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Best Instagram Tips to Generate Traffic and Sales

If you are hoping to utilize Instagram to produce traffic and drive business, at that point you should peruse this post for a glance at a portion of the top Instagram Tips: Using Stories in your Sales Funnel. We will discuss the various types of ways that you can utilize Instagram to make more clients and convert them into paying clients.  

Instagram Stories:

There are a large number of individuals who utilize this long-range informal communication site, so it makes sense that a considerable lot of them are hoping to showcase their items or administrations. The most ideal approach to do this is through Stories. You can send adherents of your record a progression of pictures and permit them to decide on which ones they like best. On the off chance that you send them a picture of an item or administration that they like and make them need to go out and get it, at that point you have changed over your adherent into a client and have made a decent deals channel.

Instagram Marketing:

You can likewise utilize the Stories highlight to make your own Instagram promoting campaign. If you have a very much planned record that is intriguing, helpful, and special, at that point you can begin constructing a fan base. When they like your record, they will probably follow you and utilize the person-to-person communication site to showcase your business. With an Instagram showcasing campaign, you can assemble a huge after of individuals who will be keen on your items and administrations.

Instagram Sponsored Stories:

Numerous organizations utilize Sponsored Stories to draw in new clients to their business. Indeed, some organizations pay somebody to post pictures of items or administrations for them. This is a simple method to drive business to an online business that might not have sufficient advertising cash to advertise on their website. By making a Sponsored Story that can draw in countless watchers, an organization can acquire a lot of traffic after some time and begin to change over this traffic into clients.

Instagram Marketing with Tags:

The same essential standard applies to Instagram Marketing with labels. Assuming you have a record that is profoundly identified with your business, it makes it a lot simpler to pull in peruses to your record without going through a huge load of cash advertising. For example, if you are an apparel business, you can label your image as “garments style.” These permits peruse to discover your record via looking for your business and seeing what sort of attire you sell.

Twitter Marketing:

Utilizing Stories related to Twitter can likewise attempt to make a fruitful Twitter campaign. Indeed, the Twitter clients who follow you will probably be presented with the photographs on your Instagram channel and are substantially more liable to become enthusiasts of your record. If you utilize this strategy, you can likewise build the amount of openness of your record to individuals who follow you. You ought to likewise make certain to routinely tweet about your record to keep individuals keen on the photos and the data you are sharing.

Instagram Tips:

The Instagram Tips above are only a few of the ways that you can utilize your profile and Instagram to make a decent deal pipe. On the off chance that you need to get familiar with how you can take this to the following level, at that point you should survey my site for more itemized data. You can utilize these tips related to a blog, pamphlet, or email list to assemble your high-changing over, exceptionally focused list. If you will contribute a tad of time, exertion, and cash, at that point this will get you a ton of focused clients and convert them into paying clients rapidly. Instagram is an incredible apparatus to use for your business just as Buy Instagram Followers is likewise a decent propensity for getting achievement in the existence of online media showcasing. Assuming you haven’t effectively exploited it, this article ought to kick you off on creating traffic and changing over that traffic into deals.

Kasol camping must visit destination

 Camping is one of the favourite recreational activities of elites and youth. It involves overnight stay away from the rush of modern cities into a natural one in pursuit of activities providing you enjoyment. During camping, tourists love to enjoy other short-term recreational activities like trekking and sightseeing. When you spend a few days in nature you get a lot to learn about yourself and mother nature. The experience that you get during camping is both physically and intellectually stimulating and has the greatest effect on your body. One of the well-known hotspots is Kasol for camping in Himachal Pradesh. It is also referred to as mini Israel due to a high percentage of Israeli tourists here. Kasol is a Hamlet at an altitude of 1580 m,in the district Kullu of Himachal Pradesh on the banks of Parvati river, in the Parvati Valley. Kasol has been developed and every type of accommodation is available as the village has gained popularity among tourists, but to enjoy the destination in a true sense,  camping remains the best option for you. 

Kasol camps are the go-to weekend destination for the people of the national capital, Delhi as it is located only at a distance of 570 km. The camps allows you to try some adventure activities like Manala trek and Kasol Kheerganga trek and soak yourself in the beauty of this small Himalayan Hamlet. During camping in Kasol you enjoy the pleasing Parvati river, explore the local areas and their exotic cultures, and stay at camps with the amazing views of the Parvati Valley. There is a huge range of camping options in Kasol from basic camps to tents with all amenities and facilities, you just have to select the one that suits your budget and preferences. There is no-where else you could find such experience of staying in the appealing natural and scenic setting of the Parvati Valley. Here is a list of some good camps in Kasol :

Kabila camps : 

It is one of the well-known Kasol camps famous for their hospitality and adventure. They offer a variety of camps like luxury Swiss tents with all amenities and also alpine and domes camps which are on the economical side, with a huge on-site cafe offering some delicious food. The campsite is located 4 km from Kasol town and 7 km from Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib. There are packages like Luxury camping escape (5days), exploring Kasol(7days), Kasol adventure (2days) and with varying amenities availed, and the number of days of stay the cost per person also varies. 


Mahadev Riverview camps: 

Situated in Chhalal, 1.3 km from the centre of Kasol, in the Mahadev Riverview camps you can find luxury tents with all modern amenities and stunning views of the mountains. For people who seek economical camping options,there are options for them as well. This campsite also offers some lip-smacking local and international cuisines. It will take you just 20 min of walk from the city centre( 1.1km) to reach this beautiful campsite, and the most proximate Kullu Manali Airport is situated at a distance of 20.6 km. 

The cost of tents at Mahadev review cams depends on the date, rate, number of guests, etc. 

Parvati Woods camp : 

Another amazing campsite in Kasol all surrounded by dense pine trees and mighty Himalayas l is the Parvati Woods camp. They have Swiss tents with attached washrooms, room service, extra-long beds, private sit-out areas and a huge cafe with accommodation of a maximum of 50 people at a time. The bonfire, music and delicious food at the camps are sure to make your time at Parvati Woods camp a memorable one. Room types range from mountain view type 2 family rooms and suites. This campsite is situated at a distance of 3.5 km before the main Kasol market and just 50 metres from the Parvati Valley. so offer local villages to use apart from various recreational activities like trekking, fishing mountaineering and cycling. 

Orchard camps: 

Located at a distance of just 5 minutes from Kasol market area there is this another great camping option at Orchard camps. During your stay at this campsite, you can enjoy activities like hiking and sightseeing. The amenities that you will get at Orchard camps include hot spring bath, garden, and mountain view. The Kasol Orchard camps are located from Manikaran Gurudwara and 10 minutes drive away from Naina Bhagwati Mandir.

As the name suggests, the tents at Orchard camps offer the garden view and are well equipped with modern facilities. It’s a perfect place for both adventurers and solace seekers. Due to its location, you can explore a lot of Kasol during your stay at this campsite. 

Jalpa camps : 

Located in Choj, 2 km from centre, the Jalpa campsite offers a peaceful escape into the lap of peaceful nature. This campsite is pet friendly and offers some amazing vegetarian foods for its visitors. It is among the famous campsites of Kasol with the mesmerizing views of the hilly mountain range and hippie vibes of Kasol. You can enjoy a terrace, outdoor dining area, and a hot spring bath at Jalpa camps. Apart from these activities like bike tools walking to cycling hiking fishing are also available. 

Other campsites are Aman camps, Parvati view riverside camps and so on.

 Best time for camping Kasol 

Kasol is beautiful throughout the year and the best time differs with different travellers. Some travellers like to visit Kasol in winters as at this time the entire Parvati Valley is covered with a thick layer of snow and the experience of camping becomes more exotic in the evening with music and bonfire on the chilly nights. During the months from March to June i.e. during summers, tourists from all around the world visit Kasol. As summers are considered to be the best time for trekking, hiking, and camping. Avoid going to Kasol during monsoons as it may get dangerous due to road blockages and floors in different parts of Kasol. 

Cost of Camping in Kasol 

The cost of camping in Kasol depends on various factors like duration of camping, campsite chosen, season, adventure activities and amenities availed. Every campsite in Kasol has their own pricing depending on the above factors it may start from INR and go up to INR 7 to 8 thousand per person but Kasol never fails anyone. It has something for every type of traveller. 

How to reach Kasol 

Kasol is connected by almost every mode of transportation. The nearest airport is Kullu Manali Airport, also known as Bhuntar airport it is located at a distance of 30 km from Kasol and you can hire a cab or taxi to take you from the airport to your campsite. The nearest railhead is Joginder Nagar railway station located 144 km from Kasol. one of the best ways to travel to Kasol is by roadways, how to reach Kasol by road you have to get on to NH3 which is the main route that will take you to Kasol on its way to Manali. However if you are travelling from Delhi, you just have to catch a Volvo bus from Delhi’s Kashmiri gate ISBT, these buses run on a daily basis and it takes 11-12 hours to reach Kasol. 

Benefits of obtaining an FFMC license

FFMC license is a business permit to become a money changer. Simply put, it allows you to setup a business that you can use to exchange currencies for other people. As a business it’s niche. However, it’s market is on the rise for many reasons. 

These reasons will among the many benefits of obtaining FFMC license that we are going to discuss in this article. 

Capabilities to furnish sale facilities

Foreign exchange leads to foreign money. Foreign money leads to more Indian currency. That eventually leads to more profitability. If you make it to the FFMC license list, you have the power to furnish sale facilities for foreign exchange in India. They give you an door to the international share market that you can participate it to earn profits at a monumental scale. 

And who doesn’t want more profit. To put it in plain terms, having a Full Fledged money changer license in India (FFMC) allows you to participate in international trade. It would give you an opportunity to earn profit at an unprecedented scale.

Provide protection to foreign currency notes

Do you know how valuable is to find even a dollar-rupee note in India? As per the current exchange rate, it would be around INR 75 rupees. But that’s not the benefit I am talking about. The currency notes of foreign countries are extremely valuable to Indians and people traveling to India. Those who have gotten the FFMC license can provide these currency notes encashment facilities. 

Encashment certificates are special certificates whose format was designed by RBI to keep a hard record of the foreign currencies possessed by Indian nationals. An Authorized money changer has to power to issue encashment certificates to Indian nationals (and non-Indian nationals in some cases) for the following:

  1. Travel Cheques

  2. Coins

  3. Foreign Currency Notes

Performing foreign exchange activities

Full Fledged Money Changers have the authority given to them by the Reserve bank of India to perform foreign exchange activities. They are, in simple terms, are  such as:

  1. Inputting and outputting foreign exchange 

  2. Ability buy foreign currency from general public

  3. Sales fore reconversion to Indian currency

  4. Staying updated with the current exchange rate to provide the best services to the clients. 

  5. Dealing in foreign shares subject to additional authorization by the Reserve bank of India. 

Addressing transactions 

With an FFMC license, RBI bestows on you the power to address many kinds of transactions. Be in the exchange of :

  1. The coins

  2. Foreign currency notes

  3. Traveler Cheques

As an FFMC, you’d also receive training in staying updated with the current exchange rates and other nuances of the business. Thus, you’d be able to address those aforementioned transactions in the way possible. 

Read More About – BIS License


Getting an FFMC license online will shower you with many advantages. However, it all depends on where you get it from. You have two choices in the matter:

  1. You can, but should not, reach out to someone who has a money changer license for sale. 

  2. Or, you can get in touch with an FFMC license consultant. He would file your money changer license application and at minimum FFMC license fees, provide you other services as well.

Our recommendation, to make sure that FFMC license cancelled doesn’t happen to you, is to get in touch with a good consultant.

Difference between manual and automatic transmission: details

Right when you are looking for another vehicle, there are different things you look at. From the vehicle’s size to its power levels, plan, upkeep (if it’s used), and shockingly it’s the drivetrain. You may have seen that the sportier models will, all in all, be outfitted with a manual transmission, while ordinary family vehicles and SUVs generally have modified. On the off chance that you will bring a used transmission for vehicles. 


So initially you have data very well about sorts of transmission. Also, which sort of transmission is set in your vehicle. Notwithstanding, what’s the differentiation between these transmissions? 

The contrast between manual Transmission and automatic transmission 

The basic difference between these two transmission models is that a manual transmission anticipates that you should achieve more work when the vehicle is moving. A manual transmission grants you to genuinely change the vehicle into different cogwheels (hence “manual”), using a grip pedal and move the handle. To push your vehicle ahead and show up at higher rates, you need to genuinely switch gears to get to your optimal speed. A customized transmission, of course, achieves the grunt work for you, shifting gears easily as you push on the gas pedal. 

Automatic transmissions 

Customized transmissions have been eclipsing their more prepared manual cousins for up two or three years. Nonetheless, despite their reasonable omnipresence, modified transmissions are not actually an unrivaled choice for certain drivers. Regardless, they do offer advantages over manual transmissions in a couple of key zones. 


  • Less complex to use  Despite the way that there’s nothing naturally irksome about switching gears and working a grip, it really takes a digit of preparing before most drivers are available to sort out some way to use all of their extremities openly to control a manual transmission vehicle. Customized transmissions, by assessment, are much less troublesome and put to the side drivers by and large less exertion to learn. 


  • Less truly restrictive Most new drivers are empowered that the most secure way to deal with drive is to keep two hands firmly on the wheel reliably. This is possible when driving a customized transmission vehicle yet is past the domain of creative mind with a manual transmission 


  • Better for uneven regions on the off chance that you’re a less experienced driver, you may find that investigating steep inclines in a manual transmission is inconvenient, especially on the off chance that you’re attempting to do as such from a dead stop. Customized transmissions manage this issue, engaging your vehicle to work adequately paying little heed to how to soak the incline might be. 


  • Essentially diminished risk of easing back down There are relatively few things more embarrassing and wrong than coincidentally hindering your vehicle right when the traffic light changes. This is definitely not an ordinary issue for those driving a modified transmission, where hindering will conceivably occur if there’s a mechanical issue in the vehicle. 


  • More straightforward to use in powerful busy time gridlock Generally, more work goes into starting, accelerating, decelerating, and ending manual transmissions. 


  • Exorbitant to keep up automatic transmissions are more puzzling than manual. 


  • With a variety of working parts, they routinely set aside more effort for mechanics to fix, ultimately ending up costing a driver more as time goes on. 


  • Not qualified to learn manual  In specific areas of Australia, you’re expected to take a manual grant test under the watchful eye of legitimately being allowed to drive a manual vehicle. 

Manual transmissions 

For those drivers who like to be more connected with the internal exercises of their vehicle, the manual transmission assigns the switching of engine gears back to the pilot. Manual transmissions begin before the fresher modified models. 


  • More affordable to keep up With the sum of the extra equipment that goes into the customized transmission, it can end up hindering you a huge load of money just to keep it running fittingly. Manual transmission vehicles need close to no help, and general upkeep and fix end up being out and out less over the top. 


  • More unwilling to be taken With the extending number of modified transmissions discovering their bearing onto roads, there’s an entire age that has never taken in the better places of manual transmission action. 


  • Better control used automatic transmissions are expected to pick the best stuff for any condition, nonetheless, they will, by and large, rule for ready, changing to unreasonably high of stuff, and wasting engine power. 


  • Harder to learn Learning manuals can as often as possible take extra time since you’re expected to do the stuff changes yourself. 


  • Significant traffic-driving Driving in considerable busy time gridlock conditions can be inconvenient on account of predictable ending/starting and manual stuff changes. 


The above conversation clears your disarray about how to distinguish the used transmission utilized for your vehicle. In case the overall cost of upkeep and fix is an issue of concern (and is there any valid justification why it shouldn’t be?) At that point, you may have to consider confining your interest in manual transmission vehicles. Fundamentally, the automatic transmission is substantially more perplexing than manual vehicles, and accordingly, they cost altogether more to fix when they break.

Point of fact, manual vehicles have handles that eventually ought to be superseded – yet the cost of doing this is far lower as time goes on than the amassed fixes you’ll find in a program. Additionally, you can look at the vehicle transmission between utilized and modified vehicle transmission available to be purchased. All around, the cost to keep a manual transmission vehicle is significantly lower.

Exhibit Your Brand with 5 Classic Ideas

 Have you ever thought about why companies such as Apple, Amazon, Nike, etc., are so famous? All such firms have one thing in common that makes them more successful than others, i.e.,

strong branding. Apart from serving as the protective solution for your product, box print can also help you in building a strong branding. It can feature the logo, values, story, brand-themed colors, and aesthetics of a firm to establish a unique identity in the competitive market scenario.

If you are still unaware of the wonders that a strong branding strategy can do for your business, read out this ample guide.

Enhancement in Recognition:

Today, businesses are struggling to earn recognition in the consumer market so that they can make good sales and earn more profits. Irrespective of your business type, you cannot make yourself acknowledged by the customers unless you do not build strong branding; the custom boxes wholesale can serve an important role in this regard. With an eye-catchy logo, clear company value, compelling brand colors, and aesthetics printed on the packaging,

you can enhance the awareness and recognition of your firm in the target market. The logo is the most important element of the branding to which the customers are mostly exposed; designing it with brand-themed colors can help the companies achieve even greater results. The aesthetics are important, too, so coming up with the aesthetics that match the personality and value of your business makes sense in building a strong branding that will increase your recognition.

Building of Emotional Ties:

Engaging the customers on an emotional level is usually a top priority of brands all over the world. After all, the target audience does not have a direct relationship with the products that are meant to be sold in the market; they are loyal to the organizations.

The branding can ensure a strong brand loyalty of the customers with your business, due to which they will always prefer choosing your product over others. It can also prove favorable in projecting a professional image of your firm by providing social proof that the products and services you are offering are quality.

For instance, a branded box packaging solution with your company’s values and guidelines mentioned on it will impress the audience.

Generation of More Revenues:

Branding is the most influential way to spread word of mouth or get a referral business that ultimately procures you more sales. If there is no branding, it is hard for the organizations to get referrals and enhance their revenues.

Consider, for example, that some clients have purchased a shirt from a clothing brand that was amazing. How would they tell about the amazing quality of the shirt if they are unaware of the brand that is behind the selling of this cloth?

They cannot tell or refer it to their friends and families unless or until they are not aware of the specific clothing firm. In the opposite case, the branding helps the people in promoting word of mouth about the businesses both digitally and physically that guarantees the coming of more clients to your store and making more purchases.

Assistance in Advertising Efforts:

Businesses these days are spending millions on effective advertisements for their products. However, all your advertising efforts can go in vain if you do not have strong branding.

Before your organization can get effective results with the marketing and advertising efforts, the branding helps you in the creation of a unique logo and identity to which the target audience becomes familiar.

Once your branding is done, you can achieve maximum and desired results with the advertising techniques since the people will know you, and your brand awareness will be further enhanced.

Differentiate You from Rivals:

The modern-day market is loaded with a wide range of items that have the same specifications, price range, and efficiency. The branding can help you in this respect by making them stand out from the vicious competition.

With the help of it, you can tell your clients what you do better than the others and why they should prefer your product or brand over all the other options. In this fast-paced world, the shoppers do not have enough time, and they have more options than ever before.

Conveying them all the important information about what makes you different can save precious time. This information can be shared on your company’s website, or you can also communicate it through the Custom boxes as a packaging solution for your items.

As an example, you can share your expertise and accomplishments with them to make yourself look unique.

These are some of the reasons out of many why branding is indispensable for the business of all genres. The box print plays a critical part in getting your branding right in front of the target audience.

The branding increases the awareness about your firm and assists in building emotional ties with potential customers. Besides, it also proves influential in making you look unique from others and acquiring more net profits.

Why Outsourcing Customer Service Works!

When talking about the pillars ensuring business success, efficient customer support plays an integral role. For every company, customer satisfaction is supreme, thus maintaining customer loyalty is integral. With the increasing need for 24X7-service availability to the customer, it has become indispensable for companies to have a team of expert answering agents on board or have outsourced professionals to ensure customer satisfaction. This is the reason more small businesses are emphasizing stupendous customer support services. 

Handling customer relations efficiently isn’t easy. It demands dedicated agents offering 24X7 services. Since in-house hiring and training demands the investment of time and money, taking business process services can be a great best option. The customer expectation is rising, thus every company needs to have professionals handling the customer support service to avoid negative experiences deteriorate the business brand name. 

In today’s advanced epoch, modern technologies have revolutionized the way of work. The introduction of AI, IoT, RPA, etc. has transformed the ways businesses functioned. Accordingly, business process outsourcing services have revolutionized too. 

The traditional monotonous work culture of agents handling calls 24X7 sitting at their desks has transitioned to bots handling the repetitious tasks with cloud-based solutions helping agents work remotely. Not only is this, but even RPA is helping simplify tedious responsibilities. So why take the hassle of in-house service operation? Outsourcing is the key!

To help you understand more reasons why outsourcing is essential for your business, we team up the reasons:

Omnichannel Assistance

Having multichannel assistance on-board is tough for most businesses, as managing a team of agents in-house with a check on constant hiring and training for multi-channel support isn’t easy. By outsourcing, you get a team of professionals that brilliantly handle the customers’ requests through multiple channels. 

Since outsourced agents have the expertise of working for different clients, they tend to handle customer requests better. Offering multi-channel support- voice, emails, texts, social media assistance, etc. outsourced agents make sure that the customer request is heard on time, through all channels to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

With an in-house team to look after customer support on all channels, you had to look after hiring, training, and even the attrition disputes, so why not outsourcing!

Round-the-Clock Support

Outsourcing works for all large and medium-sized organizations because it frees the in-house agents for core responsibilities and makes services available to the customer round-the-clock. Hiring a team for the same is expensive and time taking, which is why outsourcing is the best. 

For an E-commerce firm, being available to the customer 24X7 is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction, augment revenue generation, and maintain brand image. Outsourcing works here, as it frees the in-house agents for core responsibilities and makes experts available to handle customer concerns hassle-free. 

Check on Increasing Call Volumes

Businesses that are into E-commerce or Hospitality face a spike of call volumes anytime. At times when call volumes are at their peak, how will the in-house agents handle customer requests? Outsourcing works here!

Outsourced partners have a team that can efficiently handle increasing requests without any threat to customer satisfaction. These agents make sure that no call is missed and also look after analyzing customer feedback to know their experiences. 

The best part is, by choosing business process services; you pay only for the services used. Besides, in peak times, there is no hassle of hiring and training agents for customer support, rather more agents are automatically assigned to handle increasing responsibilities well. 

In-Budget Solutions

The best thing about business process outsourcing services is that they are cost-efficient. Maximum companies today look forward to outsourcing services because they are in-budget, irrespective of in-house operations that demand huge investment. 

What would be better than having experts handling the business service within the budget! Thus, select your outsourcing partner wisely, as they have the capability of helping your business services reach new heights. 

Controlling Technical Glitch

If you are a company handling the technical queries of the customer, it is important to have a designated experienced team to look after customer support responsiveness. Technical inquiries are not the same as generic ones, thus it requires an experienced agent to answer the call for customer satisfaction myths.

An an outsourced agent having adequate experience will not dissatisfy the customer. Since these agents work for multiple firms, they understand the issues often faced by customers handling inquiries well with a solution that does not affect satisfaction levels adversely. 

If the customer is not satisfied and receives a similar technical issue again, she/he will be frustrated leaving the business service for another provider. Thus, outsourcing helps with professional agents on-board to handle the technical/non-technical issues through multiple channels. 

Customer Friendly

Every customer expects a polite agent to answer the call while calling for a query resolution. Since customer satisfaction is important to ensure business brand image, more companies are looking forward to having in-house professionals, or an outsourced team to handle each inquiry with ease. 

Interacting with tough customers and trying to influence them towards the business service isn’t easy. Consequently, outsourced experts help to handle all customers with their expertise.  

With reliable business process services, your organization has agents who understand the significance of talking friendlily with even the toughest customer. Customers are the key to business growth, so no company can afford their disappointment.  

Wrap Up:

With numerous perks of outsourcing, if you have decided to collaborate with a customer service professional in the market, consider some significant factors. Make sure that you outsource once you have decided your preferences. 

Look for a support provider with relevant expertise in your field. Think of your call volumes and outsource to an adequate number of agents with a check on the budget. Analyze to understand why and to whom you want to outsource. This ensures collaborating with an adequate partner who is capable enough to meet the business’s present and future needs. 

To know more or for more queries, contact us by commenting in the section below. 

Amazing trip to Tosh trek

Kasol is a picturesque town that is almost 1,580 feet [1,580 m] high in the Himalayas. The town is located in the Parvati Valley, on the banks of the roaring Parvati River. Keerganga, home to tropical springs, is considered a tourist attraction.

Tosh’s tour:

 The Tosh Trek is one of the easiest routes anyone can find on Himachal. It is most visited in the area after Kasol due to its ease of travel and better transportation to Tosh Nala. The town of Tosh is about 25 miles [40 km] from Kasol. And from Barshaini to Tosh a walking distance of about 4km. There are many home accommodations to choose from, and they are perfect for the pocket. In recent times many hotels have been built, and a few are still under construction.


Located on the banks of the Parvati River in the Parvati Valley, Kasol is a tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. It is like little Israel, with its many Israelite visitors and fine Hebrew restaurants around. Kasol is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam’ as it is surrounded by hippies from all over.

You can sit on the rocks by the river and immerse yourself in their explosive sounds. It’s a great place to relax and have a hard time at hip music festivals. Tosh’s snow-covered dream world is another amazing discovery of Himachal Pradesh. Found at the other end of the Parvati Valley, the Tosh not only offers spectacular views but also a spectacular climb to the finish line. Imagine the peaceful atmosphere of the village as you stroll through the lush green pastures and apple orchards.



Types of food:

Most of the coffee in Tosh Village offers North Indian, Italian and European food but it is expensive because it requires more effort to bring raw food to Tosh. So holding a pratha or two for tea is a great idea to spend the night. Also, this cafe in front of the Jamdagni temple was less expensive than any other cafe during my visit which offered us a delicious chicken curry and fried rice.



Tosh Village:

There are many home accommodations to choose from, and they are perfect for the pocket. In recent times many hotels have been built, and a few are still under construction.



Exploring the magical beauty of Himachal Pradesh when visiting Chalal and Tosh. Located approximately 5366 meters above sea level, the small town of Chalal is known as the ‘Trance and Psychedelic Party’. It is located on foot from Kasol and offers you some amazing views. YAmazing trip to Tosh trek


Kasol is a picturesque city of about 1,580 feet [1,580 m] above the Himalayas. The town is located in the Parvati Valley, on the banks of the roaring Parvati River. Keerganga, home to hot springs, is considered a tourist attraction.



Tosh’s journey:

The Tosh Trek is one of the easiest routes one can find in Himachal. It is most visited in the area after Kasol due to its easy and smooth travel to Tosh Nala. The town of Tosh is about 25 miles [40 km] from Kasol. And from Barshaini to Tosh a walking distance of about 4km.


Located on the banks of the Parvati River in the Parvati valley, Kasol is a tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. Like little Israel, it has many Israelite visitors and fine Hebrew restaurants around it. Kasol is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam’ as it is surrounded by hippies from all over.

Types of food:

Most of the coffee in Tosh Village offers North Indian, Italian and European cuisine but it is expensive because it requires more effort to bring raw food to Tosh. So holding a pratha or two of tea is a good idea to spend the night. Also, this cafe in front of the Jamdagni temple was cheaper than any other cafe during my visit which provided us with delicious chicken curry and fried rice.



 Accommodation in Tosh Village:

As Kasol is well-known among travelers and crowded, the tosh attracts a lot of attention from people who want a more crowded place to spend quality time surrounded by snow-capped mountains. There are many home accommodations to choose from, and they are perfect for the package. In recent times many hotels have been built, and a few are still under construction.



You can explore the magical beauty of Himachal Pradesh, when you visit Chalal and Tosh. Located about 5366 meters above sea level, the small town of Chalal is known as the ‘Trance and Psychedelic Party’. It is located on foot from Kasol and gives you amazing views. You can sit on the rocks by the river and immerse yourself in their explosive sounds. It’s a great place to relax and have a hard time at hip music festivals. Tosh’s snow-covered dream world is another amazing discovery of Himachal Pradesh. Found at the other end of the Parvati Valley, the Tosh not only offers spectacular views but also a spectacular climb to the finish line. Find yourself envisioning the peaceful atmosphere of the village as you walk through the lush pastures and apple orchards.



Maximum height: 7874 meters

Range: Easy

Travel: Any day of the week. It takes 2 young people to make this trip.

Best time: All year long without heavy rains


Best time to visit:

The summer months are generally considered to be the best trip. This is the time when wildflowers grow in full bloom and the slopes of the Parvati Valley are covered with lush vegetation. This trip can be very exciting in September. Generally, rainy months should be avoided as the road is slippery and dangerous.

8 Treks and Walks The Indian Mountains that make you love

India is a hiking and trekking swimming pool, a paradise for explorers. You will find one no matter where in the world you’re going. In the northern and eastern sides of India, the most common ones are the Indian Himalayas. Below, I’ll take you to 8 treks and walks in India according to the time. I will also speak about their level of difficulty and about some other important things to remember while walking in India.


 In the district of Mandi, Prashar Lake stands at 8.9450 meters above sea level. This lake is truly sacred and magical. To the side of the lake is a mosque. It has a small floating island right between it and the odd thing about this lake. Another is that nobody knows the lake’s depth. The locals think the lake has no ground and divine powers.

 You can either walk or take a bus to reach this pool, depending on the time. The trek passes through the woods and the paths are not well established. Also, this place is only accessible by limited visitors. The trek is also more adventurous.


 Kedakrkantha is a well-known trek, mostly in the winters. Kedarkantha trek is located in the Uttarkashi area of Uttarakhand (Northern India), at an altitude of 12,500 feet, and is known for its winter trails and snow. The travel takes typically three to four days and several tour operators have guided experiences. This is really one of India’s best treks.

 We went through snowfall, negative temperatures, snowboard camping, and beautiful sunrise throughout January. This trek is difficult for the mind and the body, but it is truly worthy.


 For us Indians as well as Israelis, Kheerganga is a paradise. This is a lush paradise with most of the stoners coming for marijuana and grass. But it is not only not known for that, Kheerganga has a hot fountain grafted in the heart of the high mountains.

 Camping was permitted here earlier, but the camps were banned as a result of environmental imbalances. So mostly tourists remain in Tosh or, after experiencing the hot springs, come back to Kasol. The trek is very straightforward and the paths are well established. Kheerganga from Kasol takes approximately four hours.


 In the Spiti Valley of India lies Dhankar Lake. Spiti Valley is located in India’s northernmost area and is known as the Indian Cold Desert. It gets cold here as it snows in the winter season, being a barren land made of the desert. The Spiti Valley is also known as India’s core since it is located in central India and Tibet.

At an altitude of 13,600 feet, Dhankar Lake is situated. The lake is just an hour’s walk from the village of Dhankar and is Dhankar’s water source. The lake sits in a majestic setting in the center of the snow-packed mountains.


 The Rupin Pass is a trek beginning in one Indian state and ending in another. This isn’t cool? The tour begins in Uttarakhand’s last villages and ends in the Himachal Pradesh Sangla village.

 The tour is moderately difficult to complete and takes about a week, but the scenery and landscape are always changing, making this place peaceful. The forest must be climbed, the wetlands must be passed and crossed by crossings. You hit a height of 15,380 feet during this tour. In addition, every day, you have to walk about 10 km for 5-6 hours.

 You will also enjoy several waterfalls and glaciers on the way and you have to go on this tour operator.


 It is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh near Dharamshala. You need a guide to this place as the trails are specified and appropriate. The walk to Triund is fairly easy.

 Triund is one of the most desired tourist spots and thus mainly remains busy, but it’s once again one of the most beautiful places to visit. Here, sunrise and sunset take your breath away, and the majestic Dhauladhar Range marble peaks on your back are truly astonishing with the view over the forward Kangra valley.


 Roopkund has everything the trekkers would want. Virgin trees, wilderness, and snow are present. The trek takes you from 8,000 feet to 16,000 feet for six days. There are also alpine stretches, and all that is worthwhile is snow on Roopkund lake.

 The main highlight of this walk is that it takes you through the forests of Spring, Rhododendron and Oak, Mounter Trishul, Chaukhamba Range, Neelkanth Pike, Kedarnath, and Kedar Dome.


 Winch Camp is located in Barot, a small town that many visitors are not currently aware of. There are two places to walk, one from Barot and the other from Joginder Nagar. To arrive here, one requires a two to three hours walk with a rail shuttle.

 The gradient of this railway transport is 90o from the Barot side and ‘Khooni Ghati’ is also called the valley (Murder Valley). Also, you should not miss both the sunrise and the sunset here, after reaching Winch Camp.

It is safer, however, to go to an Indian walking organization because camping is a bit risky at night because of wild animals.

What is the IRDA web aggregator License fees in India?

A web aggregator license is one whose demand has been increased in recent times. You have the rising insecurities of the people to blame for that. They want to secure their future the only way they know how. And it’s the insurance policies that give them the answer. However, in their rush, they can make the wrong choices.

To drive these desperate people to the right direction, IRDA introduced the concept of IRDA web aggregator.

Unlike a insurance agent that can be corrupted by greed, a business web aggregator for insurance policies is a machine. It’s a module that allows people to:

1.       Browse among the list of insurance policies

2.       Read the terms, conditions and other information about the said policies.

3.       Compare between all of them,

4.       And buy one that’s most suited to their needs.

You too can become the Insurance web aggregator. But to be one, you need authorization from the IRDA called the Insurance web aggregator license. And it’s a license that comes at a price.

And through this article, we are going to discuss it.

Cost of being eligible for the license

There are several points mentioned in the eligibility criteria for the Insurance web aggregator license. In order to adhere to them, you have to pay their costs. They would involve the following:

1.       The cost of establishing your company in case you don’t have it yet.

2.       The cost of getting a referral agreement from an insurer

3.       The cost of training a principal officer and two more members of your company in ways of web aggregation of insurance policies.

4.       Cost of creating an insurance web aggregator business model. It would not be necessary if you possess the high business acumen the business of web aggregation needs.

Once you’ve fulfilled this part of IRDA web aggregator license fees, you can start the next step.

Cost of filing the application of web aggregator to the IRDA

The application for web aggregator involves several details. All of them are complex. And at times, can appear to be too complex. The trick of filing it correctly is:

1.       Getting the right documents from the start

2.       Getting an IRDA consultant to file the application for you.

In case you can’t find the right documents on your own, you can consult with IRDA experts for those as well. These experts are Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and more. They can put together the certain* required documents and file the application in no time.

Certain*: Documents like audited balance sheets, net worth certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association

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Cost of conducting a follow up with the department

After filing the application, there is a chance that it will initially receive certain objections. Don’t worry. The consult can conduct a follow-up with the department on your behalf and do what needs to be done to get approval for your application.

So what’s the IRDA web aggregator license fee?

The IRDA web aggregator license fee is the culmination of all the above costs. So, make sure that you have a robust financial infrastructure before applying for this license.

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

Do Survey Work

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You can review physical products ranging from books to small gadgets and devices. For example, start at Pinchme sites.

Start an Ecommerce Store

You do not have to spend a fortune to start your own online store. The best part of online business is that you can keep your day job while doing your online job. In truth, this is the best time to join the Internet business boom as global sales of eCommerce are increasing year by year. Set up your eCommerce website with Shopify, and it will cost you as little as $ 9 per month.

With Shopify, it is easy to list your products or services available for sale. Shopify handles marketing, collects payments, and assists in shipping. No matter what you are trying to sell, Shopify suffers the brunt of the work so that you can focus on the product.

Of course, the money earned online depends on your skillset and the time you are willing to devote to your online business. You can easily work from $ 100- $ 1000 per month to just a few hours per day.

Start a YouTube channel

If you are comfortable in front of the camera, you could be the next big YouTube star. In fact, you can make good money by reviewing products on YouTube. With some quality video editing skills, you can start making money through YouTube today.

Freelance Writer

Content marketing is an ever-growing field, and companies are now hiring freelance writers more than ever.

To start freelance writing, it is a good idea to have an online portfolio of your work. Decide what subject your freelance writing niche is and then access the websites that are the top players in your field.

  • delivering a speech
  • Small business writing
  • Video script writing
  • Email marketing writing
  • Ghostwriting for small businesses

Of course, as with any service, it is important to provide original content on time, so keep this in mind. You need materials, for example, a laptop, a comfortable chair, a PayPal account to receive payment, and a Skype address as some customers want to talk to you face to face. You can make instant money online by doing this.

As a new freelancer, this is a point for guest posting on well-established blogs. In addition, join freelance groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to connect with other authors, build relationships and make business contacts.

Look for a freelance job at ProBlogger. You can also find jobs on job boards such as Contest, Freelance Writing Job Board, BloggingPro, and all indie writers just to name a few.

Provide Translation Services

Are you bilingual? You can then earn money by offering translation services. Whether it is magazines, blogs, television shows, or even courts, many organizations pay big bucks for translators. To start building your customer base, you can sign up for sites like Unbelab.

A site where you can earn money translating a series of documents. You can translate into various languages, for example, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Italian, Japanese, and Arabic.

Build and sell a course

Do you like teaching others? You can then enjoy making and selling a course.

With today’s software, creating and selling online courses has never been easier. You can use tools like Teachable to develop your curriculum.

Build and Sell Apps

If you are a skilled coder, you can create apps for other people or sell them yourself.

Nowadays, apps are more in demand than ever. So why not have a chance and try to sell your idea?

Sell Your Goods

If you have extra books, games, movies, or other items around your home, you can sell them for cash. They make it easy to find potential buyers for your goods. Not only are you paid, but you can also clean your house.

Start a blog

What is the most fun way to earn money online, without spending much money? Blogging. The more you choose the subject, generally the better you can do. In truth, when you post high-quality blog content, you will get a consistent readership. Once you establish a large following, of course, it also comes with the production of consistent quality content. At this point, you can then focus on integrating affiliate marketing into the website.

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is where an online retailer pays a commission to a blog. As a blogger, you can work to recommend retailers, and either you can earn a commission for selling traffic or direct them to the retailer. Generally, the more traffic your website receives, the more likely you will be able to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Test websites

Website testing is a great and easy way to earn money online at home in your spare time. They test the user-friendliness of the new website and also look for errors that need to be fixed to improve usability.

We all know that a poor user experience can lead to high website bounce rates which can negatively affect the revenue of the business. Website testers, therefore, play an important role in helping businesses proactively correct website errors that may affect their bottom line. The website test also examines the layout, loading time, navigation, and information structure.