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How to Choose a Drone Pilot in France?

To capture the best moments of a personal event or to promote your business, you should hire a professional drone pilot. This option allows you to have top quality aerial images, which has become essential at the moment. In this article, we will show you how to choose a drone operator in France.

How Do You Recognize Professional Drone Pilots in France?

Becoming a drone pilot in France requires going through a strict training course, integrating a theoretical part and a practical part. In other words, there are some rules to consider if you want to a professional drone pilot. It should be remembered that the drone operator must not only radio-control his drone camera, but also take care of the aerial photography and the drafting of a logbook. In addition, they will have to provide technical expertise while remaining in contact with the control centers when they are flying his device. You need to have all the basics to let you take aerial footage and videos.

Nowadays, the construction, agriculture, engineering, military, surveillance and audiovisual sectors are more and more used to using the photo drone. Drone piloting is supervised by the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) in order to guarantee the best possible civil security. Since July 2018, the new regulations about drone piloting involve different qualifying training courses. For professional use, two types of compulsory training are required:

  • Theoretical training in a training school of the DGAC that lasts 1h30.
  • Practical training which is a practical simulation over five days.

What Are The Qualities of Drone Pilots in France?

To carry out their missions properly, good drone pilots in France must have the technical skills as well as the necessary equipment. But they also must have specific character traits. The ability to achieve maximum and uninterrupted concentration is important. That is the case of all HOsiHO drone pilots in France. Indeed, a single moment of distraction can have disastrous consequences on the device, but especially on the person or the property of others.

The sense of direction counts since it is always better to have a GPS in the veins for more responsiveness than to wait for the instructions of the GPS of the drone. Independence is an asset because often the pilot will have to act alone. Calmness and sharp reflexes are essential to react correctly and quickly to a situation that was not expected.

What else? A good drone pilot must have good listening and communication skills. Between aptitude and character trait, it is necessary to understand the client and the environment in which the drone will be flying. It is also used to explain (the reason for the presence of the drone, its usefulness, etc.) when needed. Apart from that, a drone should offer easy remote access to dangerous or impassable areas.

To put in a nutshell, if you want to get quality professional photos and take great videos, choose an expert in the field and especially, you should follow all these tips above.

What Do Small Businesses Gain from Security Systems?

Running a small business takes as much hard work as running a big company. Maybe more as small setups happen to have a limited budget. They have to do everything with certain parameters both in terms of finance and resources used. 

As an entrepreneur, your startup is the manifestation of your hard work and ideas. You would be doing anything to protect your customers, employees, and information from any threats or breaches. This calls for the installation of the best quality CCTV camera suppliers, as per your business needs because sometimes, these threats are not predictable.

Data leaks, burglaries, and shoplifting can be rather damaging for any business. Over the years, data breaches, in particular, have led companies to suffer losses worth millions of dollars. To best prevent these from happening, getting commercial security systems should be the first thing you should do.

Benefits of Strong Security System for Businesses

When you install a quality security system, it will allow you to protect your business from a variety of risks. By implementing the right preparatory measures, small business owners can rely on these systems and focus more on the other important aspects of running a business.

If you, too, run a small business, continue reading to know what small businesses can get from installing a security system for their business. 


When you have a set of security cameras installed around your business, apart from preventing thefts and catching the culprit in the act, they allow you to control incidents like sexual harassment and violence as well. In case anything like this happens, you would have video evidence to present to the police. Moreover, when the employees know they have the means to prove such an occurrence, they are more inclined to report such cases.

Along with this, placing cameras at different entrances and exits throughout the building ensure that no unauthorized person enters the premises.

Control Theft

The main role of installing security systems and surveillance cameras is the prevention of shoplifting or burglary. However, their function exceeds that. If a theft occurs at your company, you should have the proper means to identify them. Also, you can use these systems to monitor employee theft as well.

Lawsuit Protection

If you are currently dealing with a lawsuit and feel that your business is being accused wrongly, you can use the footage from the security cameras to prove your innocence as well as your whereabouts. This can come particularly helpful in a fraudulent worker’s compensation case.

To explain, if an employee fakes an injury to get money from you, you can use the video evidence to prove them wrong. The same principle shall apply in case of harassment and violent situations.

Insurance Benefits

In some instances, having both indoor and outdoor security systems might lessen the insurance premium of your business. This is because you have a lower risk of property loss and theft compared to not having security systems in place altogether.  Both you and your insurance company shall benefit when your business is less of a risk.

One thing you should always remember is that although your business is the center of your career and life, see that it does not become a liability. Once you decide to improve your security efforts, you would have the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to prevent crimes and other forms of incidents.

By amplifying your business security measures by installing security cameras and adopting audio video solutions abu dhabi, you end up solidifying your business commitment. You can keep your business safe from both internal and external theft and efficient address if the need arises and you suffer from such an incident.


An important thing to remember is surveillance and security cameras represent only part of the equation. To take it one step further and improve the overall security of the business, see that you train your employees on the best emergency response protocol and security practices.

This training, cameras, and adopting best security practices can protect your property, business, and merchandise. As a result, your business will be a safe place to work and continue to thrive as a lucrative enterprise in the long term.