Long Layered Hair Routine to follow:How to Wash, Dry, and Style


Have you faced challenges in taking care of it? Don’t worry, here are long Layered hair routines on how to wash, dry, and style your hair.

Washing your Long Layered hair extensions:

This is the process of washing your clip-in hair extensions:

·         Remove extensions.

·         Fill the sink with lukewarm water.

·         Dip your extension in the sink and use shampoo and conditioner.

·         Helps hydrate and strengthen your hair

·         Deeply nourishing shampoo

·         Leaves hair super soft and glowing

·         Sulfate and alcohol free product

Indique Hair Care Essentials

Indique shampoo You can wash your extensions frequently with this shampoo without damaging and weakening.

Rinsing with warm water

Avoid washing your hair extension with hot or cold water. Rinsing with warm water is the best option.  

Air drying Hair

It’s important to leave the extensions from heat styling and reduce the amount of heat damage by air drying your extensions most of the time. Here are ways to air dry your extensions:

Hang Dry

Allow your hair extensions to hang dry the clip-in extension to evaporate the water. If you touch them it lessens the quality and texture of your extensions.

Use a soft towel to wrap your extensions gently. Leave it for few minutes to soak up the water.

Styling your Long Layered hair

Do keep your extensions clean like your natural hair. 

Bouncy bangs with extensions

Extension bangs using headbands

Blow-dry your bouncy bangs and clip in the extensions from ear to ear. To give you a glam look, use a faux braided the headband on the top of your hair and stick bobby pins on the headband to look attractive. 

Luscious locks

Simple steps to style your luscious locks:

Blow-dry your hair extensions 

·         Use hairspray

·         Clip-in the locks under the crown

·         Straighten your hair extensions 

Long side pony style

This is an easy and elegant style for all occasions. Here is how you put on the long low side pony:

·         Pull your hair to the side. 

·         Fix your hair using a hair tie or rubber band to create a side ponytail. 

·         Clip-in hair extension and use clips to section your hair. 

·         It is super simple and you will love it.

Simple side-bun

Elegant side bun

Here is how you can clip-in an elegant side bun:

·         Make a ponytail on the side of your head 

·         Enfold the ponytail around the base to make a bun using bobby pins

·         Attach faux bun extension on top of your natural hair bun

·         Follow this hair-bun routine anytime, anywhere.

·         Voluminous ponytail

How to do and style your ponytail:

·         Use a round brush to backcomb the crown

·         Pull the natural hair into a bun at the back of your head

·         Brush it gently and use TresemmeTres Two Extra Hold Spray to hold the extensions intact and maintain your style.

·         It has a nice fragrance and is easy to apply. 

High ponytail 

Tips to achieve high ponytail with extensions: 

·         Spray water on your hair to keep it wet and away from frizz

·         Clip-in and tie the pony hair extension

·         It is easy to wear the extension and achieve a fuller look

A wedding is an important moment in every woman’s life where she wishes to stand out beautifully in her gowns with attractive hair. Pick these elegant curly hair Weave extensions for a voluminous effect. 

·         Hat with curly or straight extensions 

If you are in a hurry, put on a hat with curly or straight extensions to give yourself a gorgeous look. This hat style is suitable for any outfit from indoor to outdoor activities.


Ensure healthy and thicker extensions with regular hair care routines. 

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