How To Tackle Hurdles In Online Learning


The current Covid situation has proved to be quite an obstacle in our daily lives. Online learning platforms for students have been a blessing in disguise during such times. Online learning was practiced even before the pandemic situation, but nowadays it has reached a different level. It is critical to ensure that online learning is done smoothly in such times.

There are some problems that students are facing in online learning. Even if it has effectively emerged as a lifesaver, it has its own challenges.

How To Deal With Challenges In Online Learning:

There are effective ways to combat the challenges by implementing smart innovations. Take a look at how one can deal with the problems:

Net Connectivity:

One of the major difficulties that online learning has faced is fluctuating net connectivity. The personal net connections that the learners have are often subject to low bandwidth or have exceeded their data limits.

The simple process of logging into the online learning platform has proved to be a hassle for the students.

What is required to tackle the above problem is to make logging in a one-time process. Through this teachers & students just have to select their class and subject. Through this, they can proceed to learn or teach.

Assessing The Students:

It is important to assess a student’s performance. Before the pandemic, students had to go to the learning premises and undergo a test. It allowed the teacher to gain insight into their students’ progress. But that’s not possible especially now.

MCQs can be assessed by online learning systems but when it comes to theory or subjective tests, it is a hurdle for such platforms.

Checking the assignments is also a problem. If a teacher teaches across various platforms then he/she has to check the assignments uploaded by students on all those platforms. It is quite a task to download a large number of assignments.

What is needed is an easy, comprehensive system that makes the process of evaluation easier for the teachers.

Cheating In Exams & Tests:

Students can take advantage of the absence of supervision and can cheat. It is crucial for a student to be disciplined and not cheat for his/her own growth.

To tackle this issue a system is needed which informs the teacher when a student leaves the examination screen or accesses another browser.

Monitoring the students through their laptop cameras during the test will also prevent them from cheating.

Shuffling the questions prevents the students from exchanging answers by using communication mediums.

Cyber Security:

It is crucial to maintain security and safeguard your data. A lot of teachers conduct online classes through platforms such as Google Classroom and Zoom. They are not the safest platforms to conduct an online class.

Establishing a security system around your platform will prevent unwanted forces from breaking in.


Monotony is bound to happen if you plan to learn or teach by sitting in front of a screen for hours. You will get bored. It might put the learners off.

One needs to come up with innovative and creative ways to engage the students and to make the teaching process fun for the teachers as well.

Gamification, polls, quizzes and videos tend to make the process a lot of fun. It is essential to keep things different.

Using augmented or virtual reality has proved to engage the students by a staggering amount.


By incorporating the above solutions, you will be able to function efficiently on online learning platforms. If you are a student your learning curve will increase drastically and if you are a teacher your teaching methods will improve greatly.

You can secure yourself a sustainable future ahead with the help of these platforms. All you need is the right tools and techniques to make your online platform flourish.

Get the best online course building platforms and thrive evidently. As a teacher, it will give you the chance to experiment with your teaching styles. It is greatly beneficial for students who want to have a cost-effective medium to gain knowledge and skills. The elite learning platform will prove to be the best decision for your educational ventures.

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