Laser removal of acne on the face


Laser fractional treatment of acne and post-acne is a local effect on damaged skin areas with a fractional laser. A fractional laser is a special laser beam divided into many small and very thin laser beams. Each of these rays penetrates to the required depth of the skin and evens out the skin’s relief and tightens the pores. The procedure takes 15 – 20 minutes. After the procedure, slight redness is observed, which passes quickly. After the procedure, you should use a moisturizer in your home care.

Laser acne treatment is a procedure that completely evens out the color and relief of the skin, removes irregularities in the form of scars, enlarged pores and “stagnant” spots after acne. One procedure is enough to get rid of blackheads, normalize oil content, improve the quality and color of the skin, as well as eliminate rashes and skin tag.

Acne laser treatment results are one of the popular acne treatments. Today, a laser for acne treatment is used in medical cosmetology to treat all types of acne and to eliminate serious consequences: post-acne scars, uneven relief, restoration of the skin color of the face and body. Laser treatment of acne is a method of hardware cosmetology. It does not cause allergies or irritation. The laser method of treating acne has been used in medicine and cosmetology for over 40 years, and almost every manufacturer of cosmetic equipment creates new technologies for laser treatment of acne. The Global Beauty Clinic uses fractional ablative laser technology to treat the skin and eliminate all the effects of acne.

The use of laser acne treatment has a long history and the resulting experience. The laser for the treatment of acne began to be used as soon as it appeared in medicine. At first, it was used only for the treatment of active forms of acne, at the stage of the presence of open and closed comedones, papules, pustules on the skin – these are various types of acne, and a little later the need to find a method that could eliminate the consequences – post-acne scars began to emerge. stagnant spots and pigmentation, small vascular points, specks and stars.

Laser acne removal

Now in medical cosmetology, there is a huge arsenal of methods for treating active forms of acne and all the consequences. In the clinic “Global Beauty” for the treatment of active forms of acne, Elos (Elos) acne treatment, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, cosmeceuticals (external means) are used, in the stage of decay of acne and to eliminate the consequences, the method of laser treatment of acne is used.

The procedure for laser treatment of acne and elimination of the consequences will allow every patient with problem skin to forget about it and get perfect skin without spots, scars and irregularities. Today, this procedure is carried out in a clinic on an outpatient basis. Even 15 years ago, due to the lack of ultra-modern devices in cosmetology, this procedure had to be carried out under general anesthesia and in a hospital setting.

Laser acne treatment

Today, modern cosmetology allows you to carry out laser acne treatment and calmly head home by car or subway. Your usual lifestyle after the procedure is not disturbed. In the clinic “Global Beauty” several devices are used to eliminate the effects of acne. Since the operating factors are different, the depth of the impact and the result are different. Combined use enhances the end result of laser acne treatment.

Basically, one procedure is sufficient. If a repeated procedure is required, at the request of the patient, in order to achieve and enhance the result, then it can be carried out no earlier than in 2-3 months. With a mild form of acne, one laser peeling procedure is enough. With an advanced form of acne, 2 – 3 laser skin resurfacing procedures are required with an interval of 2 – 3 months.

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