6 Important features of a online examination software


6 Important features of a online examination software

Education and business sectors around the world use assessment as a primary source to gain in-depth knowledge of students’ learning and candidate skills. As the widespread assessment requirements grow, online exam software is expected to be a clear future for exam management. Moreover, the current COVID scenario has made the source of online assessment an ultimatum for continuity in the academic world.

As the online exam system has become the hottest technical topic of 2020, let’s take a look at its different features and see what makes it so special.

However, there are some essential online examination software features that you need to check before buying, taking a look at these features will help you make the right decision. So, take a keen look at the entire blog.

Automate study planning and scheduling

Adequate study planning to conduct exams and provide enrollment requires a strategic approach. Otherwise, it can get more complicated. So, while choosing one, look for the online evaluation software that comes with this feature.

This important feature assists educational institutions in pre-test phases with student applications, timetable creation, hall ticket processing, and test site/watcher assignments processed and saved into an easily configurable seating plan, and finally, with seamless attendance marking. option.

Generate assessment

The online test generator feature is the starting step in shaping your assessment idea. This allows test authors to follow a set of patterns that make up an assessment through an interactive informational interface. When you select a test template at this stage, additional elements are added.

Question bank management

With the online exam software of your choice, you can create and manage your favorite question papers, production templates, and setup questions from a reusable question bank at any time.

Starting with the rich inclusion of multimedia options, images, text editors and other necessary customizations can really make your questionnaire presentation engaging and authentic.

Configurable roles and privileges

Role-based permissions and rules are organized to create, manage, and manage exams and assessments. A highly customizable user and group interface allows you to control who monitors, develops, and views your exam or resource material, ensuring optimal efficiency and security.

This, this option is a very essential thing you should see. And you can create as many groups as possible and assign tests to that specific group.

Additionally, once you reach the management level, this option simplifies user collaboration while designing and scheduling exams, response collection, and results analysis.

Active notification

This feature provides real-time notifications of exam status to candidates and guardians/parents on a regular basis. Notifications are available on all three platforms: mobile, web and app. Additionally, the candidate interface usually has separate sections where you can highlight missing, active, and ordered tests.

Comprehensive report and dashboard

The online exam software you choose is most desirable to acquire an advanced analytic reporting structure in a personalized dashboard, so all the insights you need are displayed on your screen. Be able to display student progress, time management and most important subject wise analysis. This can help teachers address gaps and better assess gaps in the early stages.

Insightful graphical representations are essential and should be expected, with in-depth reporting to analyze and shape students’ learning curves with immediate normative feedback. In addition, this feature is to include export or import options to allow users to easily process test results, report sharing, and responses.

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