Why Should You Study in India?


India is known as a land of religious diversity, rich cultures, delicious food and more. However, just similar to the vastness of India, the education system of India is also expansive. Some of the exceptional leaders of the world, be it Sunder Pichai (CEO, Google), Indra Nooyi (CEO, Pepsi Co) or Satya Nadella (CEO Microsoft), all are Indians. 


India may not come to the top of your mind when you’re planning to study abroad. However, you need to know that not only the Indian economy is extensively growing, but there are way too many reasons for you to study in India. Here are some strong reasons for you to put a thought about education here. 


10 Reasons to Study in India: 


  • Third Largest Education System of the World


India homes 700+ universities and 38000+ colleges, demonstrating how enormous the Indian education system is. The capacity to enroll millions of students and the vastness of academic offerings such as bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate degrees make India the world’s third-largest education system. 


Moreover, the rising international network of students and professors indicates increasing diversity and higher opportunities to grow in career. Besides that, it’s known to all that diversity also helps students in personal advancement. 


  • Scholarship


In India, the government grants scholarships to thousands of international students every year for enrolling in bachelor’s, master and doctorate programs in reputed Indian universities. Getting an opportunity to study in a recognized university in your preferred program without any cost is the best option, undoubtedly. 


Scholarships provided by the Indian government include a wide array of domains, including business administration, engineering, fine arts, computer applications, pharmacology and more. So, international students have the opportunity to pick their ideal course. 


  • Affordable Living


When compared to the most excellent educational institutes in the world, the cost of education in India is much more inexpensive. Besides that, students can get educational loans, and gain scholarships or any other financial plan to compensate for the fees. You save a lot of money when studying here and use it wisely to ensure a comfortable living. 


You can live a good quality of life in India at quite affordable rates. The average cost of living in India is approximately USD 5000, which is way less than the cost one pays when studying in other western countries. 


  • Home to Top Universities of the World 


The quality of education in India is exceptional because of the top universities here. India is most known for its engineering courses and MBA study created by the most reputed IITs, IISc and IIMs. The IITs and IIMs of India primarily concentrate on educating students in engineering, technology, management, and more. 


Besides IITs and IIMs, AIIMS Delhi, Banaras Hindu University, Delhi University, Marwadi University, NIT Rourkela, BITS Pilani, etc., are some of the best universities in India. Many foreign universities have tie-ups with Indian universities as well. Your education here will surely be excellent, so you must consider studying in India.

  • Become Part of the Rising Economy


You don’t have to worry about studying in India, even for a bit. Being the fifth-largest economy in the world, India would not let your career take a back seat by supporting you with excellent career opportunities. The universities in India are constantly putting an effort to expose students to a global network.


Many experts predict that India will become the third-largest economy in the world by 2030. So, you may not be sure of studying in India, but the reality is, the economy is rising and is likely to present you with wonderful national and international learning experiences. 


  • Excellent Placement Opportunities


Today, India is in a fast pace run to become one of the world’s strongest and largest marketplaces. By continuously evolving, India has become a leading player in domains like Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, FMCG, etc. All the leading companies in India prefer hiring young graduates through campus placements. 


The best public and private universities in India hold excellent placement records to land jobs for their students in the marquee companies of the country. With national and multi-national companies hiring students from Indian campuses, you must come and study in India to secure a brighter future.  


  • Rich History in Terms of Education 


India has contributed immensely to the field of education in almost any field – whether it’s mathematics, yoga, medicine, architecture, astronomy, metallurgy, mineralogy, and so on. Except for this, the entire study of a course is in English in India, which is one of the main attractions for international aspirants. 


From Aryabhata’s discovery of zero, the invention of shampoo and flush toilets, the establishment of the first university in the world to creating of the smallest satellite in the world, the innovations, and discoveries of India are accepted and adopted all around the globe. 


  • Diversity


Known as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, your stay in India would be full of never had kind of experiences. India homes people from diverse cultures, ethnicity, and religion, so you get to explore and learn about numerous cultures and their beauty. 


If you’re an explorer kind, you will get mesmerized seeing the beauty India holds. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the natural beauty of Kashmir, you get to explore great scenery, mixed cultures, and, of course, delicious food varieties. Many famous universities in India are located amidst beautiful natural habitats. 


  • Popular and Diverse Programmes


The academics in the Indian education system is way more comprehensive than you think. The institutes in India provide students with a wide array of courses to assist them to pick an academic program of their interest. Whether you wish to study a technical subject, philosophy course, or classical music, there are a host of possibilities open to you. 


Except for the advanced science and other courses, you can also delve deeper into historical and traditional subjects such as Vaastu Shastra, Yoga, Rural programs, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Hindi, and many more when studying in India. 



  • International Acclamation


When you have studied at an Indian institute, you do not have to worry about educational recognition because an Indian degree is recognized everywhere in the world. National statutory bodies like NIRF and NAAC monitor the institutes and ensure that they meet the highest educational standards. 


Almost 200 out of the Fortune 500 Companies hire graduates from Indian institutes for international tasks. In fact, some of the global MNCs also have Indian CEOs, so international acclamation is never an issue when you study in India. 


Come and study in India, and experience every above-stated reason at its best! 

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