The Urgency of Explainer Video for Design Industry


Recently, one of our clients, Alec Lynch from got interviewed at Skynews, Australia to talk about what is behind his business. He used Breadnbeyond’s service to create an explainer video that helps people to understand his business.

See the video played in the background? Yep, that’s what we created for DesignCrowd.

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that helps businesses outsource or crowdsource logo, graphic, and web design from designers all around the world. The way it works, the business goes to DesignCrowd’s website, then post a project, requests a logo design, and offers some amount of money for the designer who wins the contest.

DesignCrowd will open the project up to the world and invite thousands of designers to respond to the project. Designers then begin uploading designs so their clients can review them. A typical project goes for about ten days and costs about 400 dollars. The process fixes several problems from the traditional design industry that are slow, expensive, and risky. DesignCrowd is faster, cheaper, and more creative.

Wondering how DesignCrowd get all designers on their website? DesignCrowd had been started in 2007, they ran a contest to encourage designers to come to register at their website. DesignCrowd operates in the global graphic design industry, it crowdsources various designers to help every business niche in finding the right design for their brand. Not only for business, this new model of business will also provide opportunities to all graphic designers from all around the world to get jobs easier.

It was obvious that in the interview, the explainer video also have a remarkable role in explaining the business. An explainer video helps the speaker to explain what he said visually to avoid misunderstanding. The viewer can catch the speaker’s intention clearly with the help of the visuals.

This is why you need an explainer video for your business.

One more thing, creativity when optimizing the explainer video is also a must. To increase the engagement of their audience, DesignCrowd asked us to recreate the video in several English accents, from British English to New Zealand accents (actually they create 5 different versions for the US, British, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada). This improves their engagement rate much more than what we expected, and thus justifies the use of explainer video in every marketing aspect of their business.

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