Why is your PC slow and How you can improve the speed


Time heals all wounds’ could be a saying that does not strictly apply to the word of computing. In fact, time is typically the most important reason behind hardware lag on laptops. Indeed, as usage will increase and a lot of things get downloaded and installed unnecessarily, a bigger strain is placed on a laptop’s restricted memory and other hardware capacities. Slow laptops are the nemesis of many enterprises, and we’re all well aware of the annoyance of selecting a program and watching for ages for it to open. In that case, it can’t be possible to merely pack it up and get a brand new laptop or computer, however, there are measures you can follow to extend your current machine’s lifespan and improve its speed.

Mainly performance is mostly affected by the drivers present in the system which gets outdated with time. Free Driver Updater is a solution to that for updating drivers. Let’s learn more about slow PC and its solutions:

Limit Startup Programs-

There are a number of programs that are designed to begin automatically as soon as Windows boots. Software system makers usually set their programs to open within the background, which are out of sight, therefore they will open right away once you click their icons.  moreover as making your machine slower and sluggish.

Thankfully, it’s currently easier than ever in Windows 10 to make changes in what applications should be allowed to run on startup. Firstly head to the settings menu, click on the ‘Apps’ option and then the ‘Startup’ tab; this can show you a list of each program or service that can be changed for running at startup, a label showing the impact on system resources, and performance, and a toggle option to block or permit it from running on boot. Simply flip the turn on to off for any services that you simply don’t need running all the time, and you must begin to examine an improvement in performance and boot times.

Delete Unnecessary Files and Programs-

This is one of the foremost necessary steps to take once your PC is showing signs of age is to use a file scanner to ascertain whether or not there could also be any older files or folders that you just haven’t used or accessed for a while. These are available in the form of older documents, or maybe information stored on your machine as well as cookies and temporary files which will be weighing down your computer. There can also be several images or duplicate images lying around in the system that are no more needed, for that you can use this pro application Duplicate Photo Cleaner, with this application you can scan for duplicate images and remove them in a single click.

Check Driver Updates- 

A device driver is an important piece of code that permits the system to interact with specific hardware like graphics card, webcam, mouse, keyboard, etc. They have a very important role in the smooth working of the system. There are basically three main ways to update drivers, the first is manually through the Windows device manager option, the second is automatically through one of the best third-party software applications Bit Driver Updater, or the third is through the driver’s manufacturer’s site. To update using device manager all you need to do is open the device manager list and select the device to update its driver. To use Bit Driver updater just download and install it from the web and run it for scan, and update drivers. Download driver directly from manufacturers sites if unable to process the rest two steps.

Close all the Browser Tabs-

If you are among those people who keep dozens of tabs open thinking never to lose a link, your browser is probably going hogging much more than its fair proportion of RAM. “When you will open a new browser tab, it’s saved in RAM. If you have got only a very little bit of RAM left free in the system, you run out of space for processing everything that’s active, therefore the laptop slows down. Multiple open browsers will weigh down the works too, and you get further slow points if any tabs are auto-refreshing. Which is more annoying, having a glut of browser tabs packed with supposedly crucial data which does not specifically help our productivity or mindfulness.


Hopefully, these tweaks will help boost your system and productivity both. It will definitely slow down the aging of your PC if you keep following these steps after a while. You can also try running a virus scan and adding more RAM to the system.

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