What do Men Want in a Woman? Here’s The Truth!


The average woman spends a lot of time pondering over the question “what do men want in a woman?”It’s just natural because men (and in fact, society) have spent a lot of time and effort trying to hide the truth about what men really want.

It’s not an intentional conspiracy (but it sure seems like it!). It’s actually natural for men and women to be confused about each other because, on the surface, men and women have many similarities. It’s on a psychological level that the differences begin to become extreme.

So, what do men want in a woman? Before we answer that question, let’s take a quick look at some of the myths. This is important because, in many ways, these myths are the reason that so many women have problems truly understanding men.

Myth: Men are Only Really Interested in One Thing

This one is a popular myth in our society, one that even my girlfriend believes! This one can come in many flavors and varieties, but they’re all wrong. And this one’s important because a misunderstanding like this one shows that you’re out of touch with a man and his sexuality. So long as you pay attention to distractions such as this myth, you will never learn the answer to “what do men want in a woman?”

To clarify, I’m not saying that men aren’t highly fixated on the physical aspect of a relationship. There are exceptions, but men are largely obsessed with the more sexual parts of a relationship, and you probably already know this.

The myth here is not that “men love sex”, but that sex is the ONLY thing that men care about!

Want statistical proof? I’m going to give that to you. This is a little sad, so brace yourself.

Consistent studies have shown that more men commit suicide after a breakup than women.

I know, it’s dark, but it’s a nice illustration of my point here: if men didn’t care about or form deep emotional bonds, would they really go to this length to escape their heartache? A pair of nice-looking legs or vivacious curves are surely not enough to drive a man to such lengths all on their own.

So, why then do men focus on the “single life” and sex so much when they’re not in a relationship? What do men want in a woman?

Men really do want to be loved by a special woman, much in the same way that a woman wants to be loved, cherished, and treasured by a special man. But here’s the catch: most men just don’t fully believe that this woman is out there for them. Women are trained and brought up with romantic notions and fairy tales, so their search for “that special man” occupies their conscious mind on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, a man is “trained” to objectify women. Cool men and role models are seen playing the life of a bachelor for as long as possible, charming and impressing women everywhere they go. So that’s what men focus on achieving. But that doesn’t mean that at their core, they don’t have this vulnerable side that’s just SCREAMING for a woman to invade and break down his walls and give him that sense of validation and love that he secretly craves!

What do men want in a woman? They want a woman that stands out from the crowd and becomes THE woman in their love story. In that sense, I suppose we’re the same. A man is perfectly content being a bachelor until he finds that woman. A man will save all of his love and energy for that special woman that he will fall completely in love with.

An attractive, successful, and available person with whom you are compatible, only comes frequently. When he comes around, will you be the kind of woman who only comes around once in a lifetime?

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