Deeper Connect Mini [Review] Team of liars & Fake excuses-maker

Deeper Connect Mini

Deeper Connect

Deeper Connect Mini manufacturer Deeper Network is a Team of liars & Fake excuses-maker. Hi, I Placed an order for Deeper Connect Mini by Deeper Network on August 7, 2020, through the IndieGoGo website. At that time, Deppers Network companies promised delivery date was September 2020. After September 2020 Deppers Connect team start making  Different kinds of various neverending excuses.

The Deeper network’s team members are experts in making new excuses even without using their little brains. They copy-paste the same excuses to everyone without checking orders. They have an excuse for every day, every holiday, Parts sourcing, factory problem, warehouse problem, and shipping problem. Even for local orders, they give excuses for a pandemic, US-China Relations, International delivery Problems, and so on. Till now, Today, March 09, 2021, Still no news about delivery.

Deeper Network

As per Deepers Networks updates, they are producing thousands of units every month. I have no idea what is 1000 units as per Deeper’s network. As many people whose contribution id 200, 300, 400 and still not got the delivery. To understand this, we need to Join Deeper’s  Network teams  School to understand these calculations.

Everyone is waiting for the unit for the last six months; in the future, everyone needs to wait for after-sale service. The picture is obviously clear from the Deeper’s Network working way and never-ending fake excuses from the Deeper Network excuses encyclopedia. Deeper Network is a team of bare unprofessional workers. We all need to suffer.

We need to think about Some Points.

Do you still need This Product?
Want to go for a refund?
Like Paypal, Payments can be refunded within 180 days. I have no idea about the IndieGoGo refund time limit. Seven Months Passed Still no Deliver. One more fraud Seller on IndieGoGo. Don’t waste your money by watching Fancy Advertisements for IndieGoGo Products. promotions.
IndieGoGo is not safe for buyers, as they never help buyers and never take against fraud sellers

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  • I was refused by Deeper Network via Indiegogo. The money has yet to hit my account. And now that I have been refunded I am no longer able to leave comments at Indiegogo. If you want a refund you can email them at: Good luck receiving your product – they clearly keep running out of stock so it’s going to be awhile.

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