Commercial Credit Checker- Get Instant Credit Report to automate credit decisions


“Commercial Credit Checker” is a must-have application to incorporate in your business if you are dealing with new clients, thinking of extending the credit limit, or offering a lease. Through Commercial Credit Checker, you can generate an instant credit report to check your business’s creditworthiness.

The application  generates a business report which includes 

  •  Business Info

  •  Risk Dashboard

  •  Business Facts

  •  Commercial Fraud Shield

  •  Credit Risk Score

  •  Payment and Legal Filings Summary

  •  Payment Trending

  •  Collection Experiences

  •  Trade Payment Summary

  •  New and Continuously Reported Trade Details

  •  Additional Trade Details

  •  Legal Filings

  •  UCC Filings

  •  Additional Business Facts

  •  Corporate Linkage


Commercial Credit Checker is developed by  Cloud Maven, Inc. ISV Salesforce Partner. Commercial Credit checker is compatible with all Salesforce editions and you can embed this application in any workflow without writing any custom code. A commercial credit checker automates the process which saves time by eliminating unnecessary steps that leads to improving productivity. It is available on the Salesforce AppExchange platform.

Commercial credit checker’s data-driven solution pulls credit reports from all the major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and PayNet, to get a precise report of clients’ financial behavior.

 We deliver instant commercial credit reports on over 365 million businesses in 62 countries within Salesforce. 

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