natural Hair

Step 1: Prepping Your Natural Hair

Before installing the 613 braiding hair, you will first have to prepare your natural hair. Wash and cleanse your natural hair and then get it air-dried, or you can even blow-dry it if you don’t have enough time.

Step 2: Prepping The 613 Braiding Hair

Three bundles of 613 hair packages are enough for you if you are going for long braiding hairstyles. Take the braiding hair and divide them in half

Step 3: Sectioning Your Hair

The hair sectioning depends on the type of hairstyle you want to do. If you’re going to wear your hairstyle in box braids, start by parting your hair in small boxes. While sectioning, always remembers to begin sectioning from the back and gradually work your way to the front. After sectioning, you can tie them with an elastic band and secure the sections. After that, you can move on to sectioning your 613 hair.

Step 4: Braiding Your Hair

After sectioning your natural hair, now it is time for braiding and installing the 613 braiding hair extensions on your natural hair. Take small bundles of hair that you want to incorporate and divide them into two. After that, you can criss-cross the hair extensions and then start to braid them on the sectioned hair.

Step 5: Braiding Tips

When you are braiding your hair, you will need to keep the tension of the braids consistent. This is because if you weave your hair too tight, then your roots will have so much pressure and strain, and if you braid it loosely, there are always chances of losing the texture of the braids. So keep the tension consistent while weaving.

Begin braiding your Passion Twist Braids, and when you have reached the end of the braids, you can take a small strand of your hair and loop it around the braids to keep them in place.

Step 6: Trimming The Friz

After braiding the whole hair, take a pair of scissors and then trim all the hair poking out of the braids to make them look less frizzy. You have to do this on all strands of braids created. You can also use natural hair oils to have a glossy effect on your braids if you want to.

Step 7: Dipping It In Hot Water

This step is mainly to give extra beautiful texture to your 613 hair. For this step, you will boil a bowl of water. After thoroughly boiling, you can dip the ends of your braids inside the water. Then let it get dried, and viola! You have reached the step to slaying your braid hairstyles with a 613 braiding hair extension.


Braiding hairstyles have always been in fashion and are still here to stay. So now that you know the steps of wearing your braiding hair extensions, you get your favorite 613 hair extensions bundle and start wearing any hairstyle you desire. You can flaunt endless styles with 613 braiding hair like box braids, passion twits, and many other styles.

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