Why Will Instagram Take Over Facebook?


People have reported earlier this year on groundbreaking new data from Edison Research, which revealed that Facebook use had fallen for the first time in history. Though Facebook’s popularity dwindled, Instagram grew in popularity, according to the same report.

That is not an accident, and it is not going to improve anytime soon. In reality, I believe that by 2023, Instagram would have surpassed Facebook as the most successful social media site in the United States.

User Friendly

It’s no wonder that Instagram is a better mobile experience than Facebook, given that it was a mobile-only site for many years and has a smaller range of content styles. In this regard, Facebook has come a long way, but Instagram is designed for mobile devices. That is why services like Buy Instagram Followers uk work well on Instagram

Story Feature

This is not surprising, given that Instagram is where Zuckerberg and his team first implemented the “stories” feature, which Snapchat inspired. Facebook now has its posts, but the interface link between Facebook News Feed and Facebook Stories is still hazy and shaky.

Instagram is Trending

According to Edison’s Infinite Dial report, Facebook use among Americans, aged 12 to 34 dropped sharply between 2017 and 2018, while Instagram and Snapchat use increased.

More Inviting

Attempts at direct commerce on Facebook have been made several times, with mixed results.

However, Instagram commerce is so closely integrated into the experience that it feels like a mere extension of the site. I’ve purchased several items on Instagram, and the targeting algorithm is exceptionally sophisticated.

For both consumers and advertisers, the experience is only going to increase. Instagram also revealed that they are carrying out in-app purchases, which means you can buy directly from a picture without leaving Instagram and going to a website. Instagram will be transformed into a product commerce powerhouse as a result of this. But having a good number of followers would be critical, and Buy Instagram Followers uk is a good starting point.

Brand Marketing is Easier

From a marketing standpoint, Facebook’s News Feed display algorithm’s frequent improvements make an organic reach for company posts increasingly tricky (some say futile). In contrast, while Instagram makes improvements, they are less draconian, and brand/user coexistence is far more vital on Instagram overall.

On Instagram, there are a lot of brands whose content is delightful to see. That isn’t always the case for brand Facebook messages.

Better Reachability

It’s easier to find the content you want on Instagram because of the intense focus on hashtags from the start and the everyday use of five to twenty of them in posts. Publishers have flooded the hashtag system and gamed the system to get their content “found” on the site.

Positive Vibes

I do not deny that there are trolls and misanthropes on Instagram. But, in contrast to Facebook, where even the most mundane of posts can devolve into a politics-laden, us versus them food battle, the conversation (as it were) on Instagram feels more consistently optimistic and uplifting, at least to me.

Of course, positivity isn’t enough for Instagram to surpass Facebook in terms of popularity. However, social media is meant to be enjoyable. It’s intended to be a get-away. In most cases, it’s not meant to be where you challenge your ghosts or accusers.

Now, whether all of the perfect images on Instagram make you feel better or worse about yourself is currently the topic of a lot of academic analysis. Still, at the very least, you won’t have too many people shouting at you in the comments section. Also, services like Buy Real Instagram Followers Uk would help develop a positive community to your Instagram profile.

Instagram Messenger vs Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a resounding success. Messenger, driven by bots and talk, is perhaps the best real estate for branded interactions right now, with adoption soaring (including from Convince & Convert partners like Intercom and ICUC).

Instagram chat/messaging, on the other hand, can do at least some of what Facebook Messenger can and the gap is shrinking, as video chat is coming to Instagram soon.


Facebook remains a behemoth, and it is the only social networking site that comes close to ubiquity. But, in my opinion, Instagram is becoming a BETTER social network. If this pattern continues, Instagram could surpass Facebook as the most popular social media site in the United States by 2020.

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