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Namehero Hosting Review unstable services and lack of technical support staff

Namehero Hosting error 520

These few years many hosting companies popped up, confusing users with fake claims and fake blogging reviews. One of them is Namehero Hosting. It’s easy to hire bloggers & Social media influencers for fake rankings and reviews as they are ready to do anything for little money.

We just migrated our Buddies Buzz Social networking Site to Namehero Hosting. Plan Namehero Hosting Business Cloud. After Migration, we start facing Various problems.

Namehero Hosting Problems

Frequently Memcached connection failure

Slow Speed on 04th April 2022. When investigated come to know about Memcached object cache connection failure. We reported the issue through chat support. After some time support said the issue is resolved and we can use Memcached. After 2 Days we notice slow speed again when we checked we found again Memcached connection failure. We reported again. we face the same problem three times a week after chat support advised us to open the ticket for the same so that seniors will investigate the issue.

Namehero Hosting Support & Tickets

We opened the tickets as advised by chat support Ticket #795842, dated 16 April 2022.

Namehero Hosting Support staff asked me to use a different object cache as Memcached not working.

From that time Namehero s Hit and trail support method started. They keep asking to do this and do that.

Namehero Hosting ssupport staff escalated the ticket

After two hours of time wasted, tickets escalated from support staff reply I come to know why primary support keeps asking to do this and do that. As Namehero Tech support or admin work according to US working time so till that no support. That’s why the primary support team always tries to pass the time

Namehero Hosting Tech support

Memcached connection failure problem solved after 10 hours of opening the ticket. As they work according to US working time. After that, we keep started monitoring the site. Done Various speed tests Including the google page speed test, GTmetric, and Pingdom. During our testing, we found high TTFB and TTFB is not stable and always varies from 192-370ms.

Namehero Hosting Google page speed test

As Namehero Hosting support staff always blame theme codes, so we decided to test TTFB and speed test by installing WordPress fresh installation with WordPress default setup and plugin. When we tested we found TTFB is very High 545ms.

Namehero hosting
Namehero Hosting

Our test proves that the support staff’s excuse for theme code is baseless and the problems with hosting resources, connectivity, and Bandwidth in our case

Frequent Request Time Out errors

Namheero Hosting is very unstable always new problems and Cloudflare connectivity issues. Due to these problems we faced many new errors like request timeout, Error 520, Error 521, and Error 524.

Namehero Hosting
Namehero Hosting

Our Plan’s resources usage

Namehero Hosting
Namehero Hosting

Namehero Hosting Error 524

Namehero Hosting error 524

Namehero Hosting error 524

Namehero Hosting Error 520

When we posted about Namehero Hosting error 520, support staff refused to take our complained and blocked our chat support session.

Namehero Hosting

Later we try ourselves and come to know the problem with Namhero hosting servers’ Railgun script and due to that hosting server refused to make a connection with Cloudflare after that we updated the diagnosis in our ticket. The next day Namhero team updated this issue on their service updates, as many other users also faced the same problem of error 520 and error 521.

Namehero Hosting bad business practice

It’s really very hard to get support from Nnamehero Hosting company, As they don’t have time to check tickets and no skills to solve the problem too. I try to contact the Namhero team through the Namehero Hosting Facebook page and Twitter After raiding my issue on the Facebook page and Twitter account. They Blocked me on Facebook and Twitter so that I am not able to post my concern, instead of solving my problem Namhero team blocked me on Facebook and Twitter.

Namehero Hosting

All support tickets are still pending still no solution. still getting the same error frequently

Namehero hosting error

Importance Of 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set In Makeup!

Makeup Brush

Importance Of 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set In Makeup!, If you are a newbie in makeup, you might be uncertain about the importance of makeup brushes in makeup. But as soon as you turn into a regular makeup user, you will realize how important it is to use makeup brushes to apply makeup. Makeup brushes help to ensure smooth application of makeup. Additionally, the makeup looks a lot more neat and tidy.

Many makeup artists cannot just work without using makeup brushes as it is a great tool available to apply makeup evenly.

To ensure good makeup, you need to be sure that you are using the right tools and techniques. The combo of good products and the right accessories for makeup application increases the quality of the makeup.

For instance, when applied using a suitable makeup brush, a lightweight concealer generates a captivating look.

Let us clear the hype in the air around various brushes set for makeup.

Importance Of Makeup Brush During Makeup!

  • Brushes Are A Better Option For Skin

Many people prefer using their hands instead of makeup brushes. This is not the right approach as it can harm your skin in many ways. As brushes are soft and gentle, they are safe to use for applying makeup. On the contrary, directly using your palms can create a scratchy appearance, leading to messy makeup. Makeup artists always recommend the usage of good-quality makeup brushes as they are neither rough nor cause irritation on the skin. With due care, authentic brands makeup brushes last long.

  • Buy Good Quality Brushes And Save Your Money

Buying makeup brushes of poor quality is a bad idea. Why? Because you might be replacing them frequently. This means money wastage along with harm to your skin. It’s better to buy good quality makeup brushes initially to avoid facing this kind of problem afterward

  • You Tend To Look Better When You Use Brushes

As discussed earlier, makeup brushes make the makeup look more absolute and settled rather than layers of cosmetics on your face. Lightweight Concealer can be blended easily with the help of makeup brushes avoiding a cakey and patchy look. Combining different makeup products with palms makes it unattractive. Always use makeup brushes while applying makeup in a pro-like manner. 

  • Maintains your momentum of makeup

While applying makeup, you are in good form of using makeup products back-to-back inflow. Using makeup brushes adds up momentum to your application.

Buy a 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set and add extra glamour your way!

There are a variety of available makeup brushes. You can choose among those which you think would be most feasible for you. Makeup brushes must be selected in such a way That fulfills your requirement. Hence 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set would be an ideal buy. 

A good quality 5 piece brush set covers all the essential brushes needed for everyday makeup.

It includes:- 

  • Concealer brush

  • Foundation brush

  • Eyebrow brush

  • Eyelash or eye shadow brush

  • Lipstick brush

Final Takeaway!

Hope you have got your answer about the importance of makeup brushes in applying makeup. Buying soft bristles makeup brushes ensures the tidy application of makeup and ultimately gives you a beautiful look like a DIVA!

Time to be ready to swipe your makeup with the best 5 piece makeup brush set. Wait and listen!! Never forget to keep your brushes back clean for the next makeup session. 

Online Food delivery Business Model Explained

Everyone needs food, but not everyone likes shopping. In a society where time is of the essence, many people are happy to pay to have their groceries delivered by someone else. You should market research, advertise and research local business licensing requirements just like you would when starting a business. However, if you have a reliable vehicle and the time to drive, the service can be profitable.


Consumers are quick to buy food online. According to Orian Research, the global online supermarket market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.7 percent between 2020 and 2025. According to another study, the food e-commerce market is expected to grow to $250 billion in the next five years.

This estimate will undoubtedly spark the curiosity of many entrepreneurs in the food eCommerce market. This blog aims to give such entrepreneurs a thorough understanding of how an online food marketplace works, as well as numerous revenue channels, crucial features and helpful ideas and growth hacks to help them get ahead of the competition.

Things to consider before starting an online supermarket


You should focus on the following elements to be successful in starting and managing an online supermarket business:

  • Choosing and improving (if necessary) a supermarket business model
  • We create a roadmap for transforming the business model in a flexible, efficient and accurate model.
  • Identify your target market Identify
  • the delivery zones
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Website and smartphone apps for groceries

Entrepreneurs or business owners often waste a lot of time and resources determining the best business model for supermarkets based on all these aspects.

We’ve outlined four primary business models in the food industry, along with examples of market players, to help you.

A Few Key Figures on the Food Delivery Business Model


At least twice a week, 60 percent of US consumers order food online.

Millennials want food delivered to their homes so they can watch movies and TV shows at their leisure.

In the aftermath of the COVID 19 crisis, the food delivery app is expected to grow at a 5% CAGR to $154.3 billion by 2023.

60 percent of restaurants agree that taking orders online and having them delivered has resulted in increased sales.

The annual average has risen by 20% as a result of delivery sales.


In view of the Corona recession, here is a percentage graph displaying the number of people who intend to expand their food delivery services.

What is the procedure for using an online food ordering platform?


Marketplace Owner/Admin, Merchant, Customer, and Delivery Management are the four types of stakeholders involved in the operation of an online food ordering marketplace. The following is a breakdown of how an online food ordering marketplace works:


  • The platform’s administrator forms partnerships with merchants from all over the world and adds a number of restaurants.
  • Merchants include, among other things, the name of the restaurant, menu items, operating hours, working days, and packaging information.
  • Customers can use their email address or a social media account to sign up for the platform.
  • After completing the registration process, customers use an advanced search tool provided on the platform to locate their favourite restaurants and select food items.
  • Customers confirm their orders by paying for them using their preferred method of payment.
  • Merchants accept the order and begin preparing the food based on the customers’ suggestions.
  • When delivery boys receive order requests, they go to the merchant’s location to pick up the order.


Customers can track the status of their orders as well as the delivery team’s location in real time.

The delivery team picks up the food when it’s ready and delivers it to the customers. Order delivery is handled by either the platform/app owner or the merchant.

The marketplace owner receives a portion of the commission from each order placed through the platform, with the remainder going to the merchant’s account.

Summing Up

You can select one of these three food delivery business models depending on your demands. Each of the three food delivery service business models has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Make extensive research into your business and select the option that best suits your food delivery startup.