Top 3 Jollibee Marketing Strategies Plan Case Study Analysis


Jollibee is the most popular and the “richest” fast food chain in The Philippines. Jollibee has enjoyed an interesting origin, its first international location opening in 1976. Jollibee is often praised for its affordability, with JFC’s global success driven by JF`s own innovations within the industry. In 1998, Jollibee’s entered the Vietnamese market. Jollibee Foods Corporation JFC’s Jolliebees’ mission is to “create fun and exciting dining experiences for Jolliwites worldwide”.

Jollibee is known as the most popular, successful fast food chain in The Philippines. JFC`s has enjoyed an interesting origin with its first international location opening.

It is based in the Philippines. In Jollibee marketing strategy there are some great points like one of the first slogans at Jollibee: “Now serving Jollibee’s!” In 1998, Jollibee’s entered the Vietnamese market. Since 1983, Jollibee has operated in Indonesia, and on December 13th, 1978, its debut location opened in Quezon City, Philippines. Jollibee is the second largest fast-food chain in The Philippines. Jollibee has become one of the most successful companies that have emerged from Asia, with its first international location opening in 1976. Jollibee is known for its burgers, spaghetti, chicken joy, and peach mango pie among others.

Have you ever wondered how Jollibee became one of the most successful fast food chains in the Philippines? Jollibee’s marketing strategy, all starts with three marketing strategies.

Three main strategies used by Jollibee itself:

First Strategy:

Jollibee’s marketing strategy is to offer affordable products for people on any budget. Jollibee offers a variety of Filipino dishes at an affordable price which helps them create a larger customer base and makes Jollibe accessible to everyone who lives in the Philippines.

Second Strategy:

In the second, Jollibee is to provide convenience by offering drive-thru services and having restaurants open 24 hours a day. The drive-thru service allows Jollibee customers with busy schedules to order their food without getting out of their cars while the late-night opening times allow students, workers, or other individuals that have odd work shifts to get access to Jollibee when they are hungry during off-peak hours from 11 pm until dawn! Finally, Jolliebee’s third strategy is to make its product easily accessible by accepting cash, credit cards, debit cards, and coins as payment options. Jollibee gives its customers a variety of ways they can pay for Jollibee’s products which makes it easier than ever before to purchase Jollibee!

Third Strategy:

In this marketing strategy, what makes Jollibee so successful? Jollibee offers an affordable price point while still providing delicious food that keeps people coming back again and again. Jollibee provides convenience through their drive-thru service and late night hours while also giving more payment methods than some fast food companies offer in the Philippines today.

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