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Boston Is Currently home to the Red Sox, Harvard University and Mark Wahlberg. To get a correctly authentic Boston adventure, commerce the well-trodden tourist sites such as the Freedom Trail to select a lesser-known hidden stone that town has to offer you.

1. Bodega

You have heard of concealed bars and key restaurants, but have you ever seen a concealed store? In the rear of a cluttered, nondescript corner shop around Clearway Street, a classic Snapple vending machine doubles as a secret doorway whereby savvy shoppers locate themselves in Boston’s trendiest high-end clothing and sneaker shop, Bodega.


2. Caffe Vittoria


Boston is home to some massive Italian-American community, and Caffe Vittoria has been the first Italian cafe situated in town, back in 1929. The shelves are full of classic espresso machines, and the walls are coated with coffee cups and posters. It is friendly, comfy and stopping in to get an espresso martini that seems like a cultural encounter. One cappuccino using a massive slice of background, please!


3. Brattle Book Shop


This is no regular book shop; this is among the earliest and largest used book shops in the USA. This Boston’s history mingles with contemporary city life. The Brattle Book Shop stocks volumes of categories and genres, from trashy pool-side crime and reads thrillers to excellent old atlases and historical leather-bound books. You may buy anything from used books for $1 to historical and rare tomes worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars and discover deals in their outside sale lot. When you are done, they will also buy your used books!


4. SoWa Open Market


Home to almost 200 manufacturers, artists and tricky forms, the SoWa Open Market was making a name for itself since the spot was on Sundays. Each week throughout the summer months, this industry is available to dazzle you with its ranges of art galleries and studios, handmade jewellery and jewellery, food trucks, locally-brewed beers, treats and produce from neighbouring farms and classic clothing sales. Visit Southwest Wanna Get Away and get special deals on flight booking, hotels and vacation packages to Boston, USA.


5. Kelleher Rose Garden


Tucked away from the Back Bay Fens, if the 200 rose varieties in the Kelleher Rose Garden erupt into bloom, it isn’t easy to feel this is not among Boston’s best-known gardens. Here the beautifully-manicured yards, pristine flowerbeds and tasteful rose bushes create this garden a calm and magnificent place to escape occupied city life for an instant. Aaaand it does not seem half bad about Instagram either…


6. Harvard Film Archive


You do not need to become a Harvard University student to take advantage of the Harvard Library, particularly if you’re a movie lover. The Harvard Film Archive (HFA) boasts a selection of over 36,000 films of all genres, including classic and historical names, from all over the globe. Friday through Monday, tickets are offered for your showings held in the state-of-the-art theatre — there is no better way to get your movie fix in Boston.


7. Wink & Nod


This speakeasy pub and restaurant is a firm favourite of the locals who know where to locate it. Not merely are the seasonal cocktails very great, but the dining table menu also changes radically every month or two. The rotating pop-up restaurant strategy in Wink & Nod allows neighbourhood, undiscovered and gifted chefs to show off their abilities and imagination with experimental fresh dishes.


8. Fenway Farms


Bostonites adore attending baseball games and are super proud of this Red Sox; also, thanks to Fenway Farms, there is another fairly distinctive way to enjoy the town’s baseball legacy. Among those rooftops of Fenway Park, Boston’s premiere baseball park and America’s oldest has been changed into a farm. The new, organic vegetables grown are served at the restaurant in Fenway Park and utilized at the concession stands inside the playground.

9. Blackbird Doughnuts


To satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Blackbird Doughnuts to sample a few of the artisanal treats. Freshly-baked in-store, these doughnuts are crafted into functions of edible, circle-shaped artwork. Choose from classic flavours or experimental creations like pink lemonade and hot cocoa. There are two shops in town and no excuses not to visit them.


10. Corey Hill Outlook Park

There are loads of buildings from town at which you can pay to enjoy the view in their rooftop terraces; however, there is a less-crowded place from where you can gaze at the city skyline, entirely free of charge. As its name implies, Corey Hill Outlook Park sits atop a lot of a mountain to enjoy some fantastic views around Boston. Using its grassy lawns and shady trees, it is also a fab location for a picnic.

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