How to Get Nail Polish Out of Your Nails


How to Get Nail Polish Out of Your Nails

There are many nail polish remover products available on the market. Two that don’t need to go out and purchase a tub of hot sticky remover (something that I have begrudgingly done over the years). But while I’m happy with the effectiveness of all the removal methods, they all will operate better with a natural, healthy way to remove nail polish. Here are some tips to help you get started.

If you want to clean your nails without burning yourself, or with quick ease, the first step process is to use a nail file to take out all the leftover nail polish that won’t come off by rubbing with a nail file. The top layer of the nail file can be filed using a regular fingernail file, or an electric nail file if you have one. Be very careful when removing it. Soak a cotton bud or Q-tip in acetone and gently scrape the remaining polish away from the nail.

If you don’t have a nail file and need to scrape the polish away from the nail bed instead, simply grab a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and wipe away excess with it. A better option would be to grab a small brush dipped in rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and scrub away excess at once. If you have to do this at home without a nail salon, then this is probably the best way to remove your manicure without spending money on a professional manicure.

Next, you need to get rid of any excess glitter that is attached to your manicure. It’s not hard to do; you just need to use a glitter removal product. You can either buy this type of product from a craft or beauty supply store, or you can go to a drug or retail store to find it. Once you get rid of the glitter, then you’re almost done!

Now, to continue to remove your nail polish remover, you need to get something that will dissolve the glue that is holding the polish in place. This is easily accomplished by placing a bowl of warm water over a cup of apple cider vinegar. Once the vinegar is dissolved, you can scrub away the excess with a soft scrubber. Just be careful to not rub too hard, or else you risk damaging the acrylic resin. Once the resin is dissolved, gently scrub away any excess residue left behind by your nail polish remover.

Now that you know how to get nail polish remover out of your nails, all that’s left is to remove the remnants of the product. You can try to scrape it off with a toothbrush or a nail file, but once again, you don’t want to rub too hard. Once you’ve removed most of the sticky stuff, take a clean and damp cotton ball and soak it in a little warm water until it gets really clean. Then apply some of the vinegar solutions on the cotton ball and shake off the excess before applying it to your nails.

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