No Scars Night Face Wash- the best Scar Face Wash


Scars in our skin are unavoidable because of various reasons like surgeries, diseases, accidents, burns, acne skin conditions, etc… Most of the wounds created by these might result in some sort of scars naturally while getting healed biologically. Damages made on the thickest layer of skin called the dermis which is known as Scar. Wounds in our body are healed by collagen fibers which are produced protein by our body naturally. The excess collagen formation of results in scars on our skin which will have texture different from the surrounding tissues. They are formed once the wounds are completely healed. Scars look pale and flat on our skin over the surface of wounds. The best way to prevent them is to use the best scar facewash for the skin.


Few scars will go off due to the natural properties of our skin. This might take its own time. Unlike wounds on other areas, wounds on our face are completely exposed to heat & light which results in delayed healing.


A few of the fastest ways to remove Scars on our face are,


     Laser resurfacing – which completely does not remove the scar, but definitely reduces the scar

     Chemical peeling – getting a new layer of skin by removing the top layer using peels that have some acid content on the face.

     Dermabrasion – using some kind of tool to expose the inner layer of the skin by abrasion of scar

     Steroid injections – Steroid injections flatten the scars by softening the appearance and reduce the size of the scar. It also reduces pain and itchiness.

     Cyrosurgery – done by freezing the car using some 5-FU injections resulting in size reduction of scars. It also reduces the pain, hardness, and itchiness of the scar

     Radiotherapy – Much commonly used method as it has more side effects. This is done to prevent recurrence of keloid and hypertrophic scarring

     Micro-needling – Small pores are made on the surface to stimulate collagen production, in order to reduce the look of the scars


The above methods may have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the urgency, age, nature of wounds, etc… Scars cannot be completely removed, but they can be made less noticeable.


No Scars introduces a No Scar Night face wash, which is the best facewash to remove scars from your skin easily without getting into any of the hassles through all those above methods.


An ideal facewash should have two important ingredients which help in reducing the scars or don’t even allow the scars to form.


Biologic Exfoliators – like salicylic acid and retinoids helps in removing the oldest outermost skin and forms fresh skin. This is mainly useful in oily skin.


Pigment regulators – such as Turmeric, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide helps in improving the pigment irregularity on our skin which helps the cars fading and prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation changes which do not allow scars to even form at all.


Bottom Line:


No Scars Night Facewash has the right combination of the above two ingredients which makes it the best face wash to remove the scars. Washing your face every night before bed using No scars facewash ensures that the skin gets the best treatment and also helps to cure the scars naturally.


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