Top 10 Academic Research Topics you need to know

Research Topics

Drafting an ideal research paper is one of the academic tasks that students usually do in high school and university. This task can be challenging for learners, especially when they do not get an idea about the research topic.

Performing research and gathering information is not a big deal because you can easily collect data from online and offline sources. But, students can often encounter problems while writing a research paper. Students who are not blessed with good writing skills, consider writing a research paper a daunting task. Additionally, they get frustrated when they need to choose the right topic for their research paper.

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The Internet is flooded with thousands of research topics that can confuse you. You can consider a suitable topic from the list of topics. When it is a matter of selecting the topic, it is essential to consider the current or trending topic.

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Here are some trending and hot research topics, that you can note down if you find any difficulty in choosing an ideal topic.

Research Topics

1. Energy Sources

After selecting this topic, you need to perform extensive research on the history of different alternative energy supplies. The main theme of this topic revolves around the sources of energy that fulfill the requirements of the world’s population. Undoubtedly, this topic is one of the trending topics. So, you can get adequate information on it.

2. Waste Disposal

Because of the overpopulation issue, waste disposal is becoming a major issue. Additionally, global warming and inappropriate disposal of waste may lead to the depletion of the ozone layer.

There are many areas that one can explore on a topic of this nature, disposal technologies, innovative disposal techniques, and the disposal methods of computers and mobiles.

3. Imposed Democracy

The US is primarily behind, impacting other nations of the world to accept democracy.

If you choose this as your research topic, you can investigate the role the US has played in other countries and how it has introduced democracy in other countries.

Religion and Globalization

No one can deny that religion is one of the trickiest and most debatable topics that you can consider. You can interconnect religion and globalization which can make your research paper interesting for readers.

UN Policies on the Environment and their Impact

This topic could study how policies influence the condition of the environment in productive and unproductive ways. In this paper, one can take a close look at these policies and confront how they affect human behavior.

Additionally, you can discuss the positive effects of these policies and how they tackle global environmental problems.

Political The environment in the Middle East

The Middle East has a long history of disturbance. It consists of the changes in the political leadership and relationship between neighboring countries. You can analyze the history and advancement of nations in the region and how they connect.

Marketing and Media Impact on Teens

The media has the power to influence or change the mindset of the masses, especially teenagers. Additionally, marketing uses different media channels to impact the decisions people make and the products they purchase.

Moreover, you can investigate how marketing and surge in media consumption mainly influence youngsters.

Bar code implants

In the present scenario, the application of bar code implants for identification resolves the issue of stolen Social Security numbers and identify theft. However, body implants for the objective of identification are a disputable option. Write about both aspects of the issue and elaborate on the technology used.

Cancer, Drug Studies

In the pharmacological setting, cancer drug studies are just one kind of topic that can be written in many ways. Scientists can research the function and influence of different drugs on cancer cells.

In some topics, information can be included related to treatments and therapies available.

Drug delivery

One more topic for the pharmacy student could research on the arrangement of drug delivery systems, comprising liposomes and liquid crystals.

Studies suggest that the surrounding areas of the lungs are vulnerable to some treatments. This research paper could consider the epithelial cell culture for the research by studying humans as well as animals.

These are the top-10 trending research topics, that you can note down. By choosing an appropriate topic, you can showcase your research and writing skills effectively. Apart from it, there are various factors that you should consider while selecting a topic.

How do you choose the best research topics?

Choosing the best topic is challenging, but you can select the best topic with the help of the below-mentioned information.

● You can pick a topic as per your interest.

● You can narrow down your list of topics by choosing the latest topics.

● Do not forget to consider the guidelines that the professor provides to you.

● You can ask your professor about the research topics.

● You can discuss with your classmates about the topic. In this way, you can get quality information and new ideas.

With this information, you can select your topic easily. So, all you need to do is find a relevant topic and get quality information about it.

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Hence, you can pick a topic from the above-mentioned top-10 research topics. It is recommended to prefer a trending topic because you will get relevant information on it.

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