Who Is Bryce Perez? Things You Must Know About Pitbull Son



Full Name

Bryce Perez

First Name


Last Name


Date of Birth

March 5, 2003


18 years


Celebrity Child



Birth Country

United States

Father Name


Father Profession

American rapper, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador, and philanthropist

Mother Name

Barbara Alba

Gender Identity





Destiny Perez

Net worth

$100 million


A well-known Pitbull is the father of rapper and artist Bryce Perez. Pitbull is also renowned as a brand ambassador as well as a philanthropist. His real name is Armando Christian Perez. Mr. World Wide is another nickname for him. Perez is a football player in his senior year of high school.

Is Pitbull being secretive about the rest of his family and relationships?

People tend to probe for personal information when dealing with a well-known celebrity. According to his statements, the American rapper is currently single and “eager to mingle.” He’s kept his private life

private, and his marriage isn’t documented anywhere. He supposedly had a close relationship with Barbara Alba for a long time.

In 2002, the couple gave birth to two children: Destiny and Bryce Perez (born in 2004). After ten years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits. On the arms of their father are tattoos of Bryce and Destiny.

Jermaine Jackson (Source: Google)

According to accounts, he has more than two children from different women. In order to preserve their privacy and safety, the identities of his six children’s moms have not yet been revealed. Reports say the musician likes a more casual relationship in which the two women are more like acquaintances than lovers. The man professes to be unafraid of pursuing a love relationship, as well. He has a hard time making commitments and considers himself to be a more open person.

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Pitbull makes an appearance on COURT thanks to Lindsay Lohan.

A massive beef erupted between Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was outraged when Pitbull teased and mocked her. The issue rapidly deteriorated once the actress filed a formal complaint against Mr. Worldwide. The song’s lyrics referenced Lindsay Lohan, and one line said, “I’ve got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” I thought it was hilarious. She filed a lawsuit because she was so furious at the situation. She was offended by the remarks, and she took them personally.

Foster parent, disowned by mother, and bad relationship with father

Your mother has abandoned you, your relationship with your father is rocky, and you’ve been placed with foster parents. Pitbull was kicked out of his house when he was a teenager because of his music. It was his mother who perpetrated the crime. Because he used to deliver drugs to pupils at his school, this was a big deal. Also, he had a hard relationship with his father. His father had also been involved in illicit activities. He took a trip away from his parent’s house and spent time with his foster family. Their real names haven’t been made public yet.

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Top nominees in each category

At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, The American Rapper had the most nominations (11 total) of any artist. Without a question, it was the most memorable experience of his life.

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and hitting a pedestrian

A video of the celebrity striking a man after he threw money in his face can be found on YouTube. Historically, he’s been in the center of attention whenever such issues arise. Another time, he was pulled over for drunk driving. He was hit with a $ 1000 penalty.

Awarded with a “Key to the City” by the mayor.

Because of his contributions to Miami’s renown, the American rapper was presented with a “Key to the City” by the city. An honor awarded by the municipality to a resident or visitor.

The whole amount of money you have.

Bryce Perez, who is just in his sophomore year of high school, has no money to his name. As opposed to him, his father is rumored to be worth $100 million dollars! The following is a breakdown of his income and where it comes from:


His father was born on January 15th, 1981. He’s 39 years old right now.

His father has a height of 5’9″ (165 cm) (1.75 meters)

An atheist of Hispanic ancestry, his father raised him.

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