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Keyword research is an important part of the traffic lane on the website because of the SEO on keywords only. (Search Engine Optimization) Depends. If spoken in easy language, the keyword is the user’s question, which searches the search engine in different ways. That is what we call keywords. We have to choose keywords, what your audience is searching for, how many times that keyword has been searched, and in which type they want that information. We have to take care of all these things. Which should be in our mind while doing keyword research? With this, you can reach the right keywords and ones soon, as well as you will get benefits in making your website popular. Depend on keywords, what is your business nature, do you work at the local level or do you work at the state level or country level. Keywords are also grouped into different categories.
Types of keywords –
1. Generic keywords – Generic keywords can be called when one uses a single term or 1-2 words as keywords, or simply performs a word search of a topic, such as “blogging”, not clear in this keyword. Hey, what information do you want to get? Therefore, this keyword is not very useful or informative. For example generic keywords – smartphones, clothes, blogging, digital marketing.
2. Local keywords – We understand the local keywords in such a way that when one searches for any topic and it sucks any specific area in it. And the keywords that contain the name of an area. That keyword is called the local keyword. For example, “Digital Marketing Institute in Indore” is a local keyword, in which a piece of information is sought, about an area. We try to understand from different examples –
Best BBA College in Gwalior.
Digital Marketing Institute in Indore.
Best Dental Hospital in Bhopal.
3. LSI keywords – The LCI keyword has a flower form (Latent Semantic Indexing). When you work on the ranking of your website. The website is then crawled through search engine bots. And it is seen that what kind of keywords do you use. Apart from this, even more frizzes or senses are matched with content.
When you do some search, then a suggestion comes next to your keywords. All those LCs Are called keywords. The crawler gives you suggestions to use all the processes that we have read.
For example, you have searched for digital marketing and its shell gives you the information, Course Indore, Institute Indore., Training Indore. All these suggestions are called LC keywords.
4. Brand keywords – Brand keywords are taken from a name. Such as Amazon, Lenovo, HP. It is all a brand name, it can come in any brand name, small and big.
Example –
Crazyonweb Digital Marketing Agency
Amity Academy
In this way, you can also understand brand keywords. But in general, these keywords are used only. When someone knows your brand name.
5. Specific keywords- This is how you write keywords in informative keywords. Which asks for information about a category. As you know, in generic keywords we only search for any words, but in informative keywords, we write a little more than the generic keywords, which gives information about that generic keyword. We try to understand from the example of the straightforward and easy way.
Digital Marketing Institute Indore, is an informative keyword because the information is sought in it to take any category. If you see some more examples –
Digital Marketing Course in Indore.
Digital Marketing Institute in Indore.
Dental Hospital Near Me.
6. Long-tail keywords- Long-tail keywords are called. In which when a user searches for 3–4 words or more queries in a long sentence. So we can call that sentence or that question long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more effective because the information about this keyword is correct and results are found quickly. The longer the long tail keyword, the better the results. For example – Digital Marketing Course Indore, Digital Marketing Course in Indore. Digital Marketing Institute Indore. Digital Marketing Training Indore. It comes in all long-tail keywords.
By reading about keywords and keyword research, you must have understood that this is an important part of digital marketing. And how and how he should do all this. Hope you all like this article and have received thorough information.

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