Virtual Trade Show: 10 Ideas, Tips, and Best practices


In recent times, we have learned that digitalization is the key to success. Technological advancements have driven us to a powerful environment of attending events virtually from different remote locations. Hence, Virtual trade shows are no exception.

Online exhibitions, fairs, trade shows, and expos are a great way to lure more attendees, boost brand value, and deliver life-like event experiences. While the objectives of online trade shows are similar to their on-site counterparts, let us learn some best ideas and practices of the virtual shows;

Choose Your Virtual Trade Show Platform Wisely 

Amongst several online event solutions available in the market, it is vital to pick the best virtual trade show platform to match your business needs. A platform that leverages the right event tech helps you recreate the experiences of a physical trade show. List out the features or tools you want based on your event requirements. Discuss the same with your platform provider. It will give you better insights into the platform and its appearance for D-day.

Here are a few key features of an ideal virtual trade show platform;

     User-friendly interface

     100% secure and trustworthy

     Customized branding

     24/7 customer support

     Detailed reporting

     Engagement tools (live polls, surveys, and Q&As)

     Networking opportunities

     Social media integration

     Live chat functionality

     On-demand content

A virtual event solution that can seamlessly integrate these features can undoubtedly elevate the level of your online events. For example, Dreamcast is an excellent virtual event platform that offers the above-mentioned features.

Schedule Your Virtual trade show carefully 

The aim of any trade show is to draw more people to the event. Getting more attendees helps increase the event’s ROI. For this, you need to be very careful while determining the date and time for your event. Make sure that the date you choose does not fall on a weekend or a national holiday. You should also avoid the time around the New Year or Christmas. These practices will allow you to welcome maximum participation.

Prepare engaging content 

Content is the key to drive audience engagement. Virtual trade shows offer different content types that can be in the form of PDF, document, videos, or a presentation. Do your research and learn the ongoing industry trends to prepare content that would keep your attendees interested.

You can use experienced emcees or speakers to deliver the content to the audience. Skillful speakers are well acquainted with the art of conducting engaging sessions. To spice up the event, you can consider adding multiple speaking to break the monotony of the event.

Create an immersive 3D stage

Eye-catching visuals play a vital role in enhancing the virtual event experience for your attendees. Look for an exceptional 3D virtual trade show technology that can include lively imagery, videos, and graphics to replicate the experiences of a physical venue.

To name some, you can add a 360-degree tour feature, dynamic banners, a virtual lobby, GIFs, and more to make your event even more exciting.

Consider creating an impressive landing page that includes clips of a notable speaker, date, time, and the event brief. The landing page is a tool to attract more participants, so get a little creative to amaze your audience.

Strategize your marketing efforts

Marketing efforts hold a significant role in spreading awareness about your event. Make the most of different social media handles, use event-specific hashtags, and post interesting pictures, videos, and boomerang related to the event. It is an excellent strategy to generate buzz among the potential attendees.

You can also practice email marketing to send periodic reminders to the participants about the event. It will encourage them to add this event to their calendar or set reminders. Keyword-enriched blogs and posts can also boost the search potential of your virtual trade show.

Enormous networking opportunities

Networking is a crucial aspect of any virtual or hybrid event. People love to connect, learn, engage, and interact. Keeping live chat, audio, & video call functionality, AI matchmaking tool, business card exchange, and B2B meetings scheduler allows attendees and exhibitors to make new connections.

It goes without

Valuable features and opportunities can also help sponsors get qualified leads. It will, in turn, drive sales and lead to sustainable growth.

Audience engagement features

To keep attendees engaged at a trade show, you need to add interesting features and tools. The more you keep them involved, the more is their dwell time on the platform.

     On-event announcements: You can use push notifications to keep your attendee aware of the live and upcoming sessions. These announcements could be either in the form of text or video.

     Gamification: Games are a fun element that makes the event even more enjoyable. To name some, crossword, word games, tic-tac-toe, scavenger hunt are great options to keep your audience involved.

     Virtual exhibitor booths: Creating different 3D booths for the exhibitor can enhance the user experience. These booths allow the attendees to interact with the exhibitors. Exhibitors can choose to customize their booth and exceptionally display the content and products.

     Photobooths: The branded photobooths enable the attendees to capture multiple photos with their pets, kids, and families. It is a great way to make the virtual event even more remarkable for the attendees.

     Short sessions: The duration of your sessions has an important role in eliminating attendee drop-off.

Detailed reports and analytics

Getting detailed analytics or a complete record of attendee footprint helps you measure the success of your virtual show. Your platform service provider should help you with insights into the count of registrations, the number of downloaded content, the hotspots of the event, the most visited booth, and more.

These analytics will help you learn if you have been able to meet the expectations of your target audience and your pre-decided event goals.

Final Word

Virtual trade shows or exhibitions help enhance the reach of the business to a large global audience. Businesses can use these events to boost their brand value and deliver unique experiences. A significant portion of any online event’s success depends on your virtual event platform and its features. Therefore, be very decisive while selecting your enterprise solution.  

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