Top 5 TEFL Certification Course in California


TEFL symbolises nothing but Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The TEFL course is accredited by global bodies and gives  you a hands on experience to teach English as a foreign language to non native speaker

What is TEFL Certificate?

Even  if you a master degree holder or Doctorate in English language, it does not really matter when it comes to teach  English as a foreign language. The programme Is totally unique when compared to formal classroom teaching , To become a good  TEFL teacher pursuing TEFL certification is must because it will open doors for plethora of opportunity.

How to choose the best TEFL Certification Course?

Learning style is the first thing anyone should consider when choosing a course. If you are comfortable with the mode of teaching the teacher follow then  only go for it without giving it a second thought

Now a days it very important to browse internet to look for the reviews people have shared. In case it seems authentic then only enrol else not

Check for accreditation the course has. Because it is preferable to do any course from recognised institute only

Go through the course details once to know more about topics to be covered under the course..

Look for the additional perks it provides like job support, alumni collaboration etc.

Now have a look at the top 5 online TEFL Certification in California

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Certification:

Henry harvin is one of the best institute to pursue TEFL certification in California., Now the question is why Henry Harvin? The reasons are as follows:-

Henry Harvin is one of the eminent institute in the matter of TEFL course

Collaboration with Tutree , the largest job portal for TEFL teacher is aplus we

It provides placement assistance

Exclusive LMS access

Doubt clearing session

Support of Alumni working in different company

2. Teaching House CELTA

You can’t name any cities where CELTA has not marked its presence.The offices are everywhere starting from cities of Atlanta,  Brooklyn,  to  New York, Philadelphia  and it is one of trhe best TEFL certification online in California

The in-person course comes with a multitude of benefits that include small batch  sizes, daily feedback session, receiving constructive feedback from expert faculty on the teaching methodology. The trainners are the master of their own field  and their system of feedback  mechanism makes the course more interesting.

Some of the features are as follows:-

Small batch

Personalised feedback

One-one doubt clearance

Placement assistance

3. TEFLPros

TEFLPros is a worldwide recognised 120 hours of course module with the flexibility of both online and offline and they assure that you get maximum return on your investment and remain a happy learner. It is viewed as a preferred choice when it comes to TEFL certification online in California

The course offer guidance in the following modules :-

Day to day lesson planning,

handling classroom complex, and

preparing teaching materials or resources.

This TEFL certification also offer free demo class so that you can make informed decision

4. Premier TEFL 

The course  is a all in one package and comes with three modules:-




You can pursue this course at the comfort of your home. If you a beginner in this field then this course is amust to go for.Still do your own reseach and make the best choice

5. Internationally Recognized TEFL Courses from i-to-i

If you prefer a course beyond 12 hours ,  then Tefl certification  offered by i-to-i TEFL of 320 hours duration is a must. Your course bundle will consist of

business  oriented English,

Sound grammatical knowledge, and

Proper lesson planning for classroom  teaching.

This course can be attended both online, offline and in hybrid mode too .and at the end you will receive feedback from DELTA qualified teacher

Once you are done with the course of TEFL certification this course will provide you with intership abroad

With this course comes 10 hours of free face -to face personalised feedback.Beside that you will get assistance for job search through out your career.

6. CIEE 150-hour certification

The duration of this TEFL certification  course is 3 months. This course framework contains a hybrid module with 130 hours of online training and aadditional 20 hours of classroom learning. The practice teaching  can be done even in your locality  and will help you to kick start your career.

The course fees are  inclusive of personalised training and feedback, brainstorming sessions e.t.c

This certification is  a must  for freshers in this field. The only thing is that you need to be proficient in reading and writing.

Some of the features are as follows:-

Small batch

Personalised feedback

One-one doubt clearance

Placement assistance

7. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy is a well acclaimed  to pursue online TEFL certification course. It offers a  on -in -all 168-hour, Level 5 Certification at a flexible pricing  with authentic TEFL credentials. You can opt for online, offline or hybrid mode as well

For the hybrid  course, weekends training takes place in North America,  Oceania and they also provide free acess of 6 month to course material. Beside that you can also get one course for free of your choice if you opt for this.

For Best TEFL course in California you can refer to above listed option but it is recommended to always do own research

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