Almond benefits for Men’s Health


We can all accept that almonds are a healthy snack when consumed in moderation, right? The fact that almonds are a source of protein and fibre is one of their many advantages for men. They’re also high in vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese, all of which are beneficial to sexual health.

According to the findings of a small study published recently in the journal Nutrients, consuming 60 grams of nuts per day (roughly two handfuls) increased sexual function.

To see if regular consumption of nuts had any impact on sexual function, the researchers decided to study healthy participants of reproductive age.

This research was part of the FERTINUTS project, which had previously discovered that eating certain kinds of nuts on a regular basis increased the quality of sperm. Specific nuts—almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts—improved sperm quality but did not improve sexual function in the FERTINUTS study.

Researchers looked at 83 people who ate a diet high in animal fat and low in fruits and vegetables for their studies (western diet). After that, the participants were separated into two groups: one ate their regular western diet for 14 weeks, while the other added 60 grams of walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds to their western diet. The levels of two serum biomarkers, nitric oxide (NO) and E-selectin, which measure the health of blood vessels, were also measured at the start and end of the study. (E-selectin, on the other hand, seems to be more useful in diabetic patients.)

Almonds have particular benefits for men.

What is it about almonds that make your pencil lead? These nutrient-dense tree nuts contain arginine, an amino acid that helps relax blood vessels and promotes healthy circulation. You may have heard it mentioned in relation to heart health. But keep in mind that you can’t have a healthy sex life without good circulation. That is why this almond benefit is so precious to men.

Another benefit of almonds that is unique to men is their high zinc content. (Zinc is also abundant in walnuts.) Zinc is an essential nutrient for the production of testosterone. Although testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women, we know that low testosterone in men can have serious consequences, including erectile dysfunction. Almonds and walnuts both contain selenium, a nutrient that is beneficial to men’s sexual health.

Raw almonds have more health benefits than roasted almonds.

If you’re curious if raw or roasted nuts are better for you, the long answer is complex, but the short answer isn’t. Unlike some foods that lose nutrients when cooked, almonds and other nuts retain their nutritional value. When almonds are roasted at a high temperature, the polyunsaturated fats will now be harmed. This type of harm does not appear to occur when the almonds are roasted at a low to medium temperature.

Almonds can also be consumed in other ways to reap their dietary advantages.

Consider almond butter if raw or roasted almonds aren’t your thing. You can also drink almond milk, but the benefits aren’t as impressive as those obtained from raw almonds.

Almond flour may be used to reap the benefits of almonds for men. It’s made by blanching almonds to remove the skins and then grinding them to a fine flour texture. Almond flour provides nearly all of the nutritional benefits of whole almonds without the crunch.

Unrefined almond oil is another way to get some of the advantages of almonds. Almond oil has many advantages, some of which may surprise you. Almond oil is 70% monounsaturated fat, which means it is good for your heart. (A healthy heart often means adequate blood flow and the ability to attain sexual arousal.) Almond oil, though lacking some of the nutrients found in almonds, is high in vitamin E, also known as “the sex vitamin.” Furthermore, both men and women should benefit from almond oil’s skin benefits. It helps protect the skin from sun damage and aging when applied topically.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of almonds but you want to reap the benefits of almonds for men, walnuts are an option. Walnuts, like almonds, provide many of the same health advantages.

Another advantage of almonds for men

A handful of almonds will provide you with vitamin B6 as well as a healthy dose of energy. And these men’s advantages come with a modest portion of monounsaturated fats. B6 aids in the manufacturing of insulin, niacin, hemoglobin, and antibodies, as well as sending signals to the brain.

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