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Tips for Hiring Xamarin Developer

Xamarin developer

Are you thinking of hiring a Xamarin developer? If yes, then this article is for you. Below, in this article, we have shared everything you need to take care of when hiring a Xamarin developer.

For iOS and android cross-app platform development, people search for Xamarin developers online. If you are also looking for tips to consider while hiring them, continue reading. Xamarin is one of the powerful tools concerned with testing, building, and distributing the app. It is based on the .net framework, which consists of different languages for building diverse applications. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring A Xamarin Developer

1. Adequate Tech Knowledge

A basic criterion of a developer is to know the tech knowledge about C#. If the prospective candidate is not aware of the same, you might look for other developers in the market. The benefit of being a part of today’s market is choosing from a pool of options.

The candidate developer can be assessed based on the MVVM framework also. Xamarin developers should be familiar with APIs and third-party libraries accompanied by a strong foundation in usage. 

2. Previous Experience

Previously done work and experience perfectly represent a developer’s expertise in work and the type of knowledge he can bring to the table. The knowledge might not get expressed in college degrees or institutionalized study, but the learning journey while performing different projects.

The learning process should never stop for the developer—things created by them in the past project their skill in use. Also, you can put them in a particular situation to ascertain their sense of judgment and behavior. 

3. Ease of Reusability of Code

Since Xamarin is a cross-app development, the Xamarin developer should also be well versed with it. The ease with which the developer can use the code from one platform to another shows his skill set.

Often people would proclaim themselves as a complete package but don’t believe any such information before verifying it yourself. 

Ways of Hiring a Xamarin Developer

1. Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who works for you without signing an employment contract and for a dedicated project. They prove to be an economical option if you have a small project in hand. The workflow of a freelancer involves taking the project, working on it, and then usually delivering it on time.

A consistent long-term workflow cannot get guaranteed with a freelancer, as he might get better options and leave yours behind. Also, many times freelancers work on multiple projects at the same time. The possibility of the same freelancer getting chosen by several other people fairly exists. 

2. Remote Web Developer

These are the people who work just the opposite of a freelancer. Whether part-time or full time they sign an employment contract. Don’t confuse remote workers with on-site ones. There exists a difference between them. Remote workers can work from anywhere, while on-site workers have to be present physically at the location.

The search for a remote developer can get extended all over the world. After finding the candidate that fits your budget and bridges the gap of skill expertise, you can relax. 


After reading the article, we hope you got well versed with the Xamarin developers. Today, the success of any enterprise lies in its app. If your app gets built by the right hands, you can rest assured of ultimate consumer satisfaction and recognition.

Also, keep in mind that the market is diversified and offers many options, so choose wisely. Your resources and investment would be at stake, do not settle for fewer returns. 

Hope this article about hiring Xamarin  app developers is helpful to you. Make sure you share this content on social media. 


IELTS Exam Pattern 2022

ielts exam pattern 2022


There are two types of IELTS exam training. First is IELTS General Training. And second is IELTS Academic Training. It contains four sections also i.e., Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. So. Including these all factors we will discuss about the IELTS exam pattern 2022.

IELTS Exam General Training

General IELTS training is given by those who intend to immigrate to a largely English-speaking country. It can also be given by those who move to another country for job training. The results of the IELTS test play an important role in the selection criteria. This exam is conducted and administered by ETS, the Educational Testing Service worldwide. This exam is taken by more than 10,000 educational institutions in more than 150 countries.

IELTS Exam Pattern

We will first go with all the segments of IELTS. Let’s know about the marks, time duration, and paper pattern of all four sections.

IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening exam contains 40 questions in total. It includes four monologues and recorded conversations. Candidates have to listen to the conversation carefully. And after completing the conversation, they put their answers in the answer sheet. The duration of this test is of 30 minutes.

IELTS Reading

It also contains 40 questions in total. You are given three long passages and you have to read the passages carefully and then answer the questions. Texts range from descriptive and real to discourse, and the analysis contains non-verbal material, such as charts, graphs, and illustrations, from the original (taken from books, magazines, and newspapers). Time duration of this section is of 60 minutes.

IELTS Writing

IELTS writing exam has two tasks. That is task 1 and task 2. In addition, students are given information, tables, or diagrams that candidates must explain in their own words. Writing task 1 contains 150 words where candidates have to describe or explain a table, summarize the facts, explain the graph, chart, or diagram. Task 2 contains a short essay of at least 250 words. The time duration for these two task is 60 minutes.

IELTS Speaking

There is nothing to write in this section. It includes a face-to-face interview that has short questions to check your fluency in English. Also, it checks your confidence in giving an answer. It also includes group discussion with the Interviewer. It contains 11-14 minutes to complete the interview.

So, there is one thing to keep in mind that out of these four sections, three sections are held on the same day while the rest of the one will be on another day but in the same week. Exam held on the same day are Listening, Writing and Reading. Speaking part conducts on another day.

IELTS Coaching in Jaipur

If you want to prepare for IELTS seriously then you have to focus on its preparation. If you think that you are not able to concentrate at home then you can join coaching for IELTS. I will suggest you IELTS coaching classes in Jaipur. Well qualified tutors, all facilities related to IELTS preparation are available. They will provide study material also. And make the IELTS possible. Also, you can refer to overseas education consultants for more clarification.

National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Scholarship Program

(NFB) Scholarship Program

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Scholarship Program

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities is a national scholarship program that annually awards scholarships of up to $10,000 to blind students. The program is open to legally blind high school seniors and undergraduate students who are pursuing full-time studies at accredited colleges or universities in the United States.

Students must have a documented disability that significantly affects their ability to function in daily life activities and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward completing a bachelor’s degree.

Eligible applicants must also demonstrate financial need. For the past 20 years, NFB has provided approximately $7 million in scholarships each year to assist eligible students with their post-secondary education. Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, extracurricular activities, community service, employment, and financial need.

The application period for the 2019-2020 academic year is now closed. NFB will announce the recipients of the NFB Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities during the Awards Ceremony on May 4, 2020, at the Jernigan Institute in Washington, D.C. National Federation of the Blind Certification Program

Necessary Training for Those Who Work with the Blind and Visually Impaired #NTBI

To ensure maximum benefit to those who receive the training, the initial portion of the course must be followed by at least 80 hours of supervised fieldwork under the guidance of a certified trainer. NFB strongly encourages certified trainers to participate in fieldwork as well.

This 80-hour fieldwork requirement may be completed in the classroom under the guidance of a certified trainer or through actual hands-on experience in the community setting, depending on the training program offered. Certificates of Completion may be issued for the NFB NTBI Training Program. #ntbicom

This online course, Necessary Training for Those Who Work with the Blind and Visually Impaired (#NTBI), is designed to provide comprehensive training in three core areas:

1) information and referral;

2) specialized skills training; and

3) emotional intelligence.

By selecting one of the modules that interest you, you can receive training in a particular discipline or receive a complete training package.


The ensuing conditions apply to all aspirants

  • Must be cleanly sightless (PDF) in both eyes.
    Candidates by requirements must be a resident of the United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
  • Candidates are expected to be at least up to 18 years to be eligible by July 5, 2022.
  • Must be Going for or planning to Go for a full-time,post-secondary program of studies in a degree program at U.S. institute in the fall of the time of Applying (one scholarship may be presented to a person recruited full-time while He or she attends academy part- time).
  • Must partake in the exclusive NFB National Convention and in all of its listed education program exercises ( winners will Earn support to attend the public convention).

How to Apply NFB scholarship

To apply for the NFB scholarship you must Have to be sure you passed all the eligibility and requirements needed before  March 31, 2022. Then scroll down towards this link below and apply

Online Application here https://nfb.org/civicrm/scholarships/login

You can also check: aim global scholarship accredited schools

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