How to locate your Mcafee activate product key


The simplest method is by way of your goods although there are strategies. In McAfee Support, you’ll come across a trigger product key.

If you purchased your McAfee product from an online store and are unable to locate it, then follow the steps below:

1. Another method of locating your license key will be an affirmation email: you may find your on your verification email which you received after purchasing your product online 

2. In the event you’ve deleted the confirmation message, then to renew the license key, touch McAfee Support. Give them the following advice like Buy date, Owner information (first and last name, email address), amount of the Internet order (you can find it in a verification message obtained from the Internet shop following the purchase) 

3. When you first install your goods, you are required to publish your license in order to keep your own records. In the Event That You still have the printout check 

4. When you’ve obtained a box edition of the merchandise to revive the Mcafee trigger product key.

If you are unable to install your McAfee antivirus after activating your McAfee subscription on your device, you can use the Pre-Install tool to do so. The Pre-Install tool helps your personal computer.

The best way to set up the Pre-Install tool in your own apparatus?

Below are the steps to put in the Pre-Install tool

1. Click and start your Internet browser

2. Select ‘Download the Pre-install tool’

3. Now, search for the downloaded document.

4. After you’ve located your document, double-click on the ‘Pre-Install Tool. exe’ file.

5. Today, follow the onscreen instructions

6. Proceed through the warning and click the ‘ok’ button to confirm the changes

• After the ‘Pre-Install Tool’ procedure is finished

• Click ‘OK’

• After each of the above steps choose ‘Close’

• Today, restart your device

7. Now try to put in your Mcafee Antivirus

Here is how you are able to find your product key and put it in the Pre-Install if you’re facing any sort of trouble then get in contact with our professional technician instantly.

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