Impress Everyone Around You With These ‘Dressing Sense’ Tips!


Impress Everyone Around You With These ‘Dressing Sense’ Tips!

You see, the people around you really notice every minute facet of your outfit. Not that they don’t have any other business to do but it’s just that your dressing sense says a lot about you. It’s always going to be your first impression.
And what do they say – your first impression is your last impression?
A dashing personality which is so impressive that people fall in love with you even without knowing you, that’s what you should aim for. That is the kind of dressing sense guide you are going to learn here.
I really wish to make you look effortlessly beautiful. Thus, I have instilled all the essential fundamental dressing tips in this guide that would enhance your overall personality. All, you need to do is implement them and look flawless!
So, let’s quickly dive into the guide and get started!

The Pre-Dressing Tips
Instead of directly hoping into the dressing tips, we’ll first have a quick glance of the ‘pre-dressing’ tips. These are the tips that you must ponder before getting into your outfits. Basically, these are the dressing sense tips which are going aid you to carry your outfits in a better way.
Merely putting on amazing dresses won’t make you look like a fairy. There are so many other varied factors that you have ponder. Well, that’s what dressing sense is all about. It’s not only about dresses; it’s about the way you present yourself.
So have a look at the following pre-dressing tips and make sure you remember them while dressing up tomorrow!

1] Make Sure Comfort Is your 1st Priority. Wearing a dress of million dollars, having diamonds and rich quality fiber would look absolutely awful if you are having an uncomfortable look on your face. There’s no use of that dress if you are not able to carry it well. Thus, make sure comfort is always your first priority.

2] Don’t forget to wear that marvelous smile of yours. Listen, that smile of yours is worth a million dollars. That smile makes your look ten times more beautiful. A natural smile is the biggest accessory that has the most effect on any outfit.

3] Grab only the clean, neat and ironed ones. Cleanliness also falls under dressing sense. Make sure you wash and iron your clothes before wearing them. There shouldn’t be even a slight spot of dirt on your clothes, especially on the light shaded ones. Don’t be lazy to wash them out.

4] Probe Your Style Inspiration. Your favourite celebrity or an Instagram influencer who embraces a fabulous dressing sense could definitely be your style guru. But make sure you only get inspired from their dressing sense ad not literally copy them.

5] Look Around & Observe. There are so many people around you who have quite good dressing sense. Observe them, look at the new elements they add in to their looks, the colour combinations they choose etc. Take ideas from them. But make sure you don’t follow styles of some wrong person and end up resembling a clown.

6] Make Pinterest Your Buddy. I can’t thank Pinterest enough for existing on this planet. It’s an ocean of ideas and inspiration. You could find millions of dressing sense ideas oozed out by varied models and fashion mentors. You must definitely make Pinterest your style buddy.

7] Do Not Forget To Embrace Self-Confidence. As I mentioned earlier, merely buying stylish dresses is not enough. You must carry them well and for that your self-confidence plays a significant role. The spark in your eyes, the confidence in your posture and smile on your face, they all enhance your dressing. Thus embrace your self-confidence with every outfit.

8] Hair & Skin Also Come Along. People won’t only see you below the neck, they’ll see you entirely. Everything on your body must complete your dressing. Thus, your hair and skin also matter. Well, a good skin care routine and hair care routine does matter but styling the hair and choosing the apt makeup also play a significant role.

9] Look Upto The Quality. You see, all the fabled brands of clothes are famous for their fabulous quality of clothes. Though they might look simple but yet the quality speaks. Thus, consider the quality of clothes while shopping. Also, when the quality of dress is good, your body feels good in them and consequently you feel great!

Tips To Dress Elegantly
Okay, so now we jump to the main point – dressing tips. Look, everyone has a different perspective when it comes to dressing sense. No wonder why there are millions on people on this planet, yet everyone dresses differently. But what matters is, choosing the apt kind of style.
You could obviously add in your uniqueness to your outfit but it should be bound by the correct dressing sense. Thus, I’ve listed down some dressing sense tips that would aid you to look elegant. Have a look:

# Choose colour combinations wisely
Obviously this had to be the first in the list. If you’re wearing a one-piece there’s probably no much worry of the colour combination. But if you are adding some clothes together then you definitely have to make sure that the colours of the clothes merge aptly. Going too gaudy or too lame shouldn’t be the case.
Dark on dark won’t usually match unless you are thinking of ‘all-black look’. Also, light on light would look pale unless you are adding a coloured accessory to it.

# It’s time to step out of your ‘comfort-zone’
It’s time that you bid adieu to the same, old boring version of you. Try different patterns, explore varied shades (don’t stick to your favourite colour), mix different elements and seek something uncommon or unique. That’s how you are going to make your own style statement.

# Consider your body shape.
Choose clothes that are a perfect fit for you. They must make your body figure look fit not unfit. Though lose clothes are also on a flaming trend but yet, you must know how much ‘lose’ would suit you.

# Do not copy, be original
I said this earlier and now I am saying this again, probe something uncommon. Ofcourse you could seek inspirations and suggestions but make sure you add your input too. Once you add your own unique input, it becomes ‘your’ style. And maybe in the future, people would
# Choose according to the occasion/event
Enough you have an array of dresses, it doesn’t really mean that you’ll stand out in public all the time. You need to carefully contemplate and pick up the most suitable dress for a particular occasion. Overdressing at a formal or sad occasion and underdressing on a party or marriage wouldn’t seem cool at all. Decide when you have to funky and when to go plain.
# Do not fix a type
The thing that many people follow is that they decide their ‘type’. They find clothes or choose accessories that fall into their type only. That’s when they limit their options and lose fun of dressing up! Thus, do not be boring and stick to only one time, welcome all the types of intriguing dresses. Even th people around you would love to see you in different or surprising looks.
# Simple is elegant
If you are not able to think any suitable dress for the day, just go simple. Wear a white t-shirt and loose denims or a plain white shirt and shorts. See, they look simple but yet stylish. This is what dressing sense is all about.

Enhance Your Outfits With The Right Accessories
Never miss out accessories. Many of us tend to underestimate the power of accessories when we talk about dressing sense. But accessories have the power to enhance literally any outfit. A boring outfit like a plain black shirt can be enhanced with some silver jewelry. Similarly a white t-shirt can be enhanced with some golden layer necklaces.
So, it is important that you ponder certain rules when accessorizing to improve your dressing sense. Have a look:
# Merge With The Outfit
Funky accessories on loud dresses would make you look gaudy. Similarly, a white shirt with white accessory won’t lift the accessory. Thus, merging the right accessory with your outfit is significant to uplift your dressing sense.
You must maintain the correct equation of accessories and dresses.
• Light coloured dress + Bold coloured accessories
• Dark coloured dress+ Lighter accessories

# Grab Some Hair Accessories
Since you certainly cannot put on a huge range of accessories on your face, the only region where you could accessorize apart from your dress is – HAIR. Thus, make use of this opportunity and get creative with the hair accessories.
If you wish to get a quick guide on the hair care and hair accessories, here are the articles which might help you:
• Hairstyles For Long Hair According To Every Occasion
• Complete Hair Care Routine From Day To Night At Home!

# Do Not Limit Yourself To The Common Ones
A simple pendant or few rings or common white sneakers are definitely not the limit. There’s a huge ocean of accessories which you are yet to discover. Starting from the cat-eyed sunglasses to the knot headbands, there are so many cute, funky and elegant accessories that would change your entire look. Then why are still limiting yourself to the common accessories?

# Spend On Your Footwear Too
Pumps, slides, sneakers, kitten heels, ankle booties, wedges, cone heels, stilettos and oh god, I just cannot stop myself. I get that you cannot have all of them in your den but just try gathering most of them. Don’t shop the same type of footwear with different colour or pattern. Instead, spend the same money on distinguished, intriguing footwear.

# Matching Is Not Necessary
You don’t always need to wear pink accessory with a pink dress. You aren’t a tiny school going girl anymore, you’ve grown up and thus it’s time to lift your creativity too. Gather different colours, types, and patterns of accessories and mix them up with all your clothes.

# Do Not Over-accessorize
Having many accessories stuffed in your wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to show off them all at once. This would not only limit your accessories to wear the next time (because you’ll have to repeat them) but also make you look gaudy. Thus, be minimal yet elegant.

# Do Not Mix Silver & Gold
Choose one at a time when it comes to gold and silver accessories. If you try to combine both of them together, they would dominate each other and none of them would stand out.
# Think Out Of The Box
To pick out of the box accessories, you must first be aware of the varied new accessories in the market. Once you become aware of the latest trends, you could easily try out your own unique accessory and dress combos.

Okay so that was it from my side. I anticipate that these tips and tricks are quite enough for you to grab an outstanding dressing sense. But the thing with fashion is that, it keeps on evolving with time. So, these tips and tricks might not be the ‘evergreen’ ones.
The one thing I can vouch for is that once you get used to improving your dressing sense, you would automatically blend with any fashion evolutions in the future. So you definitely don’t need to worry about the future! All you need to do is, be bold and fearlessly mark your own style statements. And trust me, people are going to fall in love with this version of you!
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