Toys Guide for First Five Years


The children in the 100 Toys house are six, five, four, and two years old. That’s a total of 17 Christmases and 17 birthdays. Parents’, grandparents’, uncles’, and aunts’ gifts, as well as stocking stuffers It is not uncommon for a child’s Christmas haul to have at least ten gifts.

Add in presents during the year – something from the museum store, a toy to keep them entertained on a flight, something for Easter, and something for Halloween.

Children need fewer toys

When I first released The 100, I intended to compile a list of 100 important toys for any child under the age of five, but having it written down seemed too pushy, too concentrated on use. How’s it a hundred toys? From birth to the age of five?

Making the 100 about events and interactions was more in line with our ethos. The collection contains fewer than ten toys.

100 is an outrageous number

You don’t have to look far on this page to see that I believe children can succeed with far less than a hundred toys. In reality, it’s beneficial to them. Blocks, figures, cloth, a few ordinary household items, some art supplies, and access to outdoor space are all available. That is what there is to it.

So, why am I compiling this list?

People would buy toys for their children regardless. Kind relatives would gladly refuse your appeals to instead offer them tickets to a performance or a palace. Friends don’t want to show up to a party empty-handed. People want to place something under the Christmas tree.

If your family is like this (as mine is), what I’ve learned helps is to gently send them a list of toys that you’re okay with and ask them to choose one.

All Children’s Don’t like Toys

A toy kitchen or doll’s house may provide hours of entertainment. Also, babies that are unable to stand unassisted will pull themselves up and experience a rudimentary version of this type of activity.

In the 100 Toys home, though, the use of the doll’s house is divided along gender lines. The girls will lie there for hours setting the table and tucking the figures into bed, while the boys will use it for target practice.

The boys like small world games, but they’d rather build a castle or recreate battles from the Hundred Years War. That’s fine.

The main point about this situation is that the doll’s house allows them all to engage in creative play. The background is unimportant. This is why The 100 list exists: to demonstrate the types of activities that you might and could have.

Birth to Five in toys:

So, here is the list of 100 toys for the first five years.

If you get all of these, you’ve covered a lot of ground in terms of growth. All of the time you spent outside, visiting parks, reading books, and singing nursery rhymes fill-up the blanks.

Take the information on this page with a grain of salt. None of it is genuinely needed. I’m not saying you can buy anything on this list; clearly that if you’re going to buy something, this is a decent place to start. The toys are all open-ended, and they are all age-appropriate.

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