The Secret of Engaging Visual Contents on Social Media

Where did you not notice the visual contents? Everywhere right? Almost in every social media platform, this type of content is an integral part. They are the contents that attract most of the audience toward a particular post or information. They are used extensively almost in every sector of media. Have you noticed or tried to observe how certain visuals become viral? What kind of techniques gets embossed on them that make them a word of mouth? Are you thinking for a long as about how to create such engaging visual content and put it on social media? Are you tired of musing about the techniques to use on your content so that it becomes capable of attracting more and more viewers? Are you tired of experimenting with your self-constructed ways and strategies? Never lose hope! Stay tuned with us because we will discuss the secret of creating engaging visual contents to put on social media.

Before going deep into the tips, first, let us know what are these contents?

These are nothing but information that is put in a way that moves, has colour, effects, filters, animated texts, sounds, etc. This type of content is a great way to attract the attention of the population easily. Visual content can be of any form such as-

  • Pictures: Pictures are a representation of some event, place, person, occasion, etc. It describes a story within it. Every picture has its own story. However, it also depends mostly on a photographer, and how he chooses to capture an object or a subject. Pictures are captured from various angles such as -worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, high angle view, low angle view, etc, to create and describe a situation. Pictures can be colourful or monochromatic. There is a famous rule which is known as the Rule of thirds. It is used extensively by photographers across the globe to showcase a subject and to create an appealing composition.
  • Diagrams: These are often referred to as the symbolic representation of information. Diagrams are pictorial. Pie charts, bar graphs, bar charts, maps, line graphs, etc are a few examples of a diagram.
  • Charts: Charts are a type of visual content where information or data is represented by symbols.
  • Infographics: These are visual representations of information. These are widely applied type of visual contents today almost on every social media bases. These are a great way to showcase information to people because it highlights the main topic to people and does not beat around the bush.
  • Screenshots: These are snaps of images that showcase pictures or information from a computer, or mobile.
  • Slide decks: These are nothing but a series of slides that are used mainly during business meetings to discuss strategies, business plans, etc. These are similar to what you create sometimes in the PowerPoint for school assignments, etc. Here, you can select an already built template, edit font size, font style, add transitions, etc.
  • Online videos: Some content is found online such as videos on YouTube.
  • Memes: These are information put in a way that spread smiles (most of the time) among people. It is some kind of culture or behavior sent to a person from another. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with millions of memes.

So, we have a brief idea of what the type of visual contents are, right? Now it is time we popped up the secret to creating engaging visual content for social media. They are simple and effective.

  • Know your audience: It is always better to understand your audience first. It means you should have good knowledge of the tastes of your audience. You should look for what kind of content they are attracted to, and what they expect by analyzing their responses, etc. If you are creating visual content for small children, you should use cartoon characters or so and colorful texts or elements, etc.
  • Basics of creativity: You should always have a clear subject. If you are displaying a picture, it is better if you put a picture with the rule of thirds, and use natural lights. While composing content (picture or video) it is forever good to keep things as simple as you can but in an elegant way. Well! This needs a lot of practice.
  • Use the free resourceful tools: If you can get more for free what is wrong to use them? You should take advantage of certain free designing or editing tools that are available today in loads. Use their features and other facilities like colour palettes, filters, effects, etc to make your content much more appealing. Use different types of the best Instagram editing apps, Facebook cover story editors, etc.
  • Avoid wrong-sized images: You should always avoid posting images of the wrong size. This creates a negative impact on the viewers. The image you select to post on social media should have the proper size, with the correct resolution. This gains public attention. The image should be properly cropped.
  • Text: It is always better to write text with some knowledge of words. Moreover, visual contents with heavily loaded texts are not much appreciated. Content with a very less number of words either. Along with these, your content should be free from several mistakes like sentence framing, spelling, etc. Your content should be grammatical-error-free. Again, it is very important to keep in mind that the font size and styles that you use should go with the type of content you are posting shortly. The spacing and overall alignment should be given importance.


It is very significant on your behalf that while visual contents for any kind of social media; you should always pay attention to several things as discussed above. These are the steps that will take you up higher if stepped in properly.