What is Social Media Marketing and Tips to Create Social Media Marketing Strategy


The world without social media marketing strategy is impossible, today we all know how hooked on it we are in the current era. The world without it is not possible anymore, all business owners are investing heavily in SMM as it gets them the most reach and most audience in the best possible way. There is no denying the fact that SMM has given business owners today a new way to reach new customers. We ourselves shop online mostly and the one place that gets us the most convenient shopping experience then it is the market places online. Nevertheless, being a business owner if you are looking for an SMM service provider there is no one better than the Ingenious Guru in this case.

If you are still confused about what Social Media Marketing is, here we have a guide for you.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is using your social media channels to promote or sell your product, service, or brand. It allows businesses to enhance brand awareness, develop engaged communities, promote products and services with the use of solutions of native social commerce, measure the sentiments of the brand through social listing, provide customer services on the different platforms of social media, and most importantly advertises the business products and services to target the audience.

When we talk about SMM strategy we go a little bit, it does not only cater to the online presence of the brand but has a lot more to it. The way customers see it, the way it benefits the brand, and every little thing that one needs to have for the brand. When you are finalizing your SMM strategy, it is important you list down all your current and future accounts of social media with some goals specified for all the platforms you are active on.

Moreover, an effective social media plan must also explain the roles and responsibilities that you should divide within your team and it should outline the cadence of your reports as well.

Steps to Create Social Media Strategy

1)     Align your goals with Social Media Strategy

Creating and devising social media strategy is no walk in the park it takes some crazy mind to devise one brand strategy. You have to ensure all your business goals are aligned with the strategy. Strategy making is not easy you have to list down your business goals first and then make them according to the SMART strategy.

See our all your goals as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. If your goals go well with all these points, you are in for a longer time in this marketing race.

2)     Study your audience

Your business is for your customers, we all know that but how much do you know about your audience? How well do you know them? If you are not aware of their likes or dislikes, chances are you are going to disappoint them for a longer time. It is imperative to learn about the audience first and then make the strategies accordingly. There are many different ways to study them, you have to be sure you know them in and out so that you create the content accordingly.

When we talk about knowing the audience following are the things that you MUST know.

a)      Age

b)      Location

c)       Annual Income

d)      Job Title and Industry

e)      Hobbies and etc

3)     Know your competition

You are not alone in the market, even if you are the first one with this business idea be ready to face the tough competition out there. I mean who can be that lucky to run a monopoly in the market in the current business world? The best way to be the market leader is to be aware of your competitor and how they are dealing with everything. Study them, see their pattern and look out for their mistakes so that you do not make them in the future.

Conduct a competitor analysis, it will tell you where you and your competition lie, are they doing better than you? If yes then what are they doing differently to be at a better stage than you? Learn from them, learning should never be stopped in any case.

4)     Conduct an audit

Auditing is important, very important, it tells you about your position and helps you devise future strategies as well. Ask yourself the following questions and it will help you decide your future and how should you take it.

a)      What strategies are working out for you and what are not?

b)      Who are most of the engaged audience?

c)       How are they engaging with you?

d)      What networks do your audience use?

e)      Where do you lie in competition with your competitors?

Answer these questions and you will know what to do in the future and how to fix your past mistakes.

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