outrides MCU [infinity war]/Q&A


outrides MCU [infinity war]/Q&A

The outriders are some kind of alien species that were war arsenals to Thanos. The fictional story was written by a branded Hollywood company marvel comic universe (MCU). Let’s take a quick drive to get to know more about infinity war movies and Thanos war aliens outriders.

what are the outriders?

the [outsiders mcu] are just fictional aliens design by the marvel comic universe. they were designed to serve Thanos and to carry on the black orders

Wakanda faces a big threat

The natives of Wakanda are in great fear as Thanos a merciless enemy invades the village with his outriders. This was just a quest to retrieve the stone that Is harbored in Wakanda and the bearer seems to be the “vision“. And the stone happened to be his life force.

In the story infinity war the outriders came in with so many drop ships dropping troops of outriders on the the surface of Wakanda territory but luckily for the village there advanced vibranium force field technology could not allow a free passage into the Wakanda.

But nevertheless, the war is still beginning for the alien outriders for they are not yet ready to back down. This time they forcefully forced themselves into the force fields which tore some of them into halves. But they must and have to answer to their master’s order.

It became so intense as they continued forcing themselves to break through the wall, black panther gives a call to her younger sister princess yuri to open a part of the fields to pave way for the outriders to enter.

But why would he make such a decision?

I feel like it was to avoid the outriders gaining entrance forcefully from around the city since they started running around the force field searching for any entrance and if it was allowed to happen it could endanger the lives of the natives as there would be no army at that side of the wall to fight and protect them since they are spread all out.

Many avengers fought bravely to protect the stone and Wakanda from an enemy threat. Though vision is currently wounded and has been invaded by Thanos war commander. Vision tried repelling him though there was not enough strength to fight him off.

Why was vision left alone?

Knowing the situation at hand I would not have left a vital asset alone in such a situation .although he was not completely left alone there were two guards on deck but that was not enough for the deadly commander. He should have been left with someone more strong with some special powers like the widow.

What are your own views concerning such a mistake?

Let us take another view on the outcome of the war

thor was late to the battle, had it been he came earlier the battle could have favored them. if you can remember the rage and the power in which he came with if such poor was available earlier on they could have won vision died due to lack of enough manpower.

But some folks will say that it was destined for Thanos to win that battle putting into consideration that he has gotten the rest of the stones. Which made him stronger even without his outriders.

Again I would like to hear your own views on this?

Was Thanos destined to win the battle at Wakanda or because thor was late to the battle?

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