What Is SoundCloud? How the Streaming Platform Works


SoundCloud is an online audifo streaming and music sharing service based in Stockholm, Sweden, that was founded in 2007.

SoundCloud’s interactivity makes it possible for artists, from musicians to podcasters, to engage with fans and followers through its variety of sharing options. SoundCloud’s well-known commenting feature is one of them. It allows listeners to share their opinions on specific segments of an audio track, which are then visible by anybody who tunes in.

What you need to know about SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great source for uploading your songs, be they freestyle or professional. The basic version is free and accessible from the internet and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. Here’s everything you need to know about SoundCloud, including how it works, what it costs, and how to use its features.

How much does SoundCloud cost

Although anybody may join and utilize SoundCloud for free, there are more advanced features that need a monthly payment.

The SoundCloud Go premium tier is the first premium tier on the platform for users, which costs $4.99 per month. Users may save an infinite number of songs for offline listening and enjoy ad-free listening with SoundCloud Go.

The SoundCloud Go+ membership is the next step up. Subscribers to SoundCloud Go+ get all of the features available through SoundCloud Go, plus higher-quality audio and access to the full catalog.

The first thing to consider is the number of followers you want. Then there’s Pro Unlimited, which costs $35 a month and allows you to have unlimited followers. Basic limits you to three hours of audio content and statistics such as song plays and likes.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited gives you a lot more information on your listeners, as well as the ability to upload limitless audio tracks to other platforms, and possibly generate income or distribute soundtracks. If you subscribe for a yearly membership or pay month-to-month, SoundCloud Pro Unlimited costs $12 per month or $16 per month.

How to use SoundCloud as a listener

Create an account on SoundCloud.com or download the SoundCloud app and log in. You may do this by creating a password, signing up using your Facebook, Apple, or Google account, or logging in using one of those accounts.

To modify your profile, go to your profile by clicking on the display name in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, under “Profile,” click “Edit.” Personalize your page by uploading a header image and profile photo. Underneath the header image, you can modify or add your bio and if desired, specify your full name, city, and country. When you’re done making changes, click “Save changes” below the bio area.

To begin listening, go to the “Discover” page by clicking the “Home” tab to see what’s popular or search for certain material using the search bar. You may like, like, and repost songs you enjoy; they’re all accessible beneath the music waveforms.

You may create playlists by clicking the “More” button then “Add to playlist.” To follow an artist’s new tracks, playlists, and reposts, click the “Follow” button under their name beneath the music player. These will appear in your Stream tab, along with the songs you upload and repost. The likes and playlists are kept in your Library tab. You can also download tracks with Soundcloud to MP3.

How to use SoundCloud as an artist

For creators, using SoundCloud is a little more complicated since you have a lot of tools at your disposal to market and expand your following.

To upload a song to SoundCloud, go to the “Upload” tab. You may drag and drop files into the input box or pick from your computer to upload them. Consider selecting “Public” or “Private” as the privacy setting for your audio track. You can also select whether to enable downloads for your song and edit or add track information.

The copyright and legal issues are the most crucial parts of a SoundCloud profile. Uploaded music must comply with SoundCloud’s Terms of Use not to infringe on another person’s rights, according to the site. In other words, don’t upload audio that isn’t yours.

The SoundCloud Creator Guide offers a comprehensive overview of all of the tools and resources available to musicians to help them get the most out on the platform. It contains recommendations for optimizing SoundCloud songs for easy discovery, instructions for uploading your tracks to social media, and embedded players.

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