Transfer Documents in Bulk Digitally with Electronic Signature Online Apps


Today, the ability to sign contracts anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world is a business imperative. For this reason, almost every modern business takes advantage of the speed and simplicity that electronic signature Online technology offers – to save time, reduce costs and avoid errors in the critical, final phase of the document management process.

The electronic signature is a valuable process management tool, but what if you need a way to share a standardized document with multiple recipients at the same time? For transactions that require a formal confirmation from a large group of people (new company policies, contract updates, etc.), e-signature technology also provides an efficient and secure way to send and sign standardized documents in bulk.

Why is Bulk Send an important document management solution?

At the beginning of 2021, the business world needs a solution to keep moving forward. free Electronic signature in word technology provided an easy way to promote business continuity – it helped organizations around the world complete transactions and remotely sign sensitive documents even when face-to-face interactions became impossible.

E-signature helped companies cope with the reality of COVID-19, but the benefit of Sign documents online technology has perhaps been best demonstrated by organizations that needed an efficient way to distribute thousands of standardized documents at once and approve them. As the pandemic escalated and economic stability deteriorated, banks were responsible for approving emergency loans for businesses in need. 

Processing thousands of SBA loan applications is not an easy task, but an electronic signature Online app and bulk application sending feature helped banks send loan applications to large groups of customers at once – and individuals in every corner of the US were able to get timely financial aid.

HR organizations have faced many of these problems when they try to transfer documents digitally. One of these was the need to remotely create, update, and distribute new company and employee policies to accommodate changing working conditions. Many HR teams used Bulk Send to digitally create new or revised guidelines (e.g. guidelines for working from home) and distribute them to employees with a single click. 

With conditions changing rapidly, new policies had to be efficiently sent and signed remotely. Bulk Send gave HR departments an easy way to send and receive documents digitally – and track the fulfillment rate.

But an effective bulk send solution is much more than a short-term, digital solution for remote work. Many organizations have recognized that bulk sends technology – which saves time, increases productivity, and lowers costs – provides an easy way to streamline labor-intensive back-office processes.

What is Bulk Send used for?

Whether you’re looking for a simple way that thousands of customers can accept updated terms and conditions, or you need hundreds of employees to sign a new employee handbook, an electronic signature is a seamless solution for businesses of all sizes. Common use cases where a customized contract with bulk signature and mailing can add value to your company are

Exchange documents with employees

When an HR department needs to efficiently send a new package of benefits or a new policy for working from home, Bulk Send is an effortless way to adapt documents, even those that differ from employee to employee, and to send to several recipients at the same time. Signed documents are automatically forwarded to the HR department for filing.

Documents and processes that can benefit from bulk send

Companies in all industries have found a variety of creative uses for bulk send that save time and money with electronic signature Online apps. Some of the most common are:

  • Annual compensation plans

  • Forms for homeowners associations and tenants

  • Payment verification forms

  • Company policies and HR updates

  • Documents for class actions / class actions

  • Requests for Quotation (RFPs)

  • Job descriptions (SOWs)

  • Return to work arrangements

  • Questionnaires/surveys

  • Collection documents

  • Vaccine administration documentation

  • Patient Consents and HIPAA Approval Forms

Sending Promotional Offers: A DocSignPro customer – a credit union – wanted to promote their “Skip Pay” auto loan option. Using bulk send, the company sent notifications to previously identified auto loan customers letting them know they could skip a payment for that month. The notification also included an “Accept” button which, when clicked, resulted in an agreement for the next month’s adjusted payment. The completed documents were returned to the credit union for processing.

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